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my histrionics thread/new source of shame, why not

Discussion in 'relationships & family' started by Jean-Paul, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    lying. i do care enough to delete it
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  2. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

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  3. earthcrosser75

    earthcrosser75 mexican't

    It wasn't that bad. I was about to post my recently morbidly horrifying drunk story but it didn't so much fit into the context of the thread. It would have been nice downward comparison though?
  4. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    share, do

    i wish i had drugs

    so i didnt have to be conscious right now
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  5. earthcrosser75

    earthcrosser75 mexican't

    I just rolled back into lawrence indefinitely since I've run out of living in cali money...and I run into an old friend/boy who I desperately want to fuck (bad in itself, really) that's nice, we get hammered and somewhere along the line I get dragged to this party...from what i remember of it it was pretty much what I imagine a circle of hell would be like for me...filled with people I hoped I would never see ever ever again because I've shamed myself too many times in front of this crowd. i wake up the next morning and i am told by my friend that i drunkenly propositioned my old roommate through text message (wtf? :sick: ) needless to say he gets pissed and i end up going off with his straight buddy and fucking around until for some reason or another I push him into a sliding glass door. and at that point I guess they got me into my car and made me DRIVE us the hell out of there which i do not remember doing.

    i'm still terrified to open up my text messages and i deleted whatever it was that was sent/ sent to me without looking. now i'm using this snow as an excuse to not leave the house. what's worse is that i don't think i'm being told the full story about whatever else it was i did and it's not fucking coming back to me. i have every reason for paranoia
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  6. earthcrosser75

    earthcrosser75 mexican't

    fuck technology...and windows.

    glass in general
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  7. Valmont

    Valmont Banned

    hmmm....my nite ended suddenly and unexpectedly. the person i was with unbeknownst to me stole a hundred out of my wallet and a check for fifty dollars. this person is still claiming that this did not happen; however this person slept in a car supposedly and shit their pants.

    so yeah, i was waiting for someone to bust out shitty new yrs stories.
  8. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    well ty deadfagrobbie

    now that ppl are posting

    i'll recap

    -find out very bad things when bf leaves fb open

    -drink to blackout

    -smoke weed even though i hate it, piss off roommates

    -break window w/barefoot, throw shards of glass

    continue to post stories
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  9. Valmont

    Valmont Banned

    fb and texting yet more reasons why technology can be evil...
  10. JFL

    JFL bombshell...

    Wait a sec.

    You're a guy? Would've never guessed. Unless your previous userhandle was exit75 or something to that effect...

    then it all makes sense.
  11. sunday green

    sunday green carpe noctem

    what is or was your bf up to jp?

    i don't have any shameful stories lately except maybe for throwing up out a second story window (in broad daylight)
  12. sokkar

    sokkar Super Moderator

    I don't think this is as embarrassing as you think it is. What did you find out, if you care to share? Or just a general idea? Like, it is relationship-ending?
  13. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm


    it rly should be relationship ending.

    right now i'm just staying right here.

    b/c i really want to run to him for comfort about this all. bad. no. bad. should not do that. ever. stupid.

    cheating, basically.

  14. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    we had been fighting. we have been.

    but i figured we were mutually. well. still on the same page. in a lot of ways. on the things we'd fight about.

    this is why you shouldn't date someone whose friendship means a lot.

    i should have known

    we've been together for 3 yrs
  15. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    now i just dont feel anything.

    that upsets me more than the pain of it.

    i think i won't be feeling anything for a long time. if i have been
  16. sunday green

    sunday green carpe noctem

    oh man that sucks

    have you broached the subject with him or just do the window breaking?
  17. Eva

    Eva Ultra Peanut

    that fully sucks jean paul.
  18. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    i haven't been able to speak with him.

    i don't feel like speaking to anyone right now. however.

    i don't like operating like this
  19. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    that not feeling anything
    that was wishful thinking
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  20. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    love you jp.

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