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Jobs that require little social interaction

Discussion in 'careers & education' started by Ruth Price, May 13, 2007.

  1. Ruth Price

    Ruth Price Guest

    Toss some ideas out there.

    Let's rule out Retail and Telemarketting for a starters.
  2. Tomsk

    Tomsk Well-Known Member

  3. crosseyed_baby

    crosseyed_baby Apocalyptic Ashtray

    Anything with computers?
  4. kesh

    kesh P.M.L.D.

    yeah i was going to dsay computers. also money is ok.

    academia is another. postman. long distance lorry driver. if you find out tell me as i'm in the wrong job for my personality
  5. starsxplode

    starsxplode walking in space

    file clerk

    thats what i do at a doctors office. I got the job bc at that time in my life i wanted as little human interaction as possible. Now i want human interaction but the job pays great and is really flexible.

    Harvey Pekar was a file clerk
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  6. Balthazar B

    Balthazar B Cultural Kommissar

    Bus Stop Cleaner.
  7. Manhattan

    Manhattan no orgasms in heaven

    I work on an assembly line (for now), I think your job is pretty lax and unsocial there. I haven't started though, I was late and I didn't bring safety shoes so they told me to come back tomorrow. I have a feeling I've gotten off to a great start.
  8. omar

    omar New Member

    ..yeah i need one too
    fucking money. :mad:
  9. Manhattan

    Manhattan no orgasms in heaven

    I'm lazy when it comes to jobs. I can't even bother going to places that want resumes, I just get applications.
    Edit, scratch that, I've ONLY gotten applications lately. I go in and if they want a resume from me I shove whatever they're selling up their butts.
    Last edited: May 15, 2007
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  10. bort

    bort The brown word

  11. KillTheLastRomantic

    KillTheLastRomantic Lets stay up

    lol :love:
    what about sex chat lines
    you just sit at a desk
    and reply to their kinky remarks
    and it would be funny
  12. walterboy

    walterboy gotoffwivkeily

    Tree surgeon.
  13. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    you could work at one of those old style theatres/cinemas where the films are on reels (are they still in new theatres? idk, i have a feeling somehow it got digital) and all they do is still in a cold room above the cinema and change the reels every now and then. they're alone and can smoke and do all sorts of things. id like that job. not that i smoke.
  14. sugarscar

    sugarscar Banned

    cleaner - work nights! no goddamn motherfucking social interaction!

    stock shelves at the supermarket - work nights! etc.
  15. aura

    aura lucky like luciano.

    thats kind of hot.
  16. cantankerous

    cantankerous Banned

    yeah, it is. i used to work in a cinema (an old style one tho) and it was my job to courier lunch to this man. and you can imagine, because i am very clumsy, climbing up the carpet stairs, in the dark. i wasnt pretty shit at that part of my job. but he had this great job. and he had porn stuck up on the walls. very rude.
  17. aura

    aura lucky like luciano.

    i cant stand an unsophisticated man.
  18. ObituaryBirthday93

    ObituaryBirthday93 sparkle and fade.


    im a locker room attendant at a country club. not much social interaction, i pretty much just sit at a desk all day and listen to music and read unless there's something to clean.

    i want to get a second job at a hotel cause i would just go into people's rooms and watch tv. my aunt works at one and sometimes people leave a beer or two as a tip, which would also be sweet. watch tv, drink some beers, do some work, get paid. hell yeah
  19. Violet Pixie

    Violet Pixie *Tea stained*

    I'll take up that job!
  20. bort

    bort The brown word

    Frankly, so would I. Although I do like social interaction.

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