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shower curtain rod keeps falling

Discussion in 'home & finance' started by Angelglo23, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Angelglo23

    Angelglo23 Magically Delicious

    My shower curtain rod keeps falling. At first, I thought that the rod was old and damaged so I bought a new one. Then the new one started to fall. I realized that once the hot water goes on the shower tiles get that "sweaty" water look on them and the rod slips and falls. So it is happening because the bathroom gets too hot when i take a shower. I always turn on the ceiling ventilation fan but that doesnt make a difference.

    I cant install shower doors. So i thought of putting up hooks to mount on the tiles to keep the rod up. I bought a plastic hook to put on each side. I used that double sided tape to keep it on. It would work for a week at a time but then i would have to replace the tape. Now that doesnt work at all.

    I know they have that super strong two sided tape that never budges. Does anyone know an alternative to keep my shower rod up? IS there a certain rod I can buy? or are there any other solutions you can think of?

    I am going to go to home depot or another hardware store tomorrow but i wanted some ideas before i went there.
  2. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    if you are able to take a shower when no one is around, then just leave the bathroom door wide open
    i had similar moisture problems in my bathroom and had to start doing that - it was pretty helpful
  3. Gemini526

    Gemini526 Brandon Boyd's WIFE

    clean the sopst where you wanna stick it, when its dry use rubbing alcohol on it. then put the rod on. it should work.

  4. Angelglo23

    Angelglo23 Magically Delicious

    I went to home depot and found a shower curtain rod that gets screwed into the wall with anchors. You can drill through te tile, which i didnt want to do, so i screwed it into the sheet rock next to the tiles and it works just fine.

    I am so relieved. taking a shower was becoming a pain in the ass. the shower rod fell down and whacked me hard in the back when i was climbing out of the tub last week.
  5. Gemini526

    Gemini526 Brandon Boyd's WIFE

    yaaay! for showers!


    once i got a black eye from the rod popping me in the eye. So i told everyone at work i got into a fight. I couldn't say hey, a shower curtian rod came off and popped me in the eye. :(

    i fought the shower curting rod, and the rod won :clove:
  6. Black Mambo

    Black Mambo cuntybaws

    Screw it into the tiles? Or at least screw it into the grout between the tiles, if you want to avoid the tiles. That's about all that's going to do the job, methinks.
  7. ignorance

    ignorance New Member

    You can adjust the tension by screw the two different rod ends until is really tight on the wall.

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