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I am new, point me towards good threads...

Discussion in 'the void' started by distraction1976, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. On subjects such as:

    Cruise liner crashing Italians
    Places to eat in London
    Comedy venues in the South East (of England)
    Coalition disbanding techniques

    General interest/humour... etc.
  2. pammalla

    pammalla New Member

    i think you might be in the wrong place

    there are no good threads hear
  3. Any bad threads to draw my attention then Pam? :evil:
  4. Skyy

    Skyy YODA

    I am still curious about the search criteria that brought you here.

    Pamm makes soap. Wonderful, homemade soap. Buy some.
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  5. pammalla

    pammalla New Member

    yes its a requirement of all new uses to buy some soap

    hi skyy! i havent seen you around latly, but maybe i just havent been paying attion
  6. Skyy

    Skyy YODA

    Hi, love, I'm still here, randomly.

    How are your boys? I often thought of you when my Monster went through his Thomas the Tank Engine phase. I was close to staging an intervention. I'm trying to convince him that we should sell his massive collection on eBay, but he will not bite.

    He is now into the Star Wars animated stuff. We have only watched the first real Star Wars and half of Empire. I keep trying to explain to him that Jedi is a bunch of Muppets. He does a great impression of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

    The younger Monster is all about Harry Potter. He's seen the first movie, but I have convinced him that we cannot watch the second movie until we have finished reading the first book, together.

    The 4&5 year olds that can fix anything on my iPad and iPhone, but cannot tie their own shoes. They are growing up in a weird world.

    I was reading them a book about our solar system and explaining that when I was their age, Pluto was still a planet. Monster1 now calls it a an orbiting rock.

    Still can't tie his shoes, but updated my iPad to the newest operating system after I failed 11x.

    ETA: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give Pamm any grief about her spelling. Her spelling sucks. We still love her.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2012
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  7. pammalla

    pammalla New Member

    im doing good, on alittle bit of a soapy burn out after christmas. i havent made any in over a month, but i just ordered $500 worth of essential oils so im sure ill be waning to soap more soon.

    Nate is still all about thomas, "mamma play thomas with me please mamma say yes" he has such a way about him that makes me feel totally gulity for not wanting to run a little wooden train around a track for hours on end

    Nicholas right now is just obcessed with beating zelda-skyward sward, its takeing him along time tho because he only get a half hour of vido games a day
  8. Bebe Escuelita

    Bebe Escuelita New Member

    pizza hut is okay. i haven't seen much humor going on, except the photographs of the forum members are pretty funny (for all the wrong reasons).
  9. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)


    i kind of love this user/alias.
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  10. DIT-TOES!:eek:

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