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the things that people do that shit you to no end

Discussion in 'the void' started by primal muse, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. primal muse

    primal muse I ARE MASTER

    this is a pet peeve thread. feel free to share.

    so my really good friends roommate really grosses me out sometimes. i seriously am baffled by this kid. he doesnt ever clean. for instance he left a pot of macaroni and cheese sitting in the sink for about a month. it started to smell like vomit, bad. anytime you would mention he'd be like "i'll take care of it later". it was to the point where it was attracting flies. my friend was afraid to clean it up and i told him he shouldnt have to as it was his roommates mess. he will sit there and load a bowl of weed and smoke the whole entire thing by himself without offering anyone anything. THEN when he runs out of weed he expects my friend to smoke him out every time he loads a bowl and gets butthurt if my friend doesnt pass it his way. he's always talking about all these girls he's gonna get with and it never happens, he is so full of himself to the point where its his blatant self denial of just what a prick be can be sometimes. the worst tho. THE WORST. this is something that would shit me no matter who does it. every time he eats it makes me want to vomit. he gets food all over his face and he smacks so loud you can hear him in the other room. smacking is one of the most nauseating things a person can do in my opinion. i really dont know what im going to do if i have to endure this one more time. it makes me wish i could squish his head or something. it almost makes me violently angry! GAH.
    anyone else know someone similar to this? how the fuck do you deal with them?

    anyways contribute. so it looks like this thread has a point other than me bitching about some guy i know.
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  2. SmittenKitten

    SmittenKitten ***PURR***

    I just really hate fucking people that talk through previews and movies in theatres. If you want a conversation go out for a coffee or for dinner. Also if you don't speak english don't bring your friend along as a translator...so fucking rude!
  3. |marionette

    |marionette HOIST THAT RAG

    or if you're watchign a movie at home and a person walks in and asks you to catch them up. i hate that 'cause you always miss something or sound like a bitch if you shush them.

    i hate when my friends treat me like a side kick, when there's a strong imbalance. like on satruday my friend was in a bad mood and wouldn't come out so i let it go but sunday turned out pretty lousy for me and she called me a killjoy and was mad i wouldn't come out. give me a break.:rolleyes:
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  4. shashtasheen

    shashtasheen New Member

    i hate when people on the subway sit down and take up so much space that it becomes awkward for the people sitting near them. i'm not talking about large people, because they're not pissing people off with their body mass on purpose. i just hate the people who stretch out their legs/arms or have too many things with them on a crowded subway.
  5. zeldazonk

    zeldazonk uptight citizen

    Ohhhh that annoys me so much as well. When there are 15 people standing around breathing in each others armpits and some twat decides they need a whole seat for their backpack. And then they look all put out if you ask them to move it. grrrr.

    People who don't say thank you when you hold a door open for them. And the other herd of people who run out behind them and also don't say thank you or take the door from you.
  6. Ronette

    Ronette Well-Known Member

    People who eat really loudly. :sick:
  7. TheShoelace

    TheShoelace DEAD MAN

    i hate when people almost choke to death in front of me
    makes me feel :sick:
    chew your food damn it!
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  8. shovelqueen

    shovelqueen FREE FEEL-UPS

    people who sniffle or do those really gross sounding snorts like they want to get as much snot as they can into their stomach. this is made extra bad when they follow it by spitting on the ground.
    my mum hates this too and when kids in her class do it she draws pictures on the chalkboard to show them how the nose and stomach and stuff is all connected and tells them they may aswell eat handfuls of snot
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  9. Kayla

    Kayla genuine and unprepared

    I just got home from work so I have a load of things to complain about.

    I hate when people come to my register to check out and decide at the last minute that they don't want half the stuff they bring up and I end up having to put all that shit up at 11:00 at night because they were too lazy to put it back themselves.

    I also hate when people write their checks really slow.

    I hate people who talk with food in their mouth and smack their gum.

    I hate people at concerts who are taller than me and insist on standing directly in front of me....
  10. creepyer

    creepyer AWAY!!! On Vacation!

    Woman lives after pickup falls 150 feet
    Honestly now. Your shoe fell off?
  11. pammalla

    pammalla Well-Known Member

    people who are just siting there and gulp there drink, inless you have just came from runing or somthing there is no reason you should have to gulp your drink

    people who know a lane is ending and continue to drive in that lane intill the last possable second
  12. Skyy

    Skyy YODA

    Chewing gum in public.
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  13. primal muse

    primal muse I ARE MASTER

    I KNOW. its so rude.
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  14. inside_solution

    inside_solution Pretentious Bore

    especially when its really loud and you can smell the mintyness from where you are. :sick:

    My main pet hate are those who will drop you like a bomb just cause you didnt do one thing one time they wanted. we cant have everything we want in life and also expect others to be there at a drop of a hat...some people could do with learning that.
  15. lulabelle

    lulabelle tickle my belly

    when you're working on a till and people insist on putting the money down on the side instead of putting it in your hand which is waiting there outstrectched. then you have to scramble with nails to pick it up.

    so fucking annoying and rude.

    people that just generally dont use p's and q's

    and certain people who think its okay to invite you places and spend all night sat with guys on another table and then the next day ask for lift to another town to watch said guys play gig.
  16. Violent Vixen

    Violent Vixen New Member

    I completely agree with you.
    Ever since I started working, I've started to hate people.
  17. primal muse

    primal muse I ARE MASTER

    yes. if youre being paid to do any kind of service for people expect them to be completely thankless and demanding and rude. expect the worst out of people.
  18. Violent Vixen

    Violent Vixen New Member

    Yeah. I just got my first job recently. It's at a craft/fabric store.
    Everyday I get insane, menopausal women who are way too concerned about coupons. And can get very violent if I don't show them where the cheaper thread is... :rolleyes:
  19. primal muse

    primal muse I ARE MASTER

    oh god. i cant even imagine how much you must want to rip their heads off sometimes. snooty older ladies are THE WORST.
  20. Lissie

    Lissie brain problem situation

    this makes me want to fucking kill them.

    driving in general has given me a hatred of humankind that i never felt before i got my license.
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