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how are jennifer aniston's nipples ALWAYS erect?!

Discussion in 'celebrity news & gossip' started by Rachy-Rach, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Rachy-Rach

    Rachy-Rach pinkwelly

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  2. shanny

    shanny spliff ninjacat

    she's probably either really cold or really horny.
  3. herekitty

    herekitty Occam's chainsaw

    I'm curious as to why you want to know? Are you trying to maintain erect nipples? (it may sound like I'm being rude here, but I'm honestly curious)

    My nipples are usually erect too and it's a pain in the ass. I don't want to wear a bra with 1000 layers of padding but I also don't want to draw attention to my boobs. :/

    p.s. I'm neither particularly cold nor particularly horny during most of the times when my nipples are erect.
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  4. almost famous

    almost famous New Member

    I thought I was the only one who noticed. She either needs to put scotch tape over those bad boys or start wearing padded bras.
  5. DiscoBlood

    DiscoBlood New Member

    i usually have hard nipples. i'm going to start using pasties or whatever they're called, those nipple sticker things.
    i've never noticed her nips
  6. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog the fastest slug

    I have the same problem. It's embarrassing.
  7. bort

    bort The brown word

  8. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    mine are really soft? I have the opposite problem!?!?!?! lol?
  9. bort

    bort The brown word

    No wait! Feng Shui, my bad. Christian Science?

    It is a dilemma. I concede that straight away.
  10. Sparklelulu

    Sparklelulu life enriching

    you have very simply and efficently summed up my exact same titty life experience. well put.

    after years of feeling weird/embarrassed about it, i choose to embrace them and an attitude of "if people have to look or make judgements about what it means, that's their thing, not mine." then recently i began to feel more self conscious and adopted a semi-comprimise at work. i wear a cotton sports type bra over my regular bra and it just kind of smooths things out. but i still visibly have nipples alot of the time.
    i think the concerns that prompted the change were most influenced by what i perceive as female judgements as opposed to male ones.
  11. small face

    small face We're Going to Be Friends

    if that was a "how i wish mine were like that too" post, you could get fake stick-on nipples like samantha did on sex and the city.
  12. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    No she doesn't.
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  13. violet_jones

    violet_jones New Member

    perhaps she's had them secretly pierced my left nipple is permanently erect.
  14. *^_^*

    *^_^* Catface.

    Or maybe she wears them nipple things like sam did in sex and the city.
  15. Rachy-Rach

    Rachy-Rach pinkwelly

    i wasn't trying to get mine to look like that but i wouldn't mind. I think they look great. Though, you're right, they do rather draw the eye. Still, I'd be proud if mine were like that. Don't try to hide it people, they're lovely x
  16. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    didn't she recently have a boob job?

    anyway...no shame in the erect nipple, i think it's sexy as stuff.
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  17. Abstractor

    Abstractor Banned

    As a member of team aniston...the erection is simple...1 ice cubes vs 2 nipple's..it's enough to stop traffic;)
  18. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    i don't know.. but that lady has the most kickass body i've ever seen.
  19. vegyrex

    vegyrex New Member

    Oh yes. :love:
  20. sappy535

    sappy535 Was she asking for it

    There always erect during Friends, I lose what Friends is about when Jennifer's Nipples come on screen.

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