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lady gaga - judas video

Discussion in 'music & books' started by debaser, May 5, 2011.

  1. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

  2. bort

    bort The brown word

    Well, it seems kinda like a big glossy production. Or maybe just a sloppy mess that looks amateurish. Must be better than the song but.
  3. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    She's jumped the shark.
  4. Mistress_F

    Mistress_F sex hate and rock'n'roll

    her choreographies are the most embarassing thing.
    norma reedus saves this shit. almost.
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  5. oldager

    oldager Active Member

    Is she trying to be unsexy? That bean on the bike with her matches her fugliness.
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  6. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    She ain't sexy.
  7. Honey Bee

    Honey Bee New Member

    I normally don't mind Lady Gaga, but I have to say this is bad. This wouldn't even work as a b-side. She seems to be clinging to the same melodies over and over again.
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  8. InShreds

    InShreds Living precariously

    Not good. Not good at all.
  9. bort

    bort The brown word

    She was always skiing pretty fucking close to the shark anyway.

    Definitely. Same shit, different day. Same smell, too. She should work with Courtney, frankly. Or at least "play" a thinly-veiled Corky rip-off in her next video.
  10. Mistress_F

    Mistress_F sex hate and rock'n'roll

    i was wondering why this video (let's forget about the song, really) was consistently worse than her other videos, then i read:

    at least she used to have decent directors to pull her shit together (almost). not anymore lol.
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  11. abstraction

    abstraction Banned

    That is just horrid!! she has become embarassing at this point
  12. muverick

    muverick SickBubbleGum

    When she first came out it was kind of interesting to see what she would do next, it was guaranteed to be something pretty nutty. Judas is just shit. I guess that's her run out of ideas now.
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  13. petals


    i feel like i need to take gaga out for tea and get her tarot cards read and then explain to her that she needs to get it the fuck together. for realsies. because this shit is just ridiculously bad.

    but i mean.

    the guy who plays jesus in this clip?

    i would bang him all day every day for the rest of forever.
  14. seethelight

    seethelight Well-Known Member

    she is so ugly.

    that video is hilarious. passion of the christ meets white trash. god!
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  15. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    she's just trying too hard.

    poor lady.

    she needs to go back to just like.

    relaxing, and you know.

    just roll w/ it.

    all this biker motif billy badass outcast crap is just. really stupid.
  16. GlamPetals

    GlamPetals twin peaks experience

    idk, these are the best outfits she's done minus the first three. put it away honey.

    the lacroix corset and that blue leather sacred heart jacket. i need that in my life.

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  17. CuntCake

    CuntCake Blessed are the forgetful

    Agreed, except for the fact I basically liked all of her videos before this album.
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  18. zapatafan

    zapatafan ALL PORN ALL THE TIME

    Is Judas the guy from Boondock Saints? God he's hot.
  19. GlamPetals

    GlamPetals twin peaks experience

    yes. :drool: norman reedus.
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  20. zapatafan

    zapatafan ALL PORN ALL THE TIME

    ohhhh i would like to cling to him!!!!
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