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Discussion in 'television & film' started by Hot Carl, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hot Carl

    Hot Carl love maker

    Is it just me or did this new episode suck? I hope it gets better as the season progresses, but omg was I bored while watching it.
  2. lilybett

    lilybett New Member

    I was soooooo hooked on Nip/Tuck for the first couple of series. Upto where Kimber's pregnant and Matt's moved in with Ava (!)

    But then they stopped showing it on terrestrial and I was very upset not to have sky :geek: But I watched some of what I'd missed online and it was shiiiit! They should have quit while they were ahead.
  3. zzyzx

    zzyzx Deathstar

    I always wait to buy that show on dvd. I hope this season is better then the last one. It was good.....but not great.
  4. Hot Carl

    Hot Carl love maker

    If the first episode was any indication, it is going to blow. The previews didn't even entice me, and I saw that New York from I Love New York will be in an episode. Seriously...wtf?
  5. AerynRocks1

    AerynRocks1 Not caring at all

    I only started watching the show because of Julian McMahon, but he's looking dreadful these days.
  6. DollEyes9406

    DollEyes9406 Come on and let it out...

    I didnt get to see the full episode but I just got into this show last season and I really like it. I hope this season is a good one.
  7. Raven99

    Raven99 New Member

    it was alright. the show is just starting, all seasons were like that and built up and got good (except season 4, that started good and got shittier)
  8. esatw

    esatw will bury you in time

    I lost interest last season around the time Christian fell in 'love' with Saana La...something's character. What happened with that?

    Season 3 was campy fun. :love:
  9. Ascension

    Ascension doing what i can

    season 3 was fantastic they'll never top that
  10. Packaged04

    Packaged04 New Member

    i don't know. i think it's starting to get boring because i think they've covered every nasty thing a person could possibly ever do.

    it's not shocking the viewers anymore, and the characters aren't likable enough to keep an audience.

    let's be honest, we only really really liked it because of the fucked up story lines.

    but yeah, seasons 1-3 were ace.
  11. Hot Carl

    Hot Carl love maker

    That is true, but those fucked up story lines were really good and entertaining.

    If tonight's episode is horrible I am going to stop watching the show. The first episodes of the season should grab the viewer's attention and make them want to watch the rest of the season, but this one was horrible. I am hoping the second episode will do that for me.

    Was season 3 the one with The Carver? I loved the season with The Carver.
  12. Raven99

    Raven99 New Member

    2 & 3 both had the carver. 3 is where his identity is revealed.
  13. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    I just watched a new episode last night. I didn't watch last season after the first couple of episodes because imo, it went too over the top and jumped the shark a bit.

    But last night's was ok. Not horrible, but Julian McMahon looked like crap, so did "Julia" (Joely Richardson), and her showing up with a woman (Portia DeRossi) was pretty ridiculous, I've gotta say. Shows always seem to resort to that storyline when they run out of material.
  14. Packaged04

    Packaged04 New Member


    if the show just takes off from this week, this season will be ace!!!

    some good shit last episode.
  15. ThePrude

    ThePrude of which i am one

    This is one show I always intended to watch but didn't have time for, so over the past couple of months I've caught up by way of DVD. I've just started Season 5 (Part I), when they move to LA, and I have to say I'm not liking it that much anymore.

    I agree that seasons 1-3 were better. Does season 5 improve, or should I just stop watching?
  16. Valmont

    Valmont Banned

    1-3 were really good even tho they would jump the shark...

    thats kinda what i like about this show tho....that it can jump the shark every season.

    famke janssens season was the best tho...

    5 is terrible. season 5 pt 2 is almost unwatchable.
  17. VioletPrue

    VioletPrue I'm Designer

    I've not seen season 5 yet because no network here airs the show anymore.
    They went a long way with it, but they stopped.
    At that point I already had 1-4 on DVD which I all loved. (5 isn't out yet)
    So I have no idea what season 5 is like, but from what I've read here, I'm not 100% happy.
    But I now read it's cancelled.
    The last eppi won't be on screen till 2011!
    Which sucks, cause that means it prolly won't be on DVD till 2012 and here in the Netherlands we're always behind on everything, so I won't be able to get them till like 2013?!?

  18. Valmont

    Valmont Banned

    im not sure how i felt about this last season...like matt killed that guy and it was never mentioned again...julia planting drugs on her mother and then its never mentioned again...rose mcgowans character just dropped and no fallout for sean...

    and then there were two episodes that just made no continuity sense at all. it was disappointing.

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