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yellow vomit from too much drinking alcohol

Discussion in 'mental health' started by Rachy-Rach, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Rachy-Rach

    Rachy-Rach pinkwelly

    what is it? why does it happen? how can I stop it?
  2. herekitty

    herekitty Occam's chainsaw

    are you talking about bile? the brightish yellow stuff? if so, you just have to drink less. when you start throwing up bile, I think it's your body's way of really trying to get rid of all of the alcohol. (i.e. you really drank too much.) I know about this because you see, I had this friend...
    I have also thrown up bile when not drinking. I had to go to the hopsital once for fluids because I couldn't keep anything down.
  3. welshboyrich

    welshboyrich New Member

    yeah that will just be bile and the mucous from your stomach lining, alcohol is a n irritant. when ever im sick from too much drinking i always have yellow vomit :( its nothing to worry about
  4. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    i know youre a smartie pants, but this is scary thinking.

    if youre regularly getting to the point of vomiting yellow bile youre regularly one step away from the stage where coma can occur.

    and as an "irritant" to the stomach lining, yeah sure... thats why stomach cancer rates are higher by at least 50% in regular heavy alcohol consumers.

    be sure to take your B vitamins people :mad:
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  5. a_little_devil

    a_little_devil Well-Known Member

    I get this too when I am being sick from alcohol, your stomach is trying to get rid of things. I know when I start throwing it up I am getting to the worse of my sickness and I will be better soon. I dont drink alcohol often though and with this sick it just shows what alcohol is doing to you.
  6. omar

    omar New Member

    ok. this has never happened to me, maybe i'm just a bit Irish, hell
    maybe you're Irish, i didn't bother to look
    but all signs point to
    when you start puking out your insides (food not inclusive), stop drinking.
    at least drink a glass of water every drink (ideally), don't be a macho drinker.. if you can only stomach 4 drinks then drink four drinks and be careful. :eek:
    don't try to keep up with people, go at your own pace.

    (do as isay not as i do; man i'm so bloody sensible.)

    seriously though, take care. :)
  7. BabyBoredom

    BabyBoredom Gotta get smart.

    what is this, 'stop drinking' thing supposed to mean?
    don't drink alcohol while youre throwin up bile lol or never drink again cause you once did?
    weird advice, explain

    i tend to throw up bile when i'm sick and my stomach is empty, which was A LOT when i had fever as a child. Never went into coma though:eek: :rolleyes: Hey, no one ever thrown up the green stuff?

    Seriously though, if you're stomach is empty and youre still sick, just force yourself to drink a bit of water just when you're about to hurl again, so you have something to throw up instead of bitter yellow goo.
  8. bookstore

    bookstore world in a jar.

    drinking a glass of milk before drinking alcohol is supposed to be good because coats the lining of your stomach, slowing down alcohol absorption/protecting yr tummy a bit or whatever
  9. alien she

    alien she Join us ~ VIPERROOM.org

    Ugh. i hate that stuff..it almost burns. Try drinking Andrews liver salts before you go to bed.
  10. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    um no. the thing is with alcohol consumptioopn the vomiting is a sign that the brain has had enough and its the BRAIN signaling for your gi tract to start rejecting its contents. not related to irritant to the gi tract, but to POISONING the brain
  11. buy.me.a.beer

    buy.me.a.beer New Member

    Would that not make you feel more sick? curdled milk with alchol, doesnt sound all that great to me.
  12. BabyBoredom

    BabyBoredom Gotta get smart.

    Pick one.
    I've thrown up alcohol without being drunk.
    *ohoh i've also felt sick a lot longer than alcohol stays in the body

    And the milk before alcohol is a classic.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2006
  13. welshboyrich

    welshboyrich New Member

    im not claiming to be a smartie pants, and if you drink to the point were you vomit bile a 2-3 times a year like i do then its nothing to worry about, thats what i meant.

    i totally agree if your doing it weekly then its an issue

    i just meant that if you do ever vomit yellow vomit after heavy drinking, that its just bile, and its a result of irritation and its the natural reaction.......thats all i meant, if that make sense?!!
  14. LadyShambles

    LadyShambles razzmatazz

    the milk thing works for me, but i prefer it as a banana milkshake
    I went through a phase of getting really bad hangovers and being violently sick every week, I put it down to getting old and not being able to handle my drink anymore
    but then I got addicted to banana milkshakes and it stopped
    now when i get drunk I'm hangover and vomit free :D

    also, try and eat something after you've been drinking, i find this prevents sickness the day after too
  15. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    alcohol stays in the body approx 72 hours. give or take depending on the individuals metabolism

    pick one what?
  16. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    yeah it makes sens but actually that sort of vomiting along with drinking, with the yellow bile and the dry heaves and all, is about the brain trying to rid itself of a poison rather than the gi tract trying to rid itself of an irritant.

    and yes youre a smartie pants. youre very smart. anyone who studies pathology is smart.
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  17. RomanNoseJob

    RomanNoseJob ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

    fuck, I always thought it was because whisky sours were yellow.
  18. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    we're talking like bright yuellow. its almost dayglo
  19. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    lol, no the Irish cant keep their drink down either, come here and have a look, 3am Wednesday night, the streets are paved with yellow gold. :sick:
  20. welshboyrich

    welshboyrich New Member

    well thank you for the compliments :)

    but i do disagree with your omment about the brain trying to rid itself of poison. alcohol doesnt actually enter the brain due to the blood-brain barrier. the feeling of being being drunk is all due to neuro-transmitters. i do believe that yellow vomit etc is due to oocal irritation of the GI tract.

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