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I was fired from Wal-Mart, how do I handle this with future jobs?

Discussion in 'careers & education' started by Painted Rose, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    I was fired from being a part-time cashier at Wal-Mart last month in May for being at work under the influence of alcohol. I was there from september 2009 to may 2010. I also have a DUI on my record but It's about to be expunged. This month June the month after being fired I just started a new job, full time at Walgreens in a much better position (Beauty Advisor) and I plan to be excellent at work and stay with the company for atleast over a year. After that I plan on going to a really good beauty school and then going to work in the beauty industry, but I do want to have a nice resume for good jobs. I know the Beauty Advisor will look good but do I need to put down that I worked at wal-mart on beauty job applications if they ask for previous work experience, even though being a cashier at walmart has nothing to do with the work ill be doing? And if they ask why I was fired, do I tell them the truth? Im not sure how to handle this. I have learned from my mistakes and plan on moving forward, I just want to be able to get the best I can in life.

    ALSO TAXES - I didnt understand what to do. It askes 2 questions

    Can anyone claim you as a dependant? If not, claim yourself by typing in 1.

    Type in 1 if you are single and have one job. I typed in 0 on the first section and 1 in the other, and everyone says that means I am single and 0 so they will take out more of my checks but ill get more at the end of the year. But people said if I put 1 in both boxed i'd be single and 1 and id get more of my check? But that i might have to pay back at the end of the year. How much and is that for sure? id prefer to have more of my check, id like to move out without having to give plasma twice a week.
  2. Ronette

    Ronette Well-Known Member

    Being fired from Walmart is probably agood thing. I saw them having a meeting the other day and they were all like W A L M A R T WHERE CUSTOMERS ARE NUMBER ONE I felt ashamed for them.

    As for handling it, dont use them as a referee. Dont even tell them you got fired. You can put it on your resume though as work experience.
  3. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    ilu, painted rose!!!

  4. Wildwoman

    Wildwoman Woman Talking to Death

    Is it completely useless to just actually suggest filling out your tax form with the truth? Does anyone else claim you as a dependant?
  5. sour girl

    sour girl Well-Known Member

    I would claim 0, especially if you have no dependents
    Once by mistake I put 1 (myself) and had to pay when
    I had my taxes done
  6. Valmont

    Valmont Banned

    well i really like that youre a beauty consultant and you can tell people how to wear their make-up during tornados or hurricanes or whatever.

    you and lollatyler should be kr bff x infinity.
  7. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    i live in NORTH louisiana are weathers fine actually

    and i have no dependant and no one is claiming me. but i don wana owe money at the end of the year. buti want more money now. how much did you have to pay sour_girl?

    i just started today the job. the training is soooo much fun. it is SOO THOROUGH its like mini beauty school. especially about makeup.
  8. Valmont

    Valmont Banned

    but werent you all kr what do i do in a tornado or something?

    now you know to just make people look beautiful!

    so tell us what you learned in your mini-beauty school! interesting things only. do you have to sell products that were tested on animals?
  9. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    lol that wasnt real. it was lke a mini-tornado.

    yes I do sell those products, especially if I get commission!

    I learned a bunch of stu
  10. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    eww.. wasnt done. anyway. Umm just learned about every type of product they sell in the store what it does how it works, what different types of people would like what shades go on what type of skin hair etc. still lots more. its very long but interesting. i hope i get lots of cute boys who need acne cream in my section.
  11. wizard

    wizard $




    make overs!

  12. sour girl

    sour girl Well-Known Member

    I had to pay 70 bucks to get my taxes done and owed the IRS a bit
    over two hundred dollars. I was married at the time so it didn't wipe
    me out financially.
    Sounds like a sweet job, congratulations! I am jealous. I started a
    new job last week "merchandising" I'll need to adjust as I'm on my
    feet/walking around, but I like it better than sitting behind a desk any day.
  13. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    ill make everyone beautiful, do any of you old timers remember my posts and pictures about makeup? make everyone look just like i did back then.. ;) gorgeous
  14. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    so I should keep it with just the 1 claim which was single with a job instead of 1 and 1 or whatever?
  15. wizard

    wizard $

  16. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    you teach them halp halp how to wash their hair, baby.
  17. Dwight_Schrute

    Dwight_Schrute Assistant Sensei

    A++++++ thread title
  18. wizard

    wizard $

    i leave my conditioner in now.
  19. sour girl

    sour girl Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure, since I was told that actual deductions have
    changed since Obama's tax reforms (as far as how much
    taxes are actually taken out) I put 0 on my form but have
    yet to see my first paycheck. Isn't Wildwoman an accountant?
    I hate to steer you in the wrong direction...

    p.s. Please clean out some pm's Got a story for you
  20. Aaron

    Aaron ominous


    because it sort of makes me want to never post here again.

    and, hon. i know you're probably 1/2 serious or whatever. but, the "beauty counter" or whatever you call it at motherfucking walgreen's isn't exactly a step up. it's basically like a step over. just to the right. of where you were at wal mart.

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