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My Manicure Lasted over Six days -Still Looking Good

Discussion in 'makeup, hair, & perfume' started by Angel Dust, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    i used a bonding topcoat.
    it was thin, so i used Sally Hansen clear polish over it.

    i re apply every day or two, cos it washes off. i had no chips except two little ones. easily fixed.

    anyone else have beauty secrets?
  2. abstraction

    abstraction Banned

    you should post photos of your nails!!
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  3. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    i don't have a camera.

    they are blue frost.

    it looks more like silver to me.

    no decals or jewels, but will take pics when i do.
  4. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high


    seven days & still perfect.
  5. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    Bonding topcoat? Tell me more? Will it last over days of opening shoeboxes?
  6. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high


    this is an example of what i want.

    i couldn't see pic, but it's called top coat & bonder. it has butyl acetate, which is not the best thing to put on, but for special occasions, why not.

    also, when i re-apply clear top coat, i only do tops & top corners, to save time & polish. that's where it chips.

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2012
  7. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high


    so many pages of gorgeous art for nails! i'll be on there for quite a while!:love:
  8. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    idk if it would last after opening boxes.
    why don't you wear gloves & use an implement before you do that work? it'd be easier.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2012
  9. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    Because I would look like the special girl at work putting gloves on. And what kind of implement is there for opening shoe boxes? Opening shoe boxes is my job.
  10. GlamPetals

    GlamPetals twin peaks experience

    parma, get a gel polish mani.
  11. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    I have thought about that but I like to do fancy things with my nail polish and they just do plain colour right?
  12. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    OK I have been looking at shellac and gelish manicures and I found a woman nearby ish that does them but will also do them in half moons, v's, other nail art fancies in gelish but and she's cheaper than some but still really expensive for me. They sell the stuff on amazon (the polish and lights) do you think this would work instead?
  13. skeleton key

    skeleton key boogaloo

    i've never tried doing a gel nail on myself, but i wouldn't recommend it. won't you need a UV light?

    i've had a gel manicure before and it looked good while it was on for 3 weeks, but it made my actual nail kinda shitty when i took it off. i even wrapped my fingers up with nail-polish remover soaked cotton pads and let the remover sit for a while, but for all that hassle they still looked bad.

    i'm sure someone here can give you better advice about removing the gel, but it didn't seem worth it to me.
  14. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    They sell UV lamps on amazon too.
  15. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    I think I will get around to booking this company (I think there is more than one technician) at some point, because they do more than just block colour.


    Only thing is it's mobile and I have never used mobile anything. Is it weird having them in your house?
  16. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    Argh, why would you be a nail biter? Why?

  17. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    or a nail biter wearing red/orange/coral? nail paint.
    was that ^ a 'what not to do' photo?
    because nobody should do that.
  18. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    No, that is from someones blog saying "look what I had done!!!" Gross
  19. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    i wouldn't care about being special. i'm a fragile hothouse flower.

    open a shoe box with idk what. that's why i said gloves, cos my nails are weak & break at the sides stimes, so i have to cut it/be careful, so it doesn't rip off below the quick.

    also, when i worked at a beauty salon, i used gloves not just for applying tints & stuff, but to wash hair, too.
    one woman objected & the owner told her he doesn't want me to have irritated hands.

    we are not robots!
  20. recalcitrant

    recalcitrant Warm inventions

    all the nail shops go on about shellac. i've never had a manicure or pedicure. i'd rather spend the money on a massage. i don't trust those places not to have strict enough with hygiene to spread funguses or other gross things for nails.

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