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the best built women in the world:

Discussion in 'fashion' started by indigenousinsight, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. indigenousinsight

    indigenousinsight bohemian artisan

    list women with bone structure to die for:

    1.kate moss
    2.micha barton
    3.nicole ritchie
    4.lindsay lohan
    5.cameron diaz
    6.mary kate olsen
    7.ashley olsen
    8.eva longoria
    9.elyse sewell
    10.paris hilton
    11.sasha cohen
    12.callista flockhart
    13.portia de rossi(used to be built even better then now)
    14.dita von tesse

    you can never be too thin.
    do you guys think 90lbs is the absolute perfect weight for women?
  2. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    You can be too thin...
  3. miss_scarlet

    miss_scarlet laughingandgaylikeaclown?

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  4. Mother Greer

    Mother Greer with CLUB SAUCE

    that is a horrid list.
  5. livoline

    livoline bygones!

    :love: I agree completely

    (I can't rep you again...I just did in the my boyfriend lied to me thread...and forgot to sign...)
  6. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    boy-ish bod. list?
    not to die for.....unless you are a boy.:minger:
    Scarlet Johanssen
    Kelly Brooke

    we need a list more like this.
  7. miss_scarlet

    miss_scarlet laughingandgaylikeaclown?

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2007
  8. livoline

    livoline bygones!

    miss scarlet I :love: them!!!!
  9. yrt

    yrt New Member

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  10. cinder

    cinder I collect apple stickers

    Oh yeah I totally agree...skeletal women are hot as fuck :minger:

    None of the women on that list are what I'd consider the 'best built', it is an awful list...and as much as I love dita I don't think the corset-assisted waisteline counts, its just cheating really.

    I love the photos that have been posted though, I agree with them
  11. fagarielina

    fagarielina in a strange way, hch > u

  12. Gold~Lion

    Gold~Lion Your mom loves me.

    How 'bout a big NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. livoline

    livoline bygones!

    I agree with the first part.

    but I tend to disagree with the second: of course a corset is cheating but she is thin w/out the corset aswell. not many women have a 22" waist. and being able to tie your waist to 16.5" is something - not many women can do that and are still able to breathe.
    but it is out of question that this is very unhealthy.
  14. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    One of my friends is about 16" now. She's been training her waist for years. She's so gorgeous and not unhealthy skinny.
  15. livoline

    livoline bygones!


    I didn't mean that dita is unhealthy skinny. nor is your friend probably.

    but when you lace yourself very tightly every day for a long period of time your ribs and inner organs will get squashed and they will change their form (ribs) and position (organs). and I can't imagine that being healthy...
  16. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    nono. I know.
    She tries not to wear them too much.
  17. livoline

    livoline bygones!

    well I guess it's okay then? I'm no doctor i don't know about those things...

    I could never muster the decipline to get even close to 16"...sigh *jealous*
  18. Kayla

    Kayla genuine and unprepared

    Yeah Scarlett Johansson has great figure. Also Lindsay Lohan's body when she was in Mean Girls :drool:
  19. livoline

    livoline bygones!

    so true!!! :drool: indeed
  20. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    oh yeah :drool:
    The jingle bell rocks dance :drool: :good:

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