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Why does urine always come out cold in a hot bathtub?

Discussion in 'bath & beauty' started by Samuella, May 22, 2007.

  1. Samuella

    Samuella man-cat-lamb :love:

    Everytime I pee in my hands while bathing (the water is normally pretty hot), I notice that my urine is VERY cold. Why is that?
  2. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    maybe the water is over 98.6 °F
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  3. Thumperlyn

    Thumperlyn maelstrom of negativity

    this was an awesome thread

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  4. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    next time drink your urine to test its warmth. bathing in it just wont suffice.
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  5. goere

    goere Fuck thee.

    It's a matter of (in this case:temperature) contrasts.
    Like dandruffs, they look white on black underground and dark on white underground.

  6. Dithyrambic

    Dithyrambic Princess Chex Mix

    jordan, you are a dumbass. go back to deridder
  7. welshboyrich

    welshboyrich New Member

    it probably just feels cold compared to the heat of the water and the heat of your hands that have been in the hot water
  8. teclos_death

    teclos_death Georgeous

    you pee in your hands? this terminology is confusing me. are you male or female?
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  9. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee New Member

    Why would someone piss on their hands? I heard drummers sometimes do it coz it speeds up the callous healing process. And I heard that people in prison urinate on their feet to prevent athletes foot.

    Someone enlighten me on all the health benefits of pee.
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  10. wtf_happened

    wtf_happened I am a dixie chick

  11. *pink dream*

    *pink dream* New Member

    when i go swimming i just thikn of all the people pee i have in my hair
  12. wonderland

    wonderland now vegan!

    i dont know where you live but here in the uk we have toilets. you need never worry about pee temp again!
  13. wonderland

    wonderland now vegan!

    pinkdream, i cannot use public swimming baths. other peoples armpits and other bits have been in that water, not to mention the pee! i always worry i will get out and find someones pube stuck to my leg :sick:
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  14. *pink dream*

    *pink dream* New Member

    u know what sickens me? when i was younger and used to go swimming, i wouldnt have a shower id would just walk out with my hair wet...URGH, PEE AND EVERYTHING. peoples bumholes have touched that water and washed the shit off.
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  15. Insomnia

    Insomnia Part-time narcoleptic

    Want to know something else fun to give you nightmares? The water that enters the average water treatment plant, to be purified into drinking water, is generally atleast 50% sewage effluent. So that glass of water you've just drunk its someone's wee and shit filtered through sand with a bit of chlorine in. Less chlorine than your swimming pool though.... I spent four hours at a water treatment plant today. I thought it was useless, but now atleast I can share this with you...
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  16. Samuella

    Samuella man-cat-lamb :love:

    Um, could people fucking stop bad-repping me? Thanks alot, transforming shit hibernators.

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