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Video for BFF

Discussion in 'relationships & family' started by bootsoffire, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. bootsoffire

    bootsoffire Figgy Puddin'

    So the wife of my bff sent all his closest friends & family an
    email saying that she wants us to make a video for his
    40th birthday as a suprise & then she is going to edit them
    together to give him as a gift. WTF do you say on something
    like this? It's like when they put you on the spot at a wedding
    after everyne has had a few and it comes out all wrong and
    special needs awards night.


    anyone ever done something like this?
  2. muverick

    muverick SickBubbleGum

    Any funny stories he may have forgotten about or something?

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