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How do I know what size my violin is?

Discussion in 'the studio' started by best week ever, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. best week ever

    best week ever New Member

    I was given a used violin as a gift, and it's near impossible to find information about specific violin models on the internet. It's a replica of the 1725 Stradivarius, and from what I've been able to gather, Strad wasn't too bothered with sizing. I just would have thought that there'd be a marker or notation somewhere on the thing telling me what size it is.
  2. Amity

    Amity forever delayed

    If it's comfortable for you to play, then it's probably a 4/4 (full size). Most violins have a label visible just inside one of the f-holes where you can see the model/date of creation/size. If not, try measuring it. A full size violin is about 23 inches.

    I think I still have my first ever violin (1/10th) around somewhere. I should attempt to restring it one day.
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  3. best week ever

    best week ever New Member

    The label in mine doesn't have a size. I've never played the violin before...I go to music school so I figured I'll take some beginner courses while it's still part of the tuition I'm already paying. It measures 22 inches, which I guess is a 3/4 size. It's really well-made though, and the people who've already seen it agree that it's a good instrument. Would it be so bad to play on this one anyway? Like will the missing inch affect the sound and my playing? I've got really tiny hands anyway.
  4. Amity

    Amity forever delayed

    An inch won't make a difference. It's probably a fullsize, as it's only an inch different to the standard measurement. Plus, you're not used to playing on a differently sized instrument.

    Hand size isn't a problem, you should see some of the insanely talented 7yr olds... it's about finger span.
  5. best week ever

    best week ever New Member

    But the chart says that 22 inches is 3/4 size? I'm so confused! Is it common for different makes to deviate from size standards?
  6. king virtue

    king virtue myspace.com/kingvirtue

    I would take it to an instrument shop and have them look at it.

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