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Here is a Youtube video of my Kitty Tabitha

Discussion in 'pets' started by barkstonwill, May 25, 2011.

  1. barkstonwill

    barkstonwill Pornographic Filth

    Thats me (the psycho/pedo/stalker *rollseyes*) narrating in the background.

    Tabitha is the bestest kitty in the world.....
  2. TattyMae

    TattyMae bruised fruit

    Barkstonwill, Tabitha is your only saving grace. She is adorable. :)
  3. Abscess

    Abscess sth witchy

    Ahhh, she's very pretty.
  4. creez

    creez Banned

  5. abstraction

    abstraction Banned

    cute kitty but your voice is really strange..hmmmm
  6. bort

    bort The brown word

    What, no Brax? Waste o' time!

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