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Old Wives Tales To Tell If You're Pregnant

Discussion in 'spirituality' started by prettiest♥mess, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. prettiest♥mess

    prettiest♥mess beyond infinity

    Just a little bit of fun, but i can only find them on predicting the gender. but does anyone know if there are any on predicting if you're pregnant?
  2. Prozac

    Prozac Preserves Freshness

    The sky closes up and fire shoots out of your vagina.
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  3. MsOlympia

    MsOlympia the former Miss Olympia

    I heard that if a tan like birthmark appears on the back of your neck or your forehead it means your pregnant
  4. Black Mambo

    Black Mambo cuntybaws

    That might be quite true. Changes in hormone levels can cause those little pale brown marks (I got one on my face when I started taking the pill) so it makes sense that someone might get those when they fall pregnant.

    But I suppose it's not always going to be due to pregnancy, so it's a good old wive's tale.
  5. miss_scarlet

    miss_scarlet laughingandgaylikeaclown?

    what are the ones for gender?
  6. prettiest♥mess

    prettiest♥mess beyond infinity

    yeah thanks for tht :mad:
  7. bookstore

    bookstore world in a jar.

    are you pregnant holly? ;)
  8. miss_scarlet

    miss_scarlet laughingandgaylikeaclown?

  9. prettiest♥mess

    prettiest♥mess beyond infinity

    theres quite a few, like if your carrying high its a girl, and if you carry low its a boy.
    if you tie a wedding ring to a piece of string, depending on if it spins clockwise or anti-clockwise its a boy or girl but i cant remember which way. supposidly if you have cravings for salty things its a boy. another on is, the age of the mother when concieving and the year, if they are both odd or even its a girl, but if they are mixed its a boy...eg

    woman 25 - 2005 = girl
    woman 25 - 2006 = boy

    some really weird stuff lol
  10. miss_scarlet

    miss_scarlet laughingandgaylikeaclown?

    these are crazy, i LOVE old wives tales!
  11. bunnyclaw

    bunnyclaw subs gone, pls sign reps!

    another one i heard is if you crave alot of diary produce when you're pregnant you'll have a boy and if you crave sweets you'll have a girl.
    my mam ate alot of mars bars
  12. Prozac

    Prozac Preserves Freshness

  13. Gay

    Gay high voltage

    I heard if you eat Lucky Charms youll have a leprachun and also if you eat Trix you might have quadruplets.

    "Trix are four kids"
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  14. DollyDayDream

    DollyDayDream i am a tiny grain of sand

    how insightful!
  15. alien she

    alien she Join us ~ VIPERROOM.org

    There's the old pendulum trick for determining the sex - if it swings in a circle its a girl, in a line its a boy!
  16. seeing your pendulum swing in a circle, and running out and buying hundreds of little pink dresses however, is not recommended.
  17. KillTheLastRomantic

    KillTheLastRomantic Lets stay up

    I heard this, my friends mum told me this years ago
  18. shashtasheen

    shashtasheen New Member

    i heard that if you vomit a lot during your pregnancy (after eating certain foods), then you have a girl. if you dont, then you have a boy.
  19. Ronette

    Ronette Well-Known Member

    I've seen people doing that.
  20. Echelon

    Echelon runs and becomes a sun

    A baby comes out your vaginal canal?

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