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Have any of you quit drinking alcohol altogether?

Discussion in 'mental health' started by Empty Hazel Eyes, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Empty Hazel Eyes

    Empty Hazel Eyes shit, fuck, jesus.

    Tell me about it...I want to know everything.
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  2. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    i have, because i got tired of it.
    plus, i hate how i act when drinking! and i hate the taste! also, i'm not supposed to take painkillers & drink.
    i want to be healthy.:good:
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  3. cherrypony

    cherrypony CANKLES have feelings too

    i was a very heavy drinker.
    got pregnant. stopped immediately and havent had a drink for 6 months (or a smoke). i know i have an "excuse" by being pregnant, but i actually did not think i would be able to stay sober, and i have, and i am planning on staying sober forever.
    at first it was difficult, because people around me would drink...but i never gave in...
    now im at a point where i see how idiotic and stupid everyone is when they are drunk, how loud they are, and how much i do not want to be that.
    people and events are alot more boring now.
    so ive isolated myself a bit i guess, drinkers and drinking do not appeal to me.

    i cant believe my life used to revolve around alcohol.
  4. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    i got tired of being completely utterly depressed for about an entire week after any time i drank
    i also got tired of the physical pain of it
    my liver and/or esophagus or whatever the hell it was hurting
    also very sick of ending up in shitty situations with people you can't trust just waiting for that opportunity to catch you off gaurd while you're good and drunk
    it just all got to the point where it wasn't ever any fun anymore
    never worth it
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  5. I like drinking. I am not quitting in the near future.
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  6. Mallory Knox

    Mallory Knox ginger afro

    Well you know dear. With me is an on and off thing.
    I had my WORST days in which I couldn't even think of living without getting drunk constantly. And now I'm better.
    I never thought I could drink two beers and then say that's it, but I am actually managing. For someone who'd have a half a bottle of vodka everyday.
    I kind of have the feeling that if I have to say NO to one glass of wine for the rest of my life, then I am really not over it. What I like is to be able to have one glass of wine and say: that's enough, I am done.
    It feels good because once you were powerless in the face of alcohol and now you control it.
    That's probably because my life is going very well. So that becomes easy.
    I worry because at the sign of trouble, alcohol has been my remedy.
    So I hope not to go there again.
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  7. pobie

    pobie procrastinating

    I stopped when I stopped being a bar tender, pretty much for most of the summer last year, and it made me feel better. I guess I needed a break after 3 years of excess. I gave up everything, booze, weed, caffine, drugs. It all got a bit boring though. The occasional pint or two is good, but no more all night binges with 2+ bottles of rum anymore.
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  8. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    never, i enjoy drinking but i don't do it everyday.

    i had a bottle of wine last night though, it was lovely.
  9. mthrfckr.

    mthrfckr. New Member

    i RARELY binge drink anymore. not like i used too anyways. i'm old now.

    i will have a bottle of framboise or like wine or a beer or something with dinner occasionally, but that's the extent of my drinking. unless i go out with intention. but like i said it's rare.

    it was mainly a decision regarding my health because i am having issues & with alcohol i have to drink caffiene and i'm no longer allowed.

    but ive never felt more alive? i guess? i'm thinking with the mental issues i have, it probably made them worse. partially because 02-08 were big drunk years for me. almost consistantly and very heavily. & all of those years are pretty much a huge time jumble for me.

    like when i went to fill out applications for employment i had a really hard time deciphering dates for some reason. DRUNKEN BLUR.
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  10. Chyia

    Chyia shambamalam

    Well good job, pobie & tigz & cherrypony & others of you.

    I don't drink anymore either, except for special things about 3 times a year. Which is usually 1 drink or maybe 2, or Oh EM Gee THREE!! if I'm feeling all daring & shit. haha

    Weird thing, tho: We always have 'cohol in the house, always. Beerz (ew), vodka, brandy, Bailey's, rum. Also a couple bottles white wine & at least 1 of red (I do cook w/the wine smtms).

    Alcohol doesn't agree w/my health either. Liver fuckups ftl.
    And I mean, I used to be The Tequila Kid. Also rum. And this one delish vodka drink my friend the barkeep/bar owner always made for me. Yummers. Otherwise I didn't like the taste of booze either, and I'm a little kid about that: If it doesn't taste like fizzy soda pop, why the hell would I wanna drink that crap? lol

    Of course that was gotten around by slamming the first couple drinks faster than hell and after that you don't much care what it tastes like, amirite?

    Sometimes I miss going out & getting smashed @ gigs with my friends & frenimies. But oh wellz.

    Chyia, old lady w/pilllzzz
  11. MazzyFreak

    MazzyFreak creepy and very strange

    I very rarely drink anymore. I did enough of it from 18 to about 24. I got tired of the hangovers and waking up going "wait where am I and how did I get here". I also have alcoholism on both sides of my family. So I didn't want to end up going down that path. It also doesn't go to well with me meds. I'd rather smoke a fat joint instead. Way better IMO than drinking. Plus all my friends like it cause they got a non-drunk driver to get them home from concerts and shit like that.
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  12. BoxByTheBed

    BoxByTheBed My crown is too high

    I don't believe I have alcoholism , I dont drink everyday , I dont blackout , I never the drunkest one. I just like to drink ALOT.
    I dont see myself stopping anytime soon.
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  13. Mallory Knox

    Mallory Knox ginger afro

    I have some beer or wine every two days at least.
    I've never been as far as: I will drink nothing ever.
    Never really thought that obsession with NOT DOING IT ever would be good either.
  14. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    i don't drink much these days because i'm trying to graduate the college here and lets not kid ourselves about why its taken eight years to begin with. and something happened to me in the last few years where my hangovers are so unbearable that i want to fucking die. just head throbbing vomit shit vomit shit head throbbing all day. part of me thinks they were always like that, i just used to power through them because i was like "WOOOO twenty-two is the AGE OF REASON!!!" but yeah this isn't helpful.
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  15. BleedingHeart

    BleedingHeart Handbags and Glad Wrap*

    I had a test a few months ago and the doctor told me have a big alcohol intolerance, which explained why I never liked drinking...
    He said stick to vodka, gin and white wine (clear ones, don't ask me what properties are different)... which ironically were the only things in the family of alcoholic beverages that didn't make me want to stick my fingers down my throat and barf I'd feel so ill. :sick:
    So basically = no drinking except maybe 2 in one night.:skull: :skull:

    It's hard when you feel shit drinking it as opposed to feeling shit the day after. :goff:
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  16. Empty Hazel Eyes

    Empty Hazel Eyes shit, fuck, jesus.

    Thanks for replying, everyone.

    Yeah, mental illness runs on both sides of my family and I have enough trouble with depression and obsessive shit w/o alcohol making it worse.

    My liver is fucked. I mean, I've been on KR for 8 years now and this time 8 years ago, I was counting down the days 'til I turned 18 so I could drink legally. Pretty much all I did after turning 18 was drink. It's time to move on. I'll be 26 in June and still behave like a teenager. Fuck that.
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  17. i_eat_ether

    i_eat_ether couchetard

    I found whenever I tried to quit anything 'altogether' it failed :(
    I think it's more important to focus on why you're drinking than the act of drinking itself. Of course, you can't really do that while you're drunk and to treat that I really think the one-day-at-a-time cliche is best.
  18. kesh

    kesh P.M.L.D.

    i still play for team hemingway. which puts me in the same category as tony soprano, except he's not a drunk
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  19. Jean-Paul

    Jean-Paul hysterical paroxysm

    i've cut down a lot but i'm not even 21 yet.
    basically binge drinking has only ever brought me one good thing.
    and one good thing is subjective and not really enough to justify all the insanity etc.
    if you have to have more and more once you're buzzed or if you're drinking unhappy, because you're unhappy or drinking with guilt about the drinking it's not even...well, you're no different than a crackhead on the street with their pipe. or something. you know what i'm saying. alcohol isn't advertised as a real drug. you know what it is for you, though.
    i haven't gotten wasted in months.
    i'm not dying over it.
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  20. PrinceofAlaska

    PrinceofAlaska Pursuit of Death: Life

    Im sipping on a bottle of vodka right now, with a nice orange smoothie as a chaser, lol. I dont usually get too wasted because like someone else on here said, my memory seems to blur together when Im drunk as piss all the time. But I do enjoy drinking a limited amount once or twice a week. It helps me decompress and destress from the work week, which can sometimes be full of bs, and plus, I love the one-on-one conversations with people, they may be about nothing important or *sometimes extremely emotional, but I love connecting with other people.
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