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good places to learn languages online

Discussion in 'the void' started by gelflinggirl, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    link me please?
    I especially want to learn Finnish and I dont want to pay.
  2. BabyBoredom

    BabyBoredom Gotta get smart.

    Oh, I always forget to look this up, I want to learn french and german. Classes are SO expensive.
    Finnish stuff I imagine is hard to find?
  3. Squarepusher

    Squarepusher is Gene Parmesan

  4. Turning

    Turning Might Be A ****

    Just pirate Rosetta Stone, imo.
  5. ella luciana

    ella luciana under the Ullapool moon

    I have some ok LEARN FINNISH CDs...
    There used to be a website called Shark Finn that had a section on learning Finnish. It's by a Finnish-Swedish-Australian friend of mine who just published a book called The Joy of English. Last time I looked at the site though, he didn't give a pronunciation guide.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2011
  6. twinklexstar

    twinklexstar New Member

    Finnish: I found this website. I haven't looked into it that much but it seems decent, it's basically a collection of links to online resources. Googling around a bit, I also found this list of links on the Language Learning Forum. If you look around that forum you might find more stuff as well. Finally, this seems like an ok introduction.

    Not free, but if you buy it secondhand you might get it cheap: there's a book (with a CD) called "From Start to Finnish". I got it a while ago and while I haven't had the time/patience to do much with it yet, it seems pretty intuitive and the audio is really helpful for pronounciation.

    If you're looking for people to practice the language with, try looking for "language exchange" websites. One I know is interpals.net. It's also directed to people looking for penpals, friendship and dates, but it has a language exchange feature and the search area is pretty thorough, so you can filter through matches very easily. If you live in a fairly big city or if you're at university, try putting up an ad offering to help Finnish international students with their English in exchange for practicing your Finnish. A quick tip, though: make sure that your language exchange, via Skype or otherwise, really is an exchange and that it's organized enough that it's not about one of the languages only.

    Finally, Googling a bit more led me to a few more links.

    I hope I helped :)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2011
  7. Squarepusher

    Squarepusher is Gene Parmesan

    Thievery. Piracy is only funny when it's happening to Lars Ulrich.
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  8. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    thanks, I dont even know how to pirate rosetta stone?
    I have never pirated anything before. :geek::tard::good:
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  9. orchestral

    orchestral blair waldorf

    you can torrent it. idk about finnish, because that's pretty rare... but more common languages are easier to find.
    it's how i taught myself spanish.
  10. ella luciana

    ella luciana under the Ullapool moon

    If you find it, let me know and we can practise together.
  11. HeroinIsDusty

    HeroinIsDusty Banned

    I've got Rosetta Stone. Not letting on how tho.

    Hey, did you hear about the Monk in the Amazon that has figured out the KEY to ALL languages?

    He has a system that'll teach all language to you in a matter of months. And it sticks. It's kinda a secret tho, I'd love to hear what he has to say. Father knew 7 languages. Because of his time during the war travelling thru Europe needing to communicate.

    Well, lets hope WWIII doesn't happen, eh?
  12. calalove

    calalove battle-scarred

    which language/what level of rosetta stone do you have silvine, or whoever here said they have it?
    calalittle chose spanish last year(6th) and this year(7th) as her world language.
    her teacher is a bitch. so little shuts her out. not beneficial to her at all. i was thinking of getting the rosetta stone level 1 (maybe & 2?) just to get her where she needs to be.

    i'm going to see if i can fill the voids within the next week. maybe she just needs more one on one teaching with me. i'm hoping so, a$ is my pocket.
  13. HeroinIsDusty

    HeroinIsDusty Banned

    OK. This is getting weird. I don't think we're talking about Rosetta Stone any more.
  14. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    ella luciana lets find somewhere to learn finnish online and then we can skype each other in finnish to practice.
  15. ella luciana

    ella luciana under the Ullapool moon

    YES. Do you want me to upload the CD i already have so you can download it? I know "anteeksi" (I'm sorry), "en ymmärrä" (I don't understand) and my favourite, "höpö höpö" (nonsense).
  16. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    erm YES PLEASE?

    how come you are learning?
  17. ella luciana

    ella luciana under the Ullapool moon

    I actually tried a few years ago, but then gave up and haven't done anything about it since. I want to learn because I am in love with Helsinki and want to live there above any other place in the world. Why are you learning, gelf?

    I will find the CD and put it online over the weekend.
  18. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    I am going to Helsinki for two days and Lapland for three in January.
  19. barkstonwill

    barkstonwill Pornographic Filth

  20. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    I made an excel spreadsheet to practice from Ella.

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