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Suicide by Sleeping Pills

Discussion in 'mental health' started by Painted Rose, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    I always imagine you just slowly fall to sleep, it's painless and gentle, and then you're dead. Is this true?

    Btw, if you took an entire bottle of ambien, an entire bottle of lunesta, an entier bottle of rozerem and an entire bottle of melatonin, trazodone, valium.... would you for SURE die, 100%, no chance of living?
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  2. HighClassHo

    HighClassHo Banned

    are you planning on killing yourself??? right now I'm thinking about suicide, but I'm not desperate enough to do it.
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  3. i_eat_ether

    i_eat_ether couchetard

    You two should make a pact
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  4. Aaron

    Aaron ominous

    uh, no.

    imagine your stomach exploding.
  5. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    i have wondered this many a time too
    but i don't think its truly possible to ever know the answer

    i just had the worst week in years and thankfully it has started to clear up a bit some now
    give yourself time
    this will pass
    whatever it is just hold out till you make it through
  6. Manhattan

    Manhattan no orgasms in heaven

    What the Hell kind of question is this? No offense meant, but wow. Of course you would. No chance unless you had a stomach pump handy.
  7. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    and they say it starts to bleed after only a few paracetemol :(
  8. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    because i took a shitload of tylenol as a teenager in a lame attempt to do something to myself and i now wonder if that has contributed to/caught up w. me and all my stomach/liver or whatever problems
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  9. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    actually depending you could potentially end up in a coma i am thinking
    i know someone who attempted suicide and that was what happened instead though i don't recall the exact details of how the attempt was gone about
  10. Manhattan

    Manhattan no orgasms in heaven

    Did she take 5 bottles of pills?
  11. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    I have nothing to offer the world.. I mean really, I don't know anything.. and I don't even want to know anything, I'm always just so tired and nothing is anything... I just feel like ending this life would be so nice. I mean I live out in a forest, so far out that no one even knows that I don't go to school.. It's like no one even knows I exist (or cares..) so I see no reason why I shouldn't do it.
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  12. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    i honestly can't remember all that was involved in the self harm
  13. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    i dont think this is true about you having nothing to offer the world

    also, i saw your before pic and you looked very familiar like i have seen you before in real life
    pm if you need or want to talk w/out dealing w. all the neg shit you are likely to get posting in this thread

    i really have felt like this before
    i have lived in the boonies and been isolated for years before
    if that is a bad place for you then when you are more up to it you need to formulate and work on a plan to get yourself somewhere more positive
  14. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    it is a bad place i would be out of here but i'm just turning 16 april 16th and I'm not even getting able to drive until 6 months from now.. it's like the only way I can see people is if they come get me and no one cares enough to do that.. its just so hard. i always say i dont need anyone. but i guess I do

    what did you do when you were isolated? i mean how did you live every single day hundres of days in just 1 year like that?
  15. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    i was older and at some points i didn't have a car either so it was just like your situation is now
    then i had a car but no phone because my mother was a psycho bitch so i still had a hard time becuase i literally had to drive an hour one way to get to anyone i knew personally and it was near impossible to try to call out in times of major life changing crisis
    i bought phone cards that i had to use to even dial local/in town #s becuase there was a dialtone still but it would only work for 800#s which is what is on phone cards, and for 911
    i just kept calling around until i finally found a referral to an organization to help me get out of my house
    but my situation was different in yours as far as my personal issues that needed to be addressed
    but you need to call around
    and you will have to be brutally honest to the point of embarrassment becuase the fact of life is no one is going to help you unless they can see that the damage is already done
    if you try to get help and they think you might still be ok they will put you on an endless waiting list
    you need to be clear that you have reached rock bottom if you want to get anyone to help you
  16. Sonofagun

    Sonofagun Jessica

    I was a total wreck when I was a teenager but I'm 24 now and I love life. Try waiting it out.
  17. i_eat_ether

    i_eat_ether couchetard

    Same here, but I'm still a mess.
  18. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    wow... and how is your life going now?? im going to do that though.. someone has got to help me.. atleast one person
  19. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    its life
    life has its ups and downs
    but getting away from a bad environment is always a good thing
    even if it means you kept going somewhere better all the time
    i can't say i'm in the place i want to be
    but it was good to get out from where i was
    just take things as they come
    if you think you would be better off elsewhere, then make that happen
  20. twenty-seven

    twenty-seven Viewer Discretion Advised

    No. If you take too much of the shit, which is necessary to overdose, you'll black out but still be awake enough to realize that while you're higher than you've ever been in your life, you're slowly suffocating. I wouldn't call it painless and gentle. All of that added to the fact that you'll be freaking out because you can't breathe (and all of a sudden you no longer want to die - trust me, it happens), you'll be paralytic and unable to move - while you suffocate further and eventually black out to the great unknown.

    Nothing is absolute. Under normal circumstances, yes, you would die. You could however, end up, half-way through the process, involuntarily purging half of the medication you just consumed while the rest in your body permanently damages your kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. You could wake up in a hospital, a week later, on dialysis and with a speech impediment, having to take medication for your heart and eventually have a liver transplant. Or you could be in a coma. It all just depends, but the result probably isn't going to be exactly what you want - it usually doesn't work that way.

    Perhaps you should consider something other than suicide? :skull:
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