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Obama or Clinton?

Discussion in 'current events & politics' started by bodah, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. bodah

    bodah stirred... rarely shaken

    Since it looks like it will be either of these two as the Dem nominee .... which are you in favor of?

    I really think either one would be fine as a president. I will completely back whichever one can beat a Repugnican. I know that sounds lame, but things have gotten so BAD since 1999, I really think either one would possess the leadership skills necessary to put things back on the upswing.

    Trouble is, I'm truly undecided. Obama has the charm, charisma, and vision. Clinton is brilliant, strong, and already a force to be reckoned with. I've been somewhat for Miz Clinton, but lately I'm thinking Obama might be more of a possibility than we thought before.

    I do wish they would quit bickering so damn much. I think it makes them both look undiplomatic. If there was ever a time to quit that shit, it's now. It turns the voters off, and right now would be a great time for BOTH of them to come together and promote the Democratic ideals, only explaining the differences in their beliefs rather than making character assassinations, so that the Dem Party shows how noble it can be, instead of pulling the usual neocon MO. If they don't quit the infighting, the Repugs will come ahead YET AGAIN. with all the faux backslapping and such among their good ole boy ways...
  2. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    the bickering is gross. absolutely. far as i can tell it started with mr clinton taking pot shots at obama. obama took it out on ms clinton (very clever clinton campaigners) and it mushroomed form there

    just fucking stop it already and tell us what you think of the ISSUES not what you think of each other or each others opinions of the issues. im not INTERESTED in the petty crap!

    IMHO there are so many hilary haters out in the world, that her nomination would sink the democrats.
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  3. rozalia qual

    rozalia qual my coitus feels fabulous

    I too am a little upset that Obama took the Clinton bait.

    Regardless I am for Obama. And unlike it seems everyone else, I think I'd rather write in a candidate than vote for Hillary or any Republican, 'cause although the difference between Hillary and almost any Republican favors Clinton, I don't think I can morally justify it to myself.

    AND NO IT'S NOT BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN. just wanted to clarify that.
  4. dollpartz

    dollpartz ~*string puppet*~

    Well, despite my Ron Paul infatuation, if it ain't Paul, I'd rather it be a Democrap. I mean on the Reptile-ublican side we got a host of freaks. Ok, McCain is somewhat respectable, a military hero and all that, and he's been critical of Bush, and appears semi-aware of over-spending, but he's wants to police the world and bomb, bomb, Iran.

    After him it goes rapidly downhill with Benito Guiliani (ha ha), Saint Tweety Bird, and Stormin Mormon.

    Ok, between Hillary Inc. and Obama ..... Obama worries me cuz of his inexperience ... also, what the heck does he mean by 'change,' anyway. Let's have some examples, already. Still, he's not as deep with corporations. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Pfizer and her big bad dog Bill, who's been barking alot lately ...

    Obama would be my second choice after Paul .... then Herr (or 'Hair') Edwards ... Then Hillary ... then McCAin... then we're into the plastic. Romney and Guiliani .. and then Hucklebee last.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2008
  5. mannequin

    mannequin blow yr mind

    I like Obama. He seems so level headed and rational.

    I like Hillz too but for president I believe Obama would be better.

    But I do not think America will elect a black president yet. There are many urban areas that would, and if I could vote I would definitely vote for him, but there is a hell of a lot of small town America, and those small town Americans will never vote for a black man OR a woman, for that matter.

    The Hillary bashing is the one thing I hate at the moment. A lot of it is PURE sexism. (I'm not saying you are, rozalia qual, no worries), But a lot of people just purely despise her for no good reasons. Not everyone does, of course, but I see a ton of sexism beneath the Hillary hating.

    I have a sinking feeling that it will be a Republican in office. Specifically McCain. But I want Obama. :stress:
  6. rozalia qual

    rozalia qual my coitus feels fabulous

    Well, to be fair, "small town America" sort of did cast their vote for the Black guy. Iowa's the only state he's won thus far.

    And I am confident that it won't be a Republican no matter who the Dems elect. I know LOTS of older traditionally Republican Conservative voters who have turned toward Democrats in shame. And these people I know live in one of the most conservative states. (though non-bible-beltish, which could mark the difference).
  7. ironhills

    ironhills *********

    Watching the two of them gang up on Obama is disgusting. It's like he's said already--who is he running against, Bill or Hillary?

    I'm officially sick of the two of them. They are proving true everything the "right wing conspiracists" ever said about them. If she manages to get the nomination, I'm voting for McCain.
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  8. ThePrude

    ThePrude of which i am one

    The bickering is unfortunate, because it reduces the chance of them ever being running-mates. I like them both, but if I had to choose (not that I can being Canadian), it would be Hillary. (Actually, as a Canadian, I should probably be hoping the Republicans win as many of their economic policies are more favourable for us.)

    However, in the grand scheme of things, I do think the Democrats need to win this one. I guess Obama is probably more likely to get votes of independents and swing-voters. Too bad about the Hillary hate...I agree that much of it is sexism, although I do think there are people who legitimately hate her for other reasons. If "power-hungry" is one of them though, I'd like to ask them how any other cadiditate for the President of the USA is any less hungry?
  9. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    i would consider mccain
  10. bodah

    bodah stirred... rarely shaken

    Thanx for the replies

    A long time ago I thought McCain would be OK, but he's actually a bad news conservative "establishment-type" (worse than Hillary) as far as I am concerned.

    Seems that this whole presidential race is a complete toss-up at this point, with the exception of the Obama charisma factor and the Clinton fundraiser factor, which seems to make those two just about equal on the playing field.

    I found this website helpful: Glassbooth - Quiz to help you choose best 2008 presidential candidate and (big surprise) the candidate that most represents my views on issues is Kucinich. As far as a more viable candidate, I had more in common with Edwards than with Clinton or Obama - but only by a mere 2% margin. Clinton and Obama were equal in matching them with my beliefs/issues by about 70%. The viable Republican I had the most in common with was McCain.

    I was hoping that my political opposite would be Mike Huckabee, but turns out it was Rudy Guiliani! -- which I find quite odd because I firmly believe homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else, and women should have access to safe, legal abortion. However maybe it was because the gay rights issue to me was lower priority than many other issues facing the nation right now. My three highest priorities were education, the environment, and the economy-- because all humans are affected by them, regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual preference, and they all need attention lately. Education ("the great equalizer") was highest on my list of priorities because it affects other aspects of society (environment, tolerance of others' beliefs/differences, valuing freedom, finding solutions to problems, etc.) in a long-term way. Education has taken a turn for the worse in America in the past decade, and idiocracy will undoubtedly lead to more problems in the future.

    Anyway, I hope you find the website useful. I found it to be one of the best tools available. Test it out. Take another turn with the exact opposite of your issues/beliefs and see which candidate it finds.(interesting!).
  11. ThePrude

    ThePrude of which i am one

    Interesting quiz bodah!

    My results were actually: 85% Obama; 84% Edwards; 81% Clinton; 81% Kucinich

    - The difference between Obama and Clinton for me was their stance on medical marijuana (Clinton being "wishy-washy" over it, and Obama supporting). Other than that they were equal.

    It was a virtual tie for the Republicans: 46% Romney, McCain; Guliani and Huckabee; and 45% Ron Paul (Some of the Rupublicans who've dropped out though, I only had a 29% similarity to).
  12. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    i have 81% similarity with mike gravel!
    77% john edwards
    76% hilary clinton
    75% barak obama
    40% john mccain
    36% ron paul
  13. Diablo_

    Diablo_ Well-Known Member

    I got the same as dirtyplotte, but I'm a filthy foreigner. I wanted to be able to say "I ♥ Huckabee" :(

    It's interesting how so many people say that negative campaigning turns them off, when it's often so decisive in forming opinion. ps, John McCain = still ew.
  14. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    the only opinion i hold when people are being nasty like that is that i hate them all.
  15. devilish

    devilish worldclass flesh balloons

    well i'm pretty sure hillary has a bigger cock, but obama is black so he can probably work that shit sooooo.....i'm going with the black dude.
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  16. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    No Surprises

    Hillary Clinton 79%
    John Edwards 78%
    Barack Obama 75%
  17. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    He's my opposite. Only 35%

    Rudy, Paul, Romney, McCain are all in the 40's.
  18. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    If Kucinich were still running he'd have scored higher(84%). Which is odd cause he and I differ slightly more than I do with Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

    My lowest score is with republican Tom Tancredo (28%) But he's out of it.
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  19. Wildwoman

    Wildwoman Woman Talking to Death

    Mike Gravel: 80%
    John Edwards: 74%
    Hilary Clinton: 73%
    Barack Obama: 72%
    Ron Paul: 51%
    Rudy Giuliani: 46%
    John McCain: 41%
    Mitt Romney: 35%
    Mike Huckabee: 30%
  20. Notus

    Notus New Member

    You forgot Edwards, who is still a viable candidate. Shame on you for following the corporate media's narrative on the race.

    Anyways, my support now goes Edwards, then Obama, and then Clinton.

    Before Kucinich dropped out, I supported him, because he was the closest to me on the issues.
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