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Snorting Valium

Discussion in 'mental health' started by SpermGerm2, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. SpermGerm2

    SpermGerm2 My Mirrors Are Black

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread.

    Anyway, I just got a 5 MG prescription for anxiety, and I'm wondering if you can get high from snorting it or if you should just swallow it? Does it burn? How's tried it, all that stuff.

    Also, does it work pretty well for the anxiety? My doctor said it's kinda like alcohol, the way it effects your brain, and that's why it's addictive.
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  2. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    crushing those fuckers up creates a lot of powder
    just swallow it
  3. aura

    aura lucky like luciano.

    its used for anxiety?
  4. Peegurrl

    Peegurrl Miss Pee

    yeah i never thought of snorting it :?
  5. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    mother's little helper
  6. SpermGerm2

    SpermGerm2 My Mirrors Are Black

    Yes. He said it would help for social anciety disorder and panic attacks.

    Okay, so it will create a lot of powder, but would the power burn to snort or anything? I know some medications do, but I wasn't sure if Valium did. Is the high as good just swallowing?
  7. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    it's just a lot of stuff to stick up your nose

    by the time you crush and snort, the pill will be doing its thing
    unless you're into the sniff ritual

    i don't remember it burning
    but if you're gonna sniff it
    why give a fuck?
  8. SpermGerm2

    SpermGerm2 My Mirrors Are Black

    Because I wouldn't want to snort it if it would hurt really bad.
    I once had to watch some retard snort Prozak and then spent an hour trying to help her clean out her nose. :rolleyes:

    I could cut it in half, or if I start to get high off of it, snort more once it starts to wear off.

    Do you prefer swallowing it to snorting?
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  9. Just swallow it. You'll enjoy it more. Pills have special coatings and their structural design is meant to be digested, not snorted. So the way the drug will be absorbed will be different. It will take more time to crush it, line it up, and for you to stop gagging and tearing up than it would be to feel the effects from swallowing it.:)
  10. Seventeen

    Seventeen Well-Known Member

    Years ago, when I was a pillead, I tried snorting it. It burns a little bit, but the worst thing is that it dries out your sinuses, which is very uncomfortable. It didn't even give me a head rush.

    Just eat the fuckers.
  11. Peegurrl

    Peegurrl Miss Pee

    their much nicer to swallow ;)
  12. sour girl

    sour girl Well-Known Member

    My neighbor snorts all types of meds, valium included. She said that it works faster and I guess that's true. But as previously mentioned, you get all that yuk in your nose and I'm sure it's not pleasant. My doctor gave me valium too and the trouble is, sometimes they do take hours to kick in. So if I take the pill at 6 pm I may start to feel the relaxation effects four hours later. If I forget to take it early, I'm feeling optimal results while my alarm is going off and I'm wishing for just a bit more sleep!

    But to answer your question, it does help a bit for anxiety and it will help to relax you at night. It helps with my back pain as well. I would not recommend snorting it because that could be dangerous when you think about it: it goes straight to your brain instead of the normal digestion process.
    You may feel the effects much faster, but I've seen people turn into absolute fiends by snorting pills and getting horribly addicted this way.
    sorry for the rant
  13. greenglitter

    greenglitter now I know you better

    take as directed, no snorting, don't set yourself up to start abuse and your life will be easier down the road, and be careful don't take more of those suckers than directed
  14. SpermGerm2

    SpermGerm2 My Mirrors Are Black

  15. book bbq

    book bbq Banned

    Its really not worth snorting it....

    P.S valium is fantastic.
  16. Empty Hazel Eyes

    Empty Hazel Eyes shit, fuck, jesus.

    i've been taking valium for nearly 8 years and have never found it to be all that wonderful. i need about 30mg to feel any kind of 'relaxed' state. even then it's hardly worth it.
  17. kesh

    kesh P.M.L.D.

    at 5mg most of the pill will be filler. it is soluble so it could work, but valium is easily absorbed my your stomach anyway. seems pointless.
  18. SpermGerm2

    SpermGerm2 My Mirrors Are Black

    I just swallowed one last night and I didn't get high at all. I'm assuming I'd need to take at least more then one to feel something, or should it be able to kick in? It could be because I was drunk too.

    Oh well.
    I decided against snorting it.
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  19. Insomnia

    Insomnia Part-time narcoleptic

    If you are drunk, it will negate the mental benefits of it and just dangerously depress your central nervous system. With the consequence that you'll probably end up choking to death on your own vomit, or dying of sleep aponea. I'm not sure how death rates in terms of highs, but I think many people may classify it as a low point.

    I wouldn't bother snorting it. I speed up absorption by crunching it once. Makes the pieces smaller so its faster to digest. The high still takes a while- best benefits are about two hours later. I always hate the come down though, so I only take it if I really, really need it.
  20. bookstore

    bookstore world in a jar.

    why exactly do you want to snort it?

    just swallow the god dam thing, sober.

    it makes me feel nice that way, anyway.

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