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Rozz Rezabek on Courtney

Discussion in 'celebrity news & gossip' started by -Jo, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. -Jo

    -Jo Clonthian bitch

    MySpace.com - ThE ReZaBeK LoG.. - 99 - Male - PORTLAND, Oregon - www.myspace.com/rezabek

    After a night of Myspacing I found out that good old Rezabek has a zillion of blogs on Myspace. He's currently at #603.
    And guess what; he's still blogging about Courtney, calling her 'the Guy from Creed'. It's a fun read, especially when you compare his stories to Courtney's. The first story is a slightly different version of the Poppy Z. Brite story.

    He has pictures to go along with the last story.

    Sorry for this suuuperlong post, but I just wanted to share 'cause I loved reading this. Ssssht. :minger:
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2008
  2. -Jo

    -Jo Clonthian bitch

    This is the package Courtney sent Rozz from Taipei where she was stripping:

  3. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    hahaha the guy from creed.
  4. Silvine

    Silvine technetium

    Yeah, I enjoyed reading both quotes in full. I enjoyed the style and fluidity of his script. That said, I have no idea wtf he is waffling on about so its all kinda like kissing glitter lips.
  5. Grace&Constanza

    Grace&Constanza WhatWouldSteveCarellDo?

  6. Mistress_F

    Mistress_F sex hate and rock'n'roll

    'guy from creed' brings lot of laughing in my sorry self on a way too hot sunday afternoon. but im too lazy to read all of that now, i'll surely do later
  7. CrackneyLove

    CrackneyLove CRACKBABBLE

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2008
  8. 5 Finger Dismount

    5 Finger Dismount None of Dem.

    WTF? That would ruin the joke.
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  9. blah909909

    blah909909 New Member

    haha golden
  10. -Jo

    -Jo Clonthian bitch

    Rozz just blogged wondering why he had soo many hits yesterday. I guess that's because of us? So I sent him a message.
  11. AspirinBaby

    AspirinBaby New Member

    Considering this all happened in the dark ages, he's just as stalkerish and creepy as the guy from creed... But he's got an engaging style...
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  12. ella luciana

    ella luciana under the Ullapool moon

    Haha, has he responded?

    I like this bit best: "impressed by the painting done by a barely eighteen year old Guy from Creed"

    I always find him kind of sad and pathetic, but I like him a bit too. More so after this.
  13. zapatafan

    zapatafan ALL PORN ALL THE TIME

    we have to get Rozz on KR!
  14. AspirinBaby

    AspirinBaby New Member

    We really should... :love:
  15. CrackneyLove

    CrackneyLove CRACKBABBLE

    Yeah, but I was too lazy to read the whole thing. I guess I just didn't get the joke...:tard: :tard: :tard: Sorry, my tardness scale is through the roof right now (smoking a lot of pot and then going to sleep does that to you...who the fuck do I sound like hahahahaa).:sick:
  16. OrangeSapphire

    OrangeSapphire rule britannia

    lol at "Princess of Krunk"

    That's so much of a better title than "queen of noise."
  17. radiofriendly

    radiofriendly Banned

    Thats right but she Wants to be a princess

    Princess Scrunk like a few have refered her too.
    U think the joke something people arent getting is that when sexy eccentric Rozz meant was that the "person from Creed" was Courtney Love.
    I think thats what he is saying cause Creed probably doesnt care but Courtney would talking about smashed out windows and stuff.
  18. 45rpm

    45rpm Goodbye Horses

    "I was by the pool with Scott Stapp....."

    How do you guys have time to keep up with Widow Conrad Baine's nonsense?
  19. -Jo

    -Jo Clonthian bitch

    No not yet!
  20. sallydearheart

    sallydearheart sign yr reps

    that is the best thing i've ever read

    lol at Melissa Rossi being "Ms Plugg"

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