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list over the counter codeine products

Discussion in 'mental health' started by Die Star, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Die Star

    Die Star could be the saddest girl

    Tylenol with Codine but is this only avalialbe in canada?

    what are others? please help thanks.
  2. violently

    violently baby machine

    stay away from anything with aspirin in it, if you're gonna take alot of those you kill your liver, or yourself.
  3. girls on top

    girls on top i'm with the band

    solpadeine is codeine and paracetamol, i swear by it. and cocodamol has codeine and is pretty strong.
  4. sparticus

    sparticus get up! get up!

    CoActifed (loves it)
  5. meat-hook

    meat-hook frusciante in my panties

    Nurofen plus with codeine
    Benilyn with codeine
  6. Are you kidding? The acetaminophen will kill your poor liver too! :(
  7. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    yes, i can't even take tylenol anymore, and i never even used it that much in the first place
    but its apparently the worst on your liver out of the various typical otc pain meds
  8. renegade_princess

    renegade_princess don't say no to disco

    i hope you are not thinking of doing cold water filtration or something like that. it is very dangeous because of the acetaminophen (sp, sorry, it's called something else in my country i never memorised the US name properly). it doesn't take much to cause liver damage and filtration is very unreliable

    also i don't condone any drug abuse, but codeine is hardly worth it. i don't see how someone can get an effect off something so weak. it's not even a particularly effective painkiller

    codeine and acetaminophen will be the only OTC products out there i think. the rest will be prescription only. except maybe some cough syrups.
  9. awful_cherry

    awful_cherry carefully careless mess

    Mhm, this is why it's not a good idea to try to get high off Nyquil. Tylenol is dangerous.
  10. indoroids

    indoroids New Member

    there's codeine alone, no mix with other

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