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good old movies

Discussion in 'television & film' started by gelflinggirl, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    can you recommend me some please?
    starring some of the old hotties; cary grant, gregory peck, lauren bacall, merilyn monroe, etc.
    especially christmassy and new years ones would be good.
  2. Qesh

    Qesh one biscuit per day

    cary grant is my animal spirit guide, so i recommend

    the philadelphia story
    arsenic and old lace
    bringing up baby
  3. Amity

    Amity forever delayed

  4. RockitToTheMoon

    RockitToTheMoon monopoly on the radio

    This. To say he is your animal spirit guide is lovely.
    I also recommend Charade and To Catch a Thief even though I'm getting into color here and leaving B&W. Philadelphia Story is one of the bestbestbestevereverever.


    Born Yesterday
    All About Eve
    Suddenly, Last Summer

    I also really want to see Gaslight because everything I've heard about it makes me want to see it. So maybe you will see it before me and tell me if I should try harder.

    I have no recollection of christmas or nye coming up in any of them, though.
  5. Hellish With Relish

    Hellish With Relish sad tomato

    I'd like to know which of Marilyn Monroe's films are the good ones. I love Some Like It Hot and Seven Year Itch, Bus Stop and The Misfits were ok but I nearly died sitting through There's No Buisness Like Showbuisness and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes ( I'm not that into musicals though).
  6. shadow

    shadow not here nor there. yet.

    mr. and mrs. smith with carole lombard
    streetcar with vivien leigh and marlon brando
    i married a witch with fredric march and veronica lake
    my man godfrey with carole lombard
    his mine and ours lucille ball
    lured lucille ball (not a comedy)
  7. BabyBoredom

    BabyBoredom Gotta get smart.

    12 Angry Men
    Brief Encounter
    Dark Victory
    All quiet on the western front
    The petrified forest
    Of human bondage
    The lost weekend
    The man who came to dinner (takes place during christmas! and is super witty)
    Baby doll
    Splendor in the grass
    A face in the crowd

    These are some of my favourites and all I can think of for now. I really should keep a list of old films I liked. Four of the above are with Bette Davis, shes my favourite, always. Sorry I kind of ignored your actor suggestions in my recommendations.

    Can't think of many christmassy ones except It's a Wonderful Life. Little Women has christmas and winter(choose the 1933 one). Bell Book and Candle is a bit christmassy, maybe not the best film though.
    I guess 1982 isn't old enough, but if you havent seen Fanny And Alexander, watch it! Amazing christmas-ness.
  8. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    my son says that Critters II is classic good times.
  9. Qesh

    Qesh one biscuit per day

    The Apartment has christmas in it, and it's brilliant, but pretty dark.

    i just dled Sullivan's Travels for some veronica lake sexy times.
  10. bort

    bort The brown word

    If you like white Americans, you'll love this shit. Plus Sidney Poitier, occasionally.
  11. make sense

    make sense boss applesauce

    I think I've mentioned my Gregory Peck infatuation on KR before but this:


    Peck + Bergman. Holy shit. :drool:
  12. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    anything really, with ingrid is well worth your time.

    my favorite being notorious.
  13. Abscess

    Abscess sth witchy

    BLASPHEMY!!! Let's Make Love is one of the best, minimal musical numbers, but Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is my absolute favourite. Me and my friend Gina used to learn the dances. I had to be Jane Russell though.

    Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck

    Blithe Spirit

    Bell Book and Candle

  14. bort

    bort The brown word

    The Girl Can't Help It, with Jayne Mansfield, is actual good and everything. Also, Blackboard Jungle. 50s is old now, I assume? It's over 50 years away.
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  15. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    and a salvador dali designed set piece for the dream sequence too!

    thank you guys.
  16. barkstonwill

    barkstonwill Pornographic Filth

    Brief Encounter has one of the most wonderful openings in all of cinema....

    I love David Lean films...you can't go wrong...

    also..Ingrid Bergman....just loveliness although I dislike Casablanca quite a bit.
  17. oldager

    oldager Active Member

    Free Willy
  18. nogginthenog

    nogginthenog Dog Rental House


    I also fancy seeing this when it comes out:
  19. nogginthenog

    nogginthenog Dog Rental House

    If you like some Charlie:
  20. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high


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