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this is an apperication thread

Discussion in 'the void' started by gelflinggirl, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    for the following things:

    sunday green
    miniature things
    midget gem
    all kinds of cheese
    cybill shepherd
    come dine with me
    glyn from big brother
    aisleyne from big brother
    dizzee rascal
    wreck-a-buddy by the soul sisters.
    music you ca shape your bum to.
    ackee and saltifsh roti or dumpling.
    saltfish fritters.

    ok. you can talk about these things in here.
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  2. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    lets have a dinner with you, meeee, midget gem, some turtles & a lion.

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  3. primal muse

    primal muse I ARE MASTER

    i choose to appreciate raeeka. very appreciation worthy. she's our resident dr phil minus a certain appendige that would qualify her as a male. HARTS FOR RAEEKA.
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  4. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    i would like to appreciate martin parr too.
    that picture is on my wall.
    would we just eat those cakes rooby? I prefer savoury food, like a cheeseboard.
  5. thumbscrew

    thumbscrew C is for Cookie

    i will help you celebrate steak, but that is all
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  6. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    we'll eat this first


    but you have to eat the flower.

    im appreciating:

    sunshine (in low, small, indirect doses)
    late night cold air
    and someone else
  7. primal muse

    primal muse I ARE MASTER

    stop. with. the. food. teases.
  8. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    do you eat your avacado with anything?
    i have mine with vinegar
    maldon sea salt and balsamic vinegar
    balsamic vinegar and olive oil
    or jalapeno and tequila death sauce.
  9. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    um just on sandwich? sometimes on pasta.

    tequila death sauce? no thanks. i like my tongue.
  10. trace

    trace Well-Known Member

    this reminded me of the tedious link
  11. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    trace what is the tedious link?
    you remind me of this guy i used ot know called rory except that he was really skinny and I imagine you having a bit of meat on you.
  12. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    oh for gods sakes what is the "tedious link"?
  13. trace

    trace Well-Known Member

    like where you get from one point to another.

    cantankerous reminds me of a big juicy
    steak, which id eat at dinner follwed by a
    grapefruit shared with my
    turtles and
    lion friends,

    im not fat, i burn my waste in big box, little box.. -hands in the air.
  14. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    im not saying i think your fat, just kind of podgy in parts. this is how i imagine you and with slightly blotchy skin like my friend rory.
  15. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    ok thanks for that you lil ass. LIL ASS.
  16. trace

    trace Well-Known Member

    is he a rapper?

    fat and blotchy. things can only get better. hah

    i appericiate bass, not bombs and a lazy assed saturday afternoon.
  17. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    i appreciate myself
    i appreciate trace
    i don't appreciate the 100 percocets, post surgery, that gave me a chip
  18. trace

    trace Well-Known Member

    ..dining from your shoulders again?

    are you ok?
  19. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    he is a beatboxer and he has dreads or used to have and bmx's and smokes a lot.
  20. trace

    trace Well-Known Member

    bikes, now they're more me. . .

    wait this isnt the car thread.

    i cut all my hair off!

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