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Piano found on top of a mountain.

Discussion in 'current events & politics' started by Hoppingdeth, May 18, 2006.

  1. Hoppingdeth

    Hoppingdeth New Member

  2. fagarielina

    fagarielina in a strange way, hch > u

    i want it
    ohthey broek it
  3. VioletVeins

    VioletVeins www.DreamEtaine.etsy.com

    haha-but how it went there?
  4. onewaynotgrrl

    onewaynotgrrl Rhapsody

    AAAAAAAAHAHAHA "BRITAINS HIGHEST MOUNTAIN" funny shit, man. *wipes tears* I drove past it once and my friend was like, "look look it's Ben Nevis, our highest mountain". And I go... "uh where?". HAHA I type as I look over my balcony to the mountains. I can see Mt Warning from my house.

    PS I know that Ben Nevis is higher than Mt Warning, it's just that to be anywhere close to it you're already halfway up the ranges.
  5. Surana

    Surana New Member

    Maybe it's not a very tall mountain but I'd like to see you push a piano up it lol.
  6. kittensKathi2

    kittensKathi2 new and improved

    Obviously the work of some vast conspiracy.
  7. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog the fastest slug

    :eek: why did they break it up? maybe someone just likes to play piano up there ?!
  8. Surana

    Surana New Member

    Some guy's claiming it's his:

    “It must be mine,” Kenneth Campbell, 64, a woodcutter from Ardgay told The Times. In 1971, possessed by the idea of carrying a piano to the top of Ben Nevis, Mr Campbell began training for a feat that nearly killed him. His first attempt was in July. He strapped a 350lb piano to his back and started up the mountain.

    “I got to a thousand feet,” he said. “It was too heavy. It was strapped to my back and I fell from a ridge, I fell down about 100ft and it shattered.”

    Mr Campbell however, was still in one piece and in August he made a second attempt, this time with an organ that weighed 250lb. “I got to 1,400 feet before I tore a muscle in my arm,” he said. Some would have given up, taking this misfortune as a sign that pianos were not intended to go up mountains.

    Not Mr Campbell. That September he strapped himself to a third piano, weighing 226lb. This time he made the summit, wherupon he sat down and played Scotland The Brave.

    “It was recorded in The Guinness Book of Records that I carried it up, but not that I played a tune,” he said. “I’m not much of a pianist but I can manage that one.”

    Exhausted from the feat, he stumbled back down, leaving the instrument behind him. “That’s the one they would have found,” he said.

  9. ella luciana

    ella luciana under the Ullapool moon

    Hehe - this reminds me of that Rolling Rock advert where the two Scottish guys are in America and phone up a radio station to request a song...

    Guy1: Do you have anything by Ben Nevis?
    Radio Guy: Who?
    Guy2: Ben Nevis. He's huge in Scotland.

    Lame, but somehow very funny. To me.
  10. W. Wanker

    W. Wanker stop stop stop

    am i stupid for feeling really warm inside thinking about someone lugging that thing up there with some friends and playing the fuck out of it for one last time(or something equally fairytale-ish)?
  11. terror_heart

    terror_heart New Member

  12. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    no, you're not. i was going to say the exact same thing.
  13. sokkar

    sokkar Super Moderator

    no. i think it's rather charming.

    i bet kate bush did it.

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