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now god hates ireland (a phelp's thread)

Discussion in 'sexuality' started by BleedingHeart, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    Sun., July 22, ‘07: God Hates Ireland – Land of the Sodomite Damned. :tard:

    highlights in black. Don't think we are anymore 'faggy' than other European countries, lol. GodhatesEurope would have been more accurate, oh well....Im sad to say homophobia is actually alive and well in alot of places in our country, if he's even been here he would have known that. Gay marriage is still illegal, so is adoption I assume. Kind of rich to be making judgments about a country he's never been to. Not to mention even if we were, so what?!?! None of your business? Not your country anyway?

    We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Cor. 2:11). “Then said they, Come, and let us devise devices – (contrivances, plots) – against Jeremiah.” Jer. 18:18. It begins to look like the fags and fag-enablers of the Literary & Historical Society of the University College Dublin have devised devices against me – phrased another way – they have contrived a plot – or conspiracy – to lure me to Dublin, Ireland, to speak at their 153rd Session on the subject of “Gay Adoption” – and then to arrest me for the crime of violating their law entitled, The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act. (See WBC's response to their invitation). That Act is a draconian, antichristic cup of Satan’s slimy vomit straight from the maw of Hell. They know exactly what I will say on the subject of Gay Adoption. And they know that what I will say from the Bible about sodomites will land me in an Irish jail for two and maybe 10 years. “For they speak not peace; but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.” Psa. 35:20. It looks like they’ve taken counsel together against me and against the Lord, saying, Let us break their bands – (Bible doctrines about sodomites going to Hell) – asunder, and cast away their cords – (Bible doctrines about Sin, Predestination, and Reprobation) – from us. Psa. 2:2,3.

    Remember their invitation to me? You have copies, and you have seen their expensive looking letterhead: “Dear Rev. Phelps, May I invite you to attend the 153rd Session of the University College Dublin Literary and Historical Society as a special guest of the society, to speak at our Debate about gay adoption. We would be both delighted and honored if you would be interested in taking the time to attend for the benefit of the society and the students of UCD.

    On 6th Feb. 2008 the Society will hold our Gay Adoption Debate, where we will debate this contentious issue. Given your position as an esteemed pastor, we feel that you would make an invaluable contribution to the evening. While you are doubtless inundated with requests of a similar nature, I feel confident that a trip to UCD, and the massive ovation that you will receive here, make this a very special invitation. Above all, I can promise you a most enjoyable and memorable visit to the college.” We have discovered that many of the leaders of the University College Dublin and the Literary & Historical Society who have invited me to speak in Dublin, Ireland, are also the leaders in the Irish homosexual community that is responsible for decriminalizing sodomy in Ireland by action of the European Court of Human (fag) Rights, which has Satanic, international domination over all member States in Europe.

    Think openly-gay, out-of-the-closet Irish Senator David Norris, represented by former Irish President Mary Robinson before the European Court of Human (fag) Rights.

    (See handout: Norris & Satan’s Court:
    46 judges x 100+ massive quarters).

    Here’s what Ireland’s Satanic, fag-inspired criminal law says: “It shall be an offence for a person to use words that are threatening, abusive or insulting and are likely to stir up hatred against a group of persons on account of their sexual orientation.”

    “This Act may be cited as the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred on Account of Sexual Orientation Act. Now, Beloved, is there any way in the world that I, or you, or anybody else, could fairly and honestly preach what the Bible says about sodomites adopting babies without violating that filthy Irish law every few sentences? What if you just quote Lev. 18:22 – “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination.” If I just stand up there in Dublin and quote Lev. 18:22 – nothing more – every fag in Ireland will be screaming bloody murder: Help! Help! Officer! Officer! That man used some abusive and insulting words that are likely to stir up hatred against me as a filthy Celtic Fudge-Packer and Irish Rump Ranger. Arrest that man! Prosecute that man! Fine that man 10,000 lbs and 2 years in jail for each offense. It’s the law! What if I just quote Gen. 13:13? “Now the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly.” Gen. 13:13.

    What about, “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel. Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog (sodomite, as dogs are filthy, impudent and libidinous), into the house of the Lord thy God.” Dt. 23:17,18. And would I not be sent to jail for life if I quoted Rom 1 about fags? To wit: “God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature; And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fit to do.” Rom. 1:24-28. If just quoting the Word of God “is likely to stir up hatred” against those who are self-identified as doing those filthy things against the laws of God and Nature – all fags have to do is quit doing those filthy, sinful things – or keep their filthy, stinking mouths shut about doing them. But please don’t make a criminal out of me for preaching nothing but the same Gospel message I’ve been preaching for 60 years now. And please don’t try to lure me into your vile, sodomite country, so you can arrest and jail me for doing the job God Almighty called me to do. And do you think it’s good to let these vile beasts adopt helpless little babies (called Gay Adoption Debate), to bring them up in a so-called “loving” home where sodomites eat each other’s feces (called “Scat”), and drink each other’s semen, and urinate on each other (called “Golden Showers”), and lick each other’s anus (called “Rimming”), – and do other such grossly filthy things to each other – and call such sick, abominable, disease-ridden conduct a good, clean, innocent, alternate life style? And if it’s good for fags to do those filthy things, why is it a crime – punishable by stiff fines and long prison terms – for me to preach about it from the Bible?

    When the King of Sweden had his lawyers seeking ways and means to get jurisdiction over us and sue us – (and other European States have been equally riled at us for our preaching) – there were hints in the air that this Fag Court in Strasbourg, France, and another international court in Brussels, Belgium, had huge files on us, and would love to get jurisdiction over us so they could silence our message. I have no doubt that such is the case, and that the thousands of pages on our Websites in their entirety are resting in huge files, with many full-time research and staff attorneys assigned to our case. Our Father has assured us that the ABJECTS would conspire against us: “But in mine adversity they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together; yea, THE ABJECTS gathered themselves together against me.” Psa. 35:15. (ABJECTS – word used only once in the Bible – are cowardly assassins and traducers who speak falsely and maliciously, and who are the most contemptible and miserable kinds of cowards, who strike from ambush to inflict stripes and wounds to kill, slaughter, and destroy the servants of God.) Again I say, Our Father hath assured us: “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me; whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. ...No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” Isa. 54:15,17. Amen
  2. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    p.s. this is a Phelp's thread i.e. the GodHatesFags group, made famous by the Louis Theroux documentary.
  3. BabyBoredom

    BabyBoredom Gotta get smart.

  4. bort

    bort The brown word

    He needs to update his schtick. I had Phelps Fatigue about 4 years ago. Suck. Actually sacrifice one of your grandchildren or something.
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  5. bort

    bort The brown word

    If God punished the evil Swedes by drowning many of their holidaymakers in Thailand during the tsunami, why has he shown such a lack of mercy to the most homophobic nation in the world? Teh Jamaicanz want their prayers back, frankly.
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  6. WOAH is me

    WOAH is me New Member

    I consider myself Xtian more or less and Phelps can blow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clove:

    here check out my Anti-Fred Shit:

    AND I'M SOOOOOOOOOO PISSED that he's like "THANK GOT FOR DEAD SOLDIERS" um excuse me, but aren't they defenidng his right to be an asshole?!!?!!! FUCKERS!!!!! :mad:

    The Anti-Fred Phelps Society's Journal



    :evil: :evil: :evil: FUCK PHELPS!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
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  7. Ophiel Ophiuci

    Ophiel Ophiuci #1 cunt-kicker-in

    Yeah, he definitely needs to up his game. Couldn't they declare that, like, Mars is totally gay or something?

    I work for a local council, and it's amazing how many people are this deluded.
  8. Ophiel Ophiuci

    Ophiel Ophiuci #1 cunt-kicker-in

    You know that oral sex counts as sodomy too, right?
  9. WOAH is me

    WOAH is me New Member

    Oh thats ok cos I'm female, right Fred?

    besides, polygamy is NOT a problem for Phelpes, what with their 50 + chlidren

    and I'd kill Phelps if I ever met him. YAY :D

    OH and I'm gonna protest at HIS funeral, with a sgin that says "THANK GOD FOR DEAD BIGOTS" and have a PARTY !!! WOOHOOO :evil:
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  10. Little Fury

    Little Fury Custom User Title

    Did anyone else get a wicked stiffy when he mentioned Satan's Slimy Maw? I did.:love: I bet the king of darkness likes it when you make him gag.
  11. lmnop

    lmnop ostie de tabarnac

    maybe god hates weed more than gays?
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  12. ironhills

    ironhills *********

    I thought He always did.
  13. bort

    bort The brown word

    Destroy it with nuclear bombs, and kill all the martian fags.
  14. bort

    bort The brown word

    Well he created weed himself, and it like grows and is natural and shit. Whereas people choose to be gay and it is a pernicious evil lifestyle choice. So I think not. He was probably aiming for Key West and missed. I heard that they had gays there.
  15. rubyrage

    rubyrage Let's hug it out, bitch.

    Now God hates Ireland

    does that mean he's done with New Orleans?
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  16. carladavvy

    carladavvy he who seeks finds

    is there anyway to stop Phelps, i really really find him offensive and hurtful?
  17. fallopian

    fallopian New Member

    such a closet case. i'd love to see him get a good rodgering
  18. rinachan

    rinachan New Member

    he and his family are scum :/
  19. Rotten Berry

    Rotten Berry Favorite Number: forklift

    I think I'm gonna try to pee on this dude's shoe.

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