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uti symptoms that come and go? whatup?

Discussion in 'bath & beauty' started by cricket, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    yeah i don't really get this.

    i've had a uti before. actually i used to get them a lot. so i know how it feels. so monday i was like oh FUCK here it comes.... because i was doing the every-five-minute painful trickle.

    then tuesday morning i woke up and it was GONE. so i was like oh okay my pee was just mad at me last night. then i got up at like five o'clock this morning and the toilet flooded (separate story entirely) and then i went back to bed and the bad little peeings were back! for like one hour! then all day today. gone.

    wtf. i've never had a uti that wasn't there the whole time, usually getting progressively worse til i went to the doctor. this is like... flighty? so maybe it's not a uti. but there is definitely something angry in the pee.

    ever have this? what what what.
  2. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    every time i think i have a uti, they test me and say. THIS IS NOT REALLY A UTI. IT'S JUST A BIT OF BACTERIA THAT WENT UP YR PEE TUBE & MADE IT HURT.

    so it probably is not a real one. just some bacteria irritation.

    cranberry capsules fix this really fast. i start horfing them down as soon as i feel the slightest bit of discomfort, and then i'm fine.

    my other doctor. who is not a gyno. told me that people who have small urethras are prone to this.
  3. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    he said. that his wife always used to get them after they did sex.

    and that it's called honeymoon something or other.

    and eventually she had surgery to get her pee tube hole bigger, and she never got them anymore after that.
  4. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    hmm! very interesting.

    alright. cranberry capsules. i can acquire these when i refill my painkiller prescription. they give you REFILLS when you break your leg!

  5. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    child, they give me refills anyway.

    just bc i'm me. :clove:
  6. Carly89

    Carly89 myspace.com/Carly89

    i got uti in november, and they gave me some antibiotics called cefalexin. i took the full course. 2 weeks later, the infection came back, so i wnet back, did another sample, i had the nurse dip it there and then so i could be prescribed straight away (due to insanely swollen bladder and blood in my urine), got another course of the same antibiotics. finished the course... a few days later.. the infection was back with a VENGANCE... so i went back again and this time saw the nurse. she did swabs and everything (sti test). she then asked me if i was taking the pill, when i said no, she then informed me that if i had been the pill may have been affected by the antibiotics! how unbelievable is that? as far as their records showed, i was on the pill!
    then it gets better.. they gave me stronger antibiotics called Trimethoprim, which i ended up being highly allergic too. so i had to stop them, so i went back and did another sample... because i had been to the doctors soo many times, to be poked prodded and tested i was a little more than fed up. so i asked if they could dip my sample before i left and prescribe me there and then (which they had done previously due to insanely swollen bladder and bleeding), and the snotty cow turned round and said, no im sorry the nurse is busy.. to which i replied 'oh, i dont mind waiting' then the got the right arse and said shes far to busy to deal with me and to call back in a few days for my prescription. then she shut the little vent on the glass so she couldnt hear me! i got in the car park and just stressed out to fuck! so i patiently awaited my next prescription.. i called them to see if it was ready, she said yes. then just out of curiosity i asked what they were, and she said Trimethoprim, the same ones i'd been given previously that i was allergic to! so i bollocked her and hung up. she called me back an hour later and told me the doctor had made a mistake and then prescribed me amoxicillin...which has worked.. to an extent... so as it stands i cant STAND doctors!!
    there is something still going on in my pee htough.. it's not hurting like it used to but it kinda 'aches'.. for lack of a better word, like mild cystitis.. so i went back yesterday, and was given another piss pot, and if it comes back positive again, then im being reffered to the hospital.. oh the joys...
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  7. Lissie

    Lissie brain problem situation

    i want the surgery to make my pee hole bigger.

    i get them after sex all the time too, unless i RUN (and i mean full on marathon sprint) to the toilet immediately and can go right away. and that can't always happen.
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  8. ShyViolet

    ShyViolet Well-Known Member

    I've gotten UTI's a bunch of times and they really suck. There have been a few times where I sorta felt the symptoms a little bit and thought I was getting one, but the symptoms just went away by itself. I think if you have a mild infection it could go away by itself. But obviously if it's bad just go to the doctor.
  9. Insomnia

    Insomnia Part-time narcoleptic

    In fairness to the nurse, there is nothing but anecdotal evidence to support the idea that cefalexin can affect the pill. Its things ending in cycline that have SOME evidence (variable) to support them affecting the pill and only the antibiotics to treat TB (rifampicin) that are proven to affect antibiotics very badly. On the whole they just say to always use a barrier method when on antibiotics because its easier that way than explaining the whole background toward antibiotics and the pill.

    I was massively allergic to Trimethoprim too! I got a HUGE allergic rash all over my body that lasted for days after I stopped the drug and made me look like a freak. Good times. It was itchy as fuck too.
  10. Carly89

    Carly89 myspace.com/Carly89

    i had the exact same rash!! it was awful! i couldnt afford the time off work so i had to go in looking like that! my lips swelled up too! i had it bad for like 4 days after i stopped taking the antibiotics. .minger lol x
  11. InShreds

    InShreds Living precariously

    Sometimes when people... well, women... think they have a UTI, they are passing very small kidney stones. The stones formed in a kidney are caused by medicine, alchohol and other factors. A small amount of blood may often follow the passage. It's normal.

    Meanwhile when men have that UTI ache, they assume they've finally been stricken with the AIDS and suffer silently until it passes or kills them.
  12. Insomnia

    Insomnia Part-time narcoleptic

    I didn't have to work, but it was horrendous! I actually took pictures because it was quite funny. Every part of me was COVERED in a red lumpy rash apart from the tops of my feet. And my throat swelled partially closed. It was an unfun time. I also had a kidney infection so I think I will rank that week as a NOT GOOD week in my life.
  13. Carly89

    Carly89 myspace.com/Carly89

    we must have had the same rash! awful week for me also! x

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