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Little white pieces left behind

Discussion in 'bath & beauty' started by Axeman, Sep 14, 2009.


Be honest, ever had little white pieces left behind?

Poll closed Oct 14, 2009.
  1. Yes

    10 vote(s)
  2. No

    5 vote(s)
  1. Axeman

    Axeman New Member

    I'm sure you've all seen that toilet paper commercial with the little bears who're supposed to be all cute?

    It's for strong and mighty toilet paper that doesn't leave "little white pieces left behind."

    WhatI wanna know, is does that actually happen to you people? Do you wipe you ass and cunt to the point where your toilet paper is no more?

    Personally, I've never had bits left behind. Maybe I'm just a waster of toilet paper, but...
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  2. salt

    salt A kept bitch

    I have found them on my snatch when I take a shower, OR rather in my snatch. Not the birth canal. The inner labia I suppose. Then again me thinks I have an abnormal vadge.

    I use baby wipes on my butthole though it's cleaner for me.

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  3. Champers

    Champers delicately tapered digits

    I tend to use moist toilet paper afterwards, so I don't really get plagued with "little white bits". Come to think of it, it HAS happened to me from time to time before I started using moists.
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  4. Eva

    Eva Ultra Peanut

    ditto about the moists.
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  5. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    it's hard to avoid the white bits with a slightly furry bum.
  6. fen99us

    fen99us Vulcan

    heh, i can't believe this thread is about what i thought it was from reading the title.

    to answer the question, nope. but i avoid the super soft toilet paper cuz i heard it can clog your pipes. i use scott's regular stuff and it doesn't seem to leave any white bits.

  7. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    reason number four hundred thirty seven i don't ever want to be a homeowner. i need my soft toilet paper and i cannot be thinking of things like the pipes.

    or dear god - cleaning out the storm gutter? NO.
  8. salt

    salt A kept bitch

    I just thought of something. Are you high Emmah?
  9. Axeman

    Axeman New Member

    Maybe I was? It's hard to say.

    I am honestly surprised that more people have answered yes than no. Every single person I've asked in real life have said no.

    Perhaps they embarrass more easily than you KR people though.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2009
  10. Abscess

    Abscess sth witchy

    oh, i find bits of TP left behind. i must like the friction of the rubbing action too much.

    all of you who use baby wipes I HOPE YOU DON'T FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET. they fuck up the drains/sewer system like crazy. i know. i saw it on a programme about environmental health and dirty people!!!
  11. salt

    salt A kept bitch

    I use the baby wipes, but I don't flush them. They get put in a trash can which is kind of nasty, but I am the only one who uses that trash can.

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