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Is there a way to cut an mp3 in half HELP!!!! PLEASE

Discussion in 'computers & technology' started by chris love, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. chris love

    chris love New Member

    Theres this song I love, but its like a bonus track, and I wanna cut the first song off. Is there a way to do this? Cause I wanna make a cd with my favorite songs. Help! Please! Thank you. :)
  2. shivathedestroyer

    shivathedestroyer New Member

    yes. you need a program like acid or soundforge. there might be free demos or a free similar version at kvraudio.com
  3. ursulafudge

    ursulafudge bland boring plain

    You can do this with GoldWave (free for a while) and LAME (free).
  4. chris love

    chris love New Member

    Thanks you are all sweet.
  5. onewaynotgrrl

    onewaynotgrrl Rhapsody

    There's also Audacity (free for personal use) on the sourceforge website. Free versions of AcidXpress are on the acidplanet website.

    There are others but these are the best.
  6. drunkenllama

    drunkenllama llama the real?yes sir!

    sure take a knife and start cutting you can even cut it in 3 pieces if you like...
  7. Deadsoul

    Deadsoul Veni, vidi, vici

    Usually I use Cool Edit Pro but I think it's discontinuated?
  8. Lion

    Lion Active Member

    You can even edit using Nero Express. Just import the track, right click and edit audio.
  9. jesterscourt

    jesterscourt New Member

    Audacity is legally free and open source. Assuming you have the lame encoder dll installed, audacity can even turn it right back into an mp3 afterwards. It's very straight forward. Just drop the song in there, highlight the section you don't want, and hit the delete key. Save the song as an mp3 and voila!
  10. dontwhisper

    dontwhisper LeChuck

  11. *lovehearts*

    *lovehearts* batwife

    i just use windows movie maker
  12. drunkenllama

    drunkenllama llama the real?yes sir!

    as i said; take a knife and start the cut...

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