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my left ear is plugged when i wake up

Discussion in 'bath & beauty' started by Aaron, Aug 20, 2007.


what should i do?

  1. you should make a poll about it

  2. you should go to a ear doctor

  3. nothing, you're fine

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  1. Aaron

    Aaron ominous

    & then after a 1/2 hour or so it POPS!

    am i going deaf or do i have fluid in there or something?

    what should i do? :confused:
  2. Insomnia

    Insomnia Part-time narcoleptic

    Well you might have air trapped in your eustachian tubes... do you have allergies? Or you might have a lot of backed up ear wax, particularly if you use q-tips (apparently they shove the wax in and impact it. I don't really care though, I like cleaning my ears). I don't think you will go deaf either way, but seeing a doctor wouldn't hurt.
  3. knifeyou

    knifeyou For all the right reasons

    If its been happening for awhile you should probably see a doctor.
  4. violently

    violently baby machine

    I know
    it's teh ear aidz :skull:
  5. 5 Finger Dismount

    5 Finger Dismount None of Dem.

    Why didn't anyone make a joke about him being cum-logged from the night before? I'm disappointed.

    [This is a new post so that Misfitcunt and L'avatard can easily rep-stalk me rather than search for posts they've yet to smear their pussy pomade on. :sick: :tard: :minger: :skull: ]
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  6. Pink Raven

    Pink Raven live fast die old

    This happened to me once years ago when I was 12. It had to do with me cleaning my ears with q-tips all the time.

    I remember the doctor prescribed some medicine, stuff to inhale, etc. It went away in about 3 or 4 days. And he told me not to use q-tips anymore. I still do it though, but I try not to push them too much into my ears.
  7. i_eat_ether

    i_eat_ether couchetard

    I was about to :(
  8. Black Mambo

    Black Mambo cuntybaws

    I know you hate my long-ass posts but here goes:

    I had a problem like this from time to time, mine was due to a build up of wax. I'd wake up in the morning and it felt glued shut as I'd slept on it, then like yours it usually popped itself open after about a half hour.

    Don't poke q-tips in there, no matter how tempting. If it's wax, you might end up compacting it further in against the ear drum and if it hardens like that then it's not going to pop open and it'll be plugged all the time.

    I did that thing with the q-tip out of desperation (I never do this usually) and my ear was plugged shut for a good 10 days. I had to see a doctor and have the wax sucked and cleaned out. This was the single most painful experience of my life, no bullshit, I had wax attached stubbornly to my ear drum.

    Aye, so if your problem is wax then there are hydrogen peroxide drops you can get for this to soften up the wax and it should come out the ear as normal. That's all I can suggest to stay on top of it; apparently some people just make too much wax. But you can't use those drops if you have a perforated ear drum. If it's not wax, then maybe there's fluid trapped in there, which can apparently happen if you've had a cold or sinus problems, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Probably best to go see a doc. If it's still popping open again then it might be better to have it cleaned out now than to let it get worse?
  9. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    now i fear q-tips.
    not this one...

    whatever, add another issue to my list.
  10. Black Mambo

    Black Mambo cuntybaws

    I always liked Q-Tip. He's cute.

    Q-tips should be feared. Seriously, never have I known misery like I did for the past couple of weeks, all from that seemingly innocent little stick o' cotton. And then culminating in the joy of having the wax shit brutally sucked out.

    Random fact, we call q-tips 'cotton buds' here. It feels wierd to call them q-tips but I know you Americans call it that.
  11. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    cute and a cool voice.

    i'm going to start calling them cotton buds.
    & i'm throwing out my q-tips.
  12. Mother Greer

    Mother Greer with CLUB SAUCE

    this happened to me too! except i didn't cause it to be clogged for 10 days :p i just woke up one day and then in a few hours it was STILL clogged so after a whole day of being deaf in one ear i went to the doctor. they flushed warm water in there and it didn't hurt really, but probably because i didn't have it clogged for as long as you. haha

    it's awesome once you get it fixed!! it's like you have dog hearing.
  13. kesh

    kesh P.M.L.D.

    otex. a raisin size glob of yuck emerged from my ear when i used it. i could hear hi-hats again

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