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MTV2 Goth Special

Discussion in 'music & books' started by emily34695, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. emily34695

    emily34695 Just watch me

    This weekend at 1 AM Sunday MTV2's Subterranean will have a "goth special" featuring Peter Murphy and someone from MCR.


    I hope they have an EBM special next.
  2. owMyeyeball?

    owMyeyeball? shes in parties

    ahhh peter!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish i got mtv2
    i wanna see peter
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  3. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    since when is MCR goth?
    they play that crap in Old Navy.. i dont know alot of Goths who shop there...

    well, i don't know any goths infact. and i'm sortof proud of that. i do know 3 secret Dungeons and Dragons players, though.
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  4. desdemona

    desdemona in the end they all tried

    Why, Peter, why?
  5. fancypants

    fancypants midnightcheckoutqueen

    well thats pretty cool
    i'm interested in what they'll play
    i wish i got mtv2
    if peter murphy's gonna be on there i can imagine they're going in a generally correct direction
    mcr isn't goth, but you can obviously see they're influenced by goth music and culture
  6. cautious lip

    cautious lip God Damn The Sun

    I'll have to check this out, just for Peter.
  7. Rantipole

    Rantipole Also a registered user.

    When is the :goff: smilie coming back? For that matter, when are the :stress: and :geek: smilies coming back???
  8. cautious lip

    cautious lip God Damn The Sun

    I missed the first ten minutes, but did anyone else get the feeling that Peter was not very impressed with Gerard or MCR? When Gerard mentioned being influenced by The Misfits, Peter said that he could see that since a lot of bands tend to go more for the "mock horror goth" imagery. I enjoyed seeing Sisters of Mercy, Nick Cave/Bad Seeds,and Bauhaus vids. I was not into any MCR or AFI, but did enjoy She Wants Revenge, but that's expected since I'm a fan.:)
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  9. emily34695

    emily34695 Just watch me

    Hahaha, true. I got those vibes as well from Peter.
  10. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    Sing it sista!!
  11. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    Yeah I miss those smilies.
  12. vaudevillain

    vaudevillain so this is permanence..

    I missed the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds vids?? :(
  13. candystripe

    candystripe admire the distance

    oooh! glad to see Peters on it
    but MCR wtf they aren't goth..
  14. *lovehearts*

    *lovehearts* batwife

    i only think gerard was on it so that he could sit next to peter, he's a huge fan and couldnt stop smiling.

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