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how to find out if someone deleted you on facebook?

Discussion in 'computers & technology' started by orchestral, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    so earlier today i changed my political affiliation on facebook -- and i think i totally pissed off a few people doing it. i wanna know who deleted me as a result (i know someone's gone, but i can't figure out who...)

    i wish they gave you notifications that say things like "Jana Chatswerth removed you as a friend on facebook". that would really help me narrow down my search.
  2. lilybett

    lilybett New Member

    search 'jana chatswerth' and see whether it says you can remove her as a friend or add her?


    it is annoying when you know someone's given you the push. but also feels reassuring that, although you're pissed off, you're not that pissed off that you're not willing to trawl through all your 'friends' and see if you can spot who's missing. or, wait, is it worse that you devise a shortcut? argh. more addictive than heroin, surely
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2008
  3. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    no no no, that's an example name.
    i don't know who the person is. but i know i have one less friend.
  4. lilybett

    lilybett New Member

    yeah lol i guessed, but i meant: you have no idea who might have deleted you? like, no idea who might have been pissed off about the political affiliation-thing? then i have no idea. i don't think you can. i can't believe anyone would be offended by any combination of the frankly limiting available political affiliations. although when you meet someone you like and have a nose at their facebook, it's always bad when you find out they're conservative.
  5. rosieholic

    rosieholic New Member

    i'd like to know your political affiliation please orchestral
  6. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    i dont know, will it make you delete me?
  7. rosieholic

    rosieholic New Member

    friends forever!:good:

    i just can't think of a political affiliation i'd delete a friend over is all..... i guess i'm not that passionate about my world.
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  8. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    well maybe someone deleted their account entirely and it was a coincidence that you'd changed your affiliation. i only suggest this because i thought this guy deleted me one time and i was pretty pissed about it, but then i realized he was no longer one of his twin brother's friends... or anyone else we mutually knew. and i figured, yeah.
  9. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    ahh that could be the case. i hadn't thought of that (but i shoulda, as i've wanted to quit facebook many a time)
  10. sunday green

    sunday green carpe noctem

    your own personal spambot?

    you are internet royalty!
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  11. never was

    never was love a girl like you

    i want to know your political affiliation now too

    as far as i know only one person has taken me off, which was a bit wierd cos they asked me to add them, and i didnt really know them but felt bad just ignoring the request cos i had to see them in lectures.
  12. Mikerochip

    Mikerochip dıɥɔoɹǝʞıɯ

    Use the "friends you might know" tool.

    If someone is in there that you previously had as a friend, then its them!
    The have to be a friend of a friend though, for it to work.
  13. sunday green

    sunday green carpe noctem

    i bet it's cause youre a commie
  14. bort

    bort The brown word

    I'm curious to know. All the mostly likely candidates are still my "friends". I think it's just that people have deactivated. I'll keep telling myself that.
  15. 1)-do a google search for their name and locate their facebook profile (don't be logged in to facebook)

    2)- log into facebook

    -if their profile disappears, they've probably blocked you
    - if you see their profile and it has add friend link, you've been axed but not blocked

    good luck
  16. Black Mambo

    Black Mambo cuntybaws

    That's only gonna work if they have their facebook set to be seen on search engines, though?

    And cricket, in that example you gave, it's possible the dude also blocked you, in which case he wouldn't show up on any of his friends' lists when you look at those. But probably more likely he just deactivated. I think there's a way to figure out if you're blocked though, if you go to a mutual friends profile and see the number of friends they have on their front page, and then go into their list and the number has mysteriously dropped by one, then someone on their list is blocking you. I'm not sure if that definitely happens, but I think it might - only b/c I had issues with some glitch when I added a friend and they added me back, but their account was not actually showing up for anyone, and he had defo not blocked me b/c I put in a notification to facebook about it and he later appeared. But yeah, I had one number showing on my main page, and another lower number showing on my friend list when that happened.

    I'm really bad for adding and then deleting people so I basically have all of this crap worked out. B/c i don't want to go making people feel bad. But every so often I realise it's a pointless affair having folks that I'm not really friends with on it.

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