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Journey: Asian lead singer what do you think?

Discussion in 'music & books' started by radiofriendly, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. radiofriendly

    radiofriendly Banned

    Most people think Steve Perry was the first singer for Journey and then subsequent people after that. This is not the case, there was one other lead singer before them and think they changed formats like Fleetwood Mac and changed hring Steve perry which led them through many years of commercial success.
    He left when Randy Jackson of American Idol fame joined on there big finale tour and think they disbanded.
    Years later in the early 00's they hired a Gap employee that looked just like Steve Perry saw a concert at the time of when he sang for them and it took me half hourto realize who thought it was Steve Perry but was look a like and sound a like Steve Augulleri which pulled it off.
    Not sure what happened to the look and sound alike guy but recently hired a guy they saw thru youtube singing a Journey song so hired him. He is Fillilpino and from the Phillipines so they brought him up the the beautiful Bay Area to start his life in America and learn Journey songs.
    Steve Perry, like ABBA has never wanted to regroup. I think this was a good move by Journey cause it crosses the color lines and reminds me of the movie Rock Star too. I think its great Journey hired a person of color from a third world to lead there band and sing all there hits, they had so many. Journey is high on my list as bands that are for the better.
    I havent heard the guy. Is he any good? I heard he is there to stay.
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  2. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    randy jackson joined journey in the mid-80s before raised on radio came out.

    the new singer sounds just like steve perry. their new album is distributed through walmart and it debuted top5 which, for a band that hasnt had a hit since 1996 (when you love a woman) that's pretty decent.

    and for fucks sake, do you have a return key on your keyboard? if so, fucking use it.
  3. alpha zygote

    alpha zygote --------------->

    what the hell are you trying to say here?
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  4. 45rpm

    45rpm Goodbye Horses

    I think he is saying they hired a look a like / sound a like and it fooled him. If I am right should I be worried?

    I hate Journey no matter who sings.
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  5. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    The original incarnation of Journey, way before Steve Perry and his sock-in-the-crotch ever existed, was actually very psychadelic and kinda cool. I think I still have one of those albums ("Look Into the Future"). All of my vinyl is at my ex-husband's cuz I couldn't fit it all into my car.

    As for that Asian dude, he needs to quit crying about how tough his new job is. IMO, Journey should've died couple decades ago, so the fact that they're still kicking that poor, dead horse should send him into orgasms every fucking day.
  6. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    In all fairness, I read in Rolling Stone that he's disenchanted with the job because he left his family behind and he expected to see America. Instead he's touring. With Cheap Trick. I mean, you gotta love the idealist dreams of someone from some eastern country who makes it big singing songs that usually middle aged drunks belt out in sad bars in middle America. (no offense to any of the sad drunks here)

    I saw them performing on a tv in best buy and honestly, he sounds like Steve Perry. It's freaky. So I guess for the die-hards, when you want to hear "Separate Ways" or "Who's Crying Now", you just need to smoke a J, crack open your Natty ICe and close those eyes.

    I dont give a toss what anyone says, "Wheel in the Sky" is a great song.
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  7. Sparklelulu

    Sparklelulu life enriching

    there are times in my life when i can sing journey songs and the top of my lungs and feel great joy. when i was a teenager, i thought steve perry was super gay. in the bad way. because i was a hater then. one of the great things about being an old timer is freedom from coolness. that pretty much makes me a fan. of practically everything.
  8. 45rpm

    45rpm Goodbye Horses

    I Journey and R.E.O. Speedwagon were what everyone was into when I was in 8th grade. It was an "us" vs "them" time for me. They are arena rock I can't hack as opposed to arena rock I find funny (Styx) or arena rock I like some of because I was young and it was an a.m./f.f. transfusion (Rumours).
  9. Love Campaign

    Love Campaign Remembered Tigers

    Yes. Thank you very much.
  10. radiofriendly

    radiofriendly Banned


    I was never a big fan of Journeys. TracyR is very right about Journey being around alot longer then Steve Perry who gave them a wavew of hit albums and songs.
    I was just more curious of what people thought of Journey picking an Asian guy off youtube.
    I think it was great. Journey will never be the band they were in seventies or ewighties but do leave some tuneful melodies. As with most musicians no matter how big they get, often times there is a slump which they had for many years. I dont think they will ever get mainstream status again but think its great they picked an Asian to lead. I havent heard him and didnt know there was another lead singer after look alike sound alike Steve Aguilliri.
    I just think its great that Journey has an Asian lead singer thats all. Now only if we can get peace making Obama in office Id be really happy.
  11. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    the choice was based on talent, and fair fucks at the end of the day....
    Better than that Paul Rogers doing Queen or an Ozzy-less Black Sabbath. Journey has pulled this one off.
  12. radiofriendly

    radiofriendly Banned

    bleeding heart a good heart

    Bleeding Heart has got it right. I think they could this many years later pull off record sales in Asian countries cause of the move, plus the guy is talented from what i hear. I think its great they have crossed color lines and the choice to make.
  13. bort

    bort The brown word

    Who's Crying Now can still touch me, if I've been drinking. Nothing else, though. Nought.
  14. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    First of all, you're a fucking retard. Yes they picked a fucking asian, big deal. I doubt it will solve the world's problems. I mean do you even know what is going on in the world??

    BUT I DIGRESS, from what I've read they're not doing all that bad, considering. Their album was only released through WalMart in the states and it ended up in the top 5, which for a band on it's 4th lead singer, two decades past it's prime is pretty decent.

    The other night I was at a friend's house and he had that horrid Delilah on so this song is playing (I think it's called "After All These Years") and lo and behold, it's fucking Journey .. a new song. And while it made me vomit in my mouth, it really does sound like Journey.

    Edit: here is a link YouTube - Journey - After All These Years

    Edit 2: who ever left me the chartbusting rep can lick my cunt. I was just making a point.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2008
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  15. radiofriendly

    radiofriendly Banned

    Great for Journey!!

    Great for Journey that they got in the top five at Walmart which btw is about the only place you can buy CDS now besdies Target and Amazon since Wherehouse Records, famed Tower Records, Peaches, Tape Town, Musicland and Sam Goody are now all out of business.
  16. thisbytes

    thisbytes 8^)

    I don't think he sounds like Perry. But Perry had a unique sounding voice, just one of those identifiable qualities to it.
  17. 45rpm

    45rpm Goodbye Horses

    There are still some indie shops and I like buying from them sometimes to support the cause - even if it' s a bit more money. You can also buy cds online via record labels.
  18. radiofriendly

    radiofriendly Banned

    Yeah but what ever happened to Peaches, Tape Town, Musicland, Wherehouse Music, Tower etc.
    I just dont buy these days. I subscribe to Napster and Rhaposdy but rarely listen, get most of my songs off youtube and listen to while Im surfing the net.
    It has really changed. The internet changed alot of things.
  19. Champers

    Champers delicately tapered digits

    Oh God, I feel your pain. Senior year everyone was listening to Journey/REO Speedwagon and I was at war with most everyone in my class because my peasant classmates chose "Open Arms" as the theme of the prom, as opposed to my infinitely more zeitgeist-y suggestion of "Calling Occupants (Of Interplanetary Craft)" by the Carpenters.

    Speaking of Styx, everytime someone mentions them I can't help but think of Cartman from South Park and his deconstruction of "Come Sail Away":

  20. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    hahaha! i love it.

    personally, i would lump journey in with styx, and reo speedwagon as a sad duplicate (though take it on the run is aces). i dunno, by the time i was a teenager that shit was so not cool. i remember being in 9th grade when "you love a woman" came out and NO ONE dancing to it at a school homecoming.

    i was a pretenders kind of fag, though. "ill stand by you" would play and id be anyone's bottom. not that chrissie hynde is any steve perry of gaysian journey lolla or that weird reo speedwagon man who looks like he has more teeth than mouth.

    an im'gunna keep on luvin yoo-oooou

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