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How to listen to FLAC files?

Discussion in 'computers & technology' started by alameda, May 8, 2006.

  1. alameda

    alameda New Member

    I have downloaded some FLAC files but I hav no idea what I need in order to be able to listen to them. Any help here?
  2. alameda

    alameda New Member

    I am using Windows Media Player, and if I can avoid, I would not like to install WinAmp.
  3. alameda

    alameda New Member

    Thanks, you wrote this message at the same I was writing mine re.winamp and windows media player.

    I was checking the installation of the codec you suggests but it only mentiones winamp... does it mean that I will have to install it then? Is there no other codec for wmp?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. alameda

    alameda New Member

  5. oh fever

    oh fever New Member

    alameda, do yourself a huge favor and ditch Windows media player... I have a pretty decent comp, but even then WMP is sluggish. It must be torturous on slow computers. :( Winamp can play pretty much anything. I definitely recommend it.

    ps: your name... are you an Elliott Smith fan? :eek: <3
  6. discolexy

    discolexy pull me out of the lake

    iTunes <3

    WMP was so shit, it kept fucking out. like all the time. iTUnes never does, and it's prettier
  7. alameda

    alameda New Member

    I chose Alameda not because ES, but I am a fan of his music.

    I do use Itunes for my ipod, but didn't think I could use it for flacs, can I?
    As for winamp :eek: I'm embarrassed to recognise that, after all, I just found that I also had it installed on my computer.

    Anyhow, I'm not going to defend here media player, but let me just say that I have never found all those issues you have all described. But I do have a fast computer...
  8. Raven99

    Raven99 New Member

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