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vadge to tour in 2012 - leaked itinerary?

Discussion in 'music & books' started by debaser, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    Madonna planning 2012 world tour? Alleged pic purports concert dates | MLive.com

    vadge to tour in 2012 - leaked itinerary?

    We know that Madonna has a new album in the works and will be at the Super Bowl halftime show, but is she going to be hitting the road, too?

    DrownedMadonna, a Madonna fan site, blogged today that they received word from "an unconfirmed insider" about the possibility of a Madonna world tour. And because we're living in the "show me the receipts" era, they've also got a photo of a tour itinerary underneath Live Nation letterhead. http://drownedmadonna.com/index/item/149-madonnas-2012-tour-itinerary-sneak-peak-true-or-false?.html

    Madonna was the first artist to sign with Live Nation for all business ventures, so it's not too far-fetched.
    DrownedMadonna: Apparently the itinerary of Madonna's next tour will be revealed at a press conference to be held on Monday, October 31st. What we have been sent is also a likely first tour itinerary draft. According to the anonymous source, Live Nation is still negotiating with China. The source says Chinese authorities want to know what songs Madonna will perform and have also sent a list of songs Madonna is not allowed to sing in China. Among them "Material Girl" and "Erotica." Madonna would really like to perform in China. If the first itinerary draft - which is shown below - is genuine, the tour would start in New Zeland on March 31, 2012. Next it would stop in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, UAE and Israel. Besides China, apparently there are also negotiations for the Philippines and Taiwan. The next leg would move to Europe and then to North America.
    Two things of note: What's so wrong with "Material Girl" that would merit its banning in China? And, if you click the DrownedMadonna link, Madonna's purported schedule does not have a Michigan stop. Other than funerals and film festivals, when was the last time Madge has visited here for something musical? Only her 2008 "Sticky & Sweet" tour made it here, her first since 1993's "The Girlie Show."

    Guy O'Seary, Madonna's manager, hasn't tweeted anything to the contrary, and he's usually the go-to source for all things Madonna. Come October 31, we'll see what she's got planned -- if anything.

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  2. Model

    Model Es no my yob

    ehhhh. i get that she's hugely world-famous and probably won't stop until she's on her death bed, but why release another album unless it's monumental and something new? i feel like she hasn't done anything good in a long time. i think i'd be fine if she went away.
  3. SmittenKitten

    SmittenKitten ***PURR***

    I would go! I saw her twice on Reinvention in Anaheim and Confessions in Fresno!
  4. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    i loved the reinvention tour. the girlie show was great too.

    this record better not be crap like the last few.
  5. bort

    bort The brown word

    She playing Akurando! Hotsex? No. But I'd still consider going. Or maybe parking up outside the stadium?
  6. PrincessMike

    PrincessMike Hedonist.

    You guys honestly didn't like COADF?

    The only crap songs were I Love NY, and like the last two-three songs on the album.

    <3 "Forbidden Love" and "Future Lovers"
  7. PrincessMike

    PrincessMike Hedonist.

    Also, Erotica (the album) is something that I play consistently... like on a Friday or Saturday night... Album rocks!
  8. PK!!

    PK!! sugar britches

    i loved confessions on a dancefloor.
  9. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    Confessions had a few good songs. Hard candy sucked.
  10. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    I don't mind American life
  11. PrincessMike

    PrincessMike Hedonist.

    Oh, yeah, I liked a bit of American Life, too.

    Hard Candy is like a fun cheesy pop album that would be better suited for someone like Beyonce or Rihanna. In my opinion, it's one of the few Madonna albums that sounds "dated"... like you can totally tell this album was made during the Nelly Furtado "Promiscuous" era... circa 2006-2008.

    I really liked "Miles Away" on that album though.
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  12. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    i would too.
    my little needs a madonna show under her belt.
  13. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    as much as i'll rag on madge for some of the shitty music she's put out, her live shows are quite the spectacle. the lil' one would love it.
  14. bort

    bort The brown word

    I'll go. I ought to.
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  15. fuck me fred

    fuck me fred cletus+inga friends 4evR

    The next album will be good because everything she does is a reaction to whatever people bitched about last.

    American Life was pretentious as hell, so Confessions was mindless. Confessions was too Euro-trashy so Hard Candy was all TRL.

    And the main complaint with Hard Candy was that it was lazy and she doesn't care about making decent albums anymore. So the next one is likely going to be one of her try-hard statement albums (Like a Prayer, Erotica, Ray of Light, American Life). And those albums alternate between well-received and misunderstood, so in keeping with the pattern the next one will be a big success.
  16. fuck me fred

    fuck me fred cletus+inga friends 4evR

    Who the fuck is the little one?

    edit: sorry, didn't read the quote. i thought you and that guy you fuck with the lights out so you can pretend he's me had adopted.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2011
  17. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    fuckmefred....lol @ the reason for editing. :love:
  18. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    if it's true that she's looking to play here, my guess is that the first half of that is true and the second is probably some bullshit or at least unverifiable - that is, they probably asked for a list of songs (which is just what the ministry of culture likes to do) but i highly doubt the part about a list of banned songs is true. identical rumors - some pervasive enough to be mentioned in the new york times - went around about bob dylan's performances here in the spring of this year, complete with specific songs that were forbidden, but turned out to have no sources whatsoever. people like to get sensationalist about the commies.

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