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Quick and Easy dishes that your kids will love?

Discussion in 'pregnancy & parenting' started by FerrisBueller, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. FerrisBueller

    FerrisBueller New Member

    What types of easy dishes do you prepare when your kids want something to eat after school but before dinner? Something that is quick, easy, and doesn't create a lot of mess? Has anyone tried Kraft Easy Mac cups? Cheesy Pizza and White Cheddar are new flavors that are coming out this month.
  2. Axeman

    Axeman New Member

    Do not fill your kids with fucking Easy Mac.

    - Good cheese, and crackers
    - Apples and cheese
    - Fruit and yogurt

    That's all the ideas I got from my food cupboard. We are poor right now.
  3. madame_razz

    madame_razz New Member

    I don't have children myself (yet!) but I wouldn't go the Easy Mac route, either. That stuff is junk food, you should aim for something a little healthier!

    Cubed cheese goes great with various fruits, like apples, oranges, or grapes. Yum.

    Apples seem more snack-like if you slice them up and cut the core out. A little dollop of caramel dip on the side might make them more appealing if your kids are picky.

    Pre-packaged trail mixes with dried fruit and nuts would be easy enough too.

    Good luck!
  4. abstraction

    abstraction Banned

    toasted sandwiches....are yum i personally like vegemite and cheese!
  5. Axeman

    Axeman New Member

    Yes, trail mix and toasted sandwiches. More of my favorite good stuff.

    I don't have kids either, by the way.
  6. abstraction

    abstraction Banned

    me either but i have alot of neice's and nephews..and toasted sandwiches seem 2 be a hit!! and are so easy to make
  7. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee New Member

    Good lord, Easy Mac isn't going to kill a kid every once in a while. Practically every kid I know grew up on box Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
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  8. abstraction

    abstraction Banned

    Kraft make's vegemite..i'm curious if anyone who is not australian actually like's vegemite or marmite?
  9. Axeman

    Axeman New Member

    I know it's not going to kill the kids, I fucking ate it as a child and still do.

    There are just a lot of better options.
  10. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    better yet, don't have kids. that way you don't have to feed them!
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  11. TheBadFairy

    TheBadFairy ...Carry On

    I used to have to prepare these kind of snacks for the kids (5-12) at after school care. They used to go mental for just carrot sticks, water crackers, a dip (we used to buy french onion soup powder and mix it with sour cream) and just cubes of tasty cheese. then after that some sliced apples and oranges.

    I mean the kids loved it, no idea why. We used to give them like honey, jam, vegemite or cream cheese sandwhiches.. then next day strawberry or vanilla flavoured yoghurts and sliced fresh fruit.. but they LOVED the cheese, dip, carrot sticks then sliced fruit.
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  12. pammalla

    pammalla Well-Known Member

    my kids go nuts over yogert
    they love it when i just put some of whatever fruit i have on hand in the bender with plain yogert. they are always asking me to make them those smoothys like that. you can also take that mix and poor it into popcicle molds and freeze to make smothy pops
    cheese cubes with grapes, apples and yogert dip is a hit too
    we have mac n cheese sometimes but not craft stuff
    of hard is it to cook some macaroni and then melt some cheese with a little butter and milk in with it
  13. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

  14. sallydearheart

    sallydearheart sign yr reps

    fish fingers, chicken nuggets .
  15. Beatrice

    Beatrice dreaming frankenstein

    turkey twizzlers
  16. FerrisBueller

    FerrisBueller New Member

    I like having fresh fruits and veggies too but sometimes it's good to mix things up a bit, dontcha think? The Kraft Easy Mac ups are convenient and if they are old enough they can make it themselves. Thanks for the advice and the book suggestion. I like the dip suggestion from TheBadFairy, that sounds delish. Beatrice, what is turkey twizzlers? Sounds bleh! lol

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