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if you leave blonde hair dye on too long....

Discussion in 'makeup, hair, & perfume' started by sassbot, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. sassbot

    sassbot glance, don't stare

    does it turn slightly orange? its not that bad, but it makes it look more light brown than blonde. im not talking bleach, but blonde hair dyes.
  2. bangbangfruit

    bangbangfruit "And that aint cheap!'

    It depends on what dye youre using. Also depends on the color of hair you are dying over. It could very well turn your hair an orange color..sometimes even red or pink. Give me more info so i can try to help!:)
  3. sassbot

    sassbot glance, don't stare

    its light natural blonde over top of a similar color a shade or two darker. i understand the roots will be a bit orange, but the rest always seems to have a slightly orange shade. i think i might be leaving it on a tad too long.
  4. LadyFuzz

    LadyFuzz New Member

    normally mine goes orangeish before going light blonde, so maybe you didn't leave it on for long enough?
  5. bangbangfruit

    bangbangfruit "And that aint cheap!'

    Hmm..best advice is go to a salon. Its almost impossible to have it turn out "normal" by doing it yourself. :( If you cant make it to a salon..i suggest leave it alone...you will be doing more harm than good in the long run. Post a pic of what you got going on..i need to see what point youre at. :)
  6. *k8*

    *k8* New Member

    i would just maybe get a purple shampoo, it takes a lot of the brassiness out, i dye my hair at home constantly, always blonde and i've never really had any problems, but...it's good to have a purple-ing shampoo is good to have if your any colour of blonde.
  7. Blonde dyes scare me.
    When people do it themselves I can always tell and it makes me want to pour a dark color on their hair to save them from embarrassment.
  8. sassbot

    sassbot glance, don't stare

    meh... its basically fine. i dont care enough for purple shampoo. i think part of it is that im crazy and i see orange when there is none.
  9. bookstore

    bookstore world in a jar.

    i agree with this, maybe you havnt left it on long enough.
    orange hair is the stage before blonde hair, and especially if your hair is light already, its more than likley that the dye will actually work and would go blonde rarther than orange (having mid-dark brown hair, then blonde dye = orange)
  10. -Jo

    -Jo Clonthian bitch

    I dyed my hair blonde like half a year ago, it still sucks. If I don't wash it for a few days it get's orange, but sometimes it's really light blonde. It just changes all the time. It grew out to just above my ears, but I leave it like this. Everybody says it's so Jo.
  11. Goxxip

    Goxxip Former male prostitute.

    If all else fails, you shoudl try to use toner. It will help take away the orange color.
  12. sassbot

    sassbot glance, don't stare

    thanks for the help. normally it goes orange before going blonde but it seemed that it was better ten minutes before i rinsed it. i have to agree with you guys though. thanks.

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