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LOL Clove fans.

Discussion in 'music & books' started by Carter, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Carter

    Carter I tell you miserable things after you are asleep

    The last thread was getting far too big and attracting far too many spam bots.

    This thread is to discuss Hole/Courtney Love. Any off topic posts will be split and moved to the rants and raves forum.

    Any requests for links to copyrighted music by Courtney Love/Hole or Nirvana will be automatically deleted.

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    Last edited: Oct 17, 2011
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  2. ♥♪!?

    ♥♪!? don't be manic depressive

    We certainly need a Hole/Courtney Love social group.
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  3. Girl Germs


    i liked her interview on that saturday night show. i must be the only one. she went off on many tangents but for the most part she was lucid.
  4. Amity

    Amity forever delayed

  5. Niamh_May

    Niamh_May Randy Newman hates me

  6. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    lol. she's a twat.

    she knew who was on the bill when she signed on for this.
  7. Niamh_May

    Niamh_May Randy Newman hates me

    No doubt about it, but that doesn't mean that there's isn't a little '2002' tard inside of me haha
    I feel crap for her australian fans who wanted to see her though.
  8. Amity

    Amity forever delayed

    Do you honestly think she cares about the fans?
  9. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    obviously not.
  10. Niamh_May

    Niamh_May Randy Newman hates me

    She's speaking at Trinity College today. My boyfriend said he'd head for the lol's; I laughed but secretly was like "fuckmylife". I don't really like her anymore, but having invested about 6 years of my teens defending her, so I'd have love to have attended.
  11. Model

    Model Es no my yob

    is there a fan base left? she doesn't need fans because she doesn't have to work because of the nirvana money. she doesn't give a fuck about her 'fans' because there's a handful left, not that she thinks this.
  12. Wildwoman

    Wildwoman Woman Talking to Death

    I think it's the other way around, she has only a handful of fans left because she doesn't give a fuck.

    She could have grown up/old with GenX girls like me. And/or she could have been an icon for generations of angry unhappy overly eyelinered teenage girls and gay boys - that's not going to be The Thing like it was in the early 90s again anytime soon, but every high school has at least one or two, and always will.

    Neither option would have made her a chart-topping smash success, but either would have provided a nice career of regular touring of mid-size venues, small but consistant sales of POTI and LTS, and more sales than she can get now for new stuff. She'd be massively important to a small group of people rather than mildly important to a massive group, but she was never going to be the latter anyway.

    Instead of articles where she babbles about imaginary big-money thefts, begs her child to come home in a way that makes it frighteningly clear why it won't happen, and flaunts her latest plastic surgery, there could have been once-every-couple-of-years articles that start with a variation on "You probably remember Courtney Love from the 90s as a screaming mess on the fast track to death and disgrace, but actually..." and then goes on to talk about her shockingly insightful new songs that focus on what it means to be a middle-aged American woman in the 2010s, or how, having survived and surpassed her own prolonged adolescent hell she throws herself into being a beacon for those still waiting for it to get better.

    It's sad, or it would be if I cared more. I used to care a lot. Now I just kind of feel like I bet on the wrong horse. Until I remind myself that I guess I bet on me, for lack of another possibility.
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  13. lmnop

    lmnop ostie de tabarnac

    I assume you're referring to the Vanity Fair article?

    She sounds deeply unwell. The crack babble never really went away, did it? Somewhere deep inside she really believes Sean Penn's Fast Times character was hired to assess her house without her knowledge by a crooked business manager.

    Thank god she has that annuity, because she'll never be able to work with any consistency again.
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  14. Wildwoman

    Wildwoman Woman Talking to Death

    That article, and basically any other press she's had lately.
  15. Girl Germs


    i really enjoyed the VF article.
  16. Niamh_May

    Niamh_May Randy Newman hates me

    Anyone fancy beig 'old school' and scanning the VF article? I can't find it any shop here that'll allow me to stand and read it.
  17. pss

    pss Member

  18. Niamh_May

    Niamh_May Randy Newman hates me

  19. Girl Germs


    i will take some screenshots on my ipad this week
  20. Model

    Model Es no my yob

    the full article is up @ VF.com

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