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My goldfish has mold growing on it's head

Discussion in 'pets' started by gemma, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. gemma

    gemma Member

    Do people take goldfish to the vet? It seems like a weird thing to do.

    My biggest goldfish has a big furry white patch on it's head; it looks like peeling skin. I'm not even sure what it is, it might not be mold. What should I do?

    Fish don't have any feelings right?
    Do you think it's suffering? Should I kill it?
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  2. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    Go to a pet shop and ask them what you should do. They should be able to give you something to put into the water to clear it up.
  3. make sense

    make sense boss applesauce

    it could be ick. i think they make medication that you put in the water for it. it will die if you don't.
  4. thumbscrew

    thumbscrew C is for Cookie

    what i love about goldfish is that they can shit for days. They swim around with a big string of shit hanging from them, but they don't let it worry them. I wish I had the courage to do that.
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  5. make sense

    make sense boss applesauce

    lol :p
  6. Starfish

    Starfish fresh outta rehab

  7. Rat Face

    Rat Face In Utero Goddess

    it's fine. they live and love bacteria. the pet store will have little tablets to put in the water, it probally will be a bit expensive. and you will have to do it for about a week or two. you should chang eyour pet's water once a week to prevent this.
  8. beverly thrills

    beverly thrills breakfast

    Pet stores sell a solution that's about $2 for a small bottle that you just mix about a capful into the water and it cleans the water and coats your fish's scales to prevent injury and infection. I use it for my beta.

  9. Lissie

    Lissie brain problem situation

    i'm sorry to hear about your goldfish, but the title of this thread made me seriously LOL.
  10. inside_solution

    inside_solution Pretentious Bore

    think its an infection. I used to have tropical fish and several had that, i thought it was an added bonus, but no, they died. Thats not to say your goldfish will!! get some advice from your local aquarium place!!
  11. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    Tropical fish...
    I'm fucking surrounded by them.
    My brother has like 5 tanks :rolleyes:
    Some gave birth and there are like 80 babies. I want to keep them all but my brother says they will die so he's going to make them feed for the bigger ones :eek: :(

    They once had gross stuff on them. He got crap to put into the water. They didn't die :D
  12. Pennyroyal

    Pennyroyal Berlin

    White spot, i think it's called? My fish had that, it's pretty common i think. We went to a pet shop and got some stuff to put in the tank. It cleared it up.
  13. inside_solution

    inside_solution Pretentious Bore

    Yeah they eat their babies. A girl i went to school with had guppies and used to let the babies go free so she could see them get eaten. Scary freak she was!!

    Anyway, thats good news, hopefully this persons goldfish will live to swim round its tank for another day!!
  14. oh suck

    oh suck New Member

    my friend had a goldfish with a massive cyst [sp?] in it's eyes... she went to a special fish doctor and he removed it.
  15. inside_solution

    inside_solution Pretentious Bore

    eww. Is there such a thing as a fish doctor? :confused:
  16. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    I wasn't aware of it.
  17. inside_solution

    inside_solution Pretentious Bore

    Maybe its something we have yet to get in the UK?

    Job opportunity for you!! Go forth and become the first fish doctor!!
  18. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    But i don't wanna touch infected fish :(
  19. inside_solution

    inside_solution Pretentious Bore

    duh, like duh, you wear special doctor latex gloves. :p they'll protect you from fish infection!
  20. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    Yeah but

    My only fear in life is MOULD.

    UGFV DSUHGFJDO; errrrrgrgrgrrgrghhh.


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