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Feb 2009 Glammy Thread

Discussion in 'celebrity news & gossip' started by bootsoffire, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. bootsoffire

    bootsoffire Figgy Puddin'

    New month = new thread. Dump it all in here. :clove:
  2. DoloresHaze

    DoloresHaze Banned

    to continue with the last thread, I don't think Courtney was lazy before.
  3. Model

    Model Es no my yob

    i've been gone a few days...any new news on the album?...is it coming out in march still? or has it been pushed back until, say, oh, october? :yawn:
  4. CourtneyBee

    CourtneyBee Daniel LaRusso

    You still care?
  5. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    what record? :rolleyes:
  6. CourtneyBee

    CourtneyBee Daniel LaRusso

    It's not coming out. She doesn't even talk about it anymore. Maybe she's lost interest like the rest of us.
  7. ltripley

    ltripley Banned

    I got an itunes gift card for christmas that I have reserved for the day the album comes out. lol.
  8. Angelica Sin

    Angelica Sin u may now snort the bride

    i'm sure we'll see a few more christmases first, why not go wild! ;)
  9. devana

    devana New Member

    so nme said feb 9th..but now her wikipedia says march 9th..
  10. Silvine

    Silvine technetium

    last i heard she's moving to new york to re-record the drums - that was straight from courtney after her big night out with lindsey
  11. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    Ok well lets split the difference and go with the 9th of NEVER.
  12. Dwight_Schrute

    Dwight_Schrute Assistant Sensei

    all the nobody cares songs have been taken off the myspace
  13. CrackneyLove

    CrackneyLove CRACKBABBLE

    She also said that the album would be released in the fall at one point back in 2006 :sick:.
  14. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    this is BULLSHIT!

    Whatever, I'll listen to all her songs that were leaked on the internet within the last two years - with the exception of 'Loser Dust':sick: - and Hole and America's Sweetheart...and give up on Nobody's Daughter.

    IF it does come out, I will get very excited and buy it right when it's released. And then throw myself a Courtney Love party. But I noticed that she doesn't blog much about it anymore and seems more interested in her upcoming career as a lingerie designer. .......
  15. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    why bother, just download it. it's gonna suck anyways.
  16. CourtneyBee

    CourtneyBee Daniel LaRusso

    Exactly. Get it from Megaupload or whatever like everybody else is.
  17. Daylight22

    Daylight22 Well-Known Member

    You are all fucking retarded for even discussing that album. Very "Waiting for Godot". :minger:
  18. RebelRocker

    RebelRocker RebelRocker since 2002

    i dont know why people were getting their hopes up to begin with about the new album. i didnt get my hopes out about americas sweetheart. when she was in magazines doing promotions thats when it was time to get your hopes up.


    Courtney Love party
  20. jonfromsweden

    jonfromsweden New Member

    well, to be fair to anyone getting their hopes up for reasons just mentioned, she's done plenty of media with nothing to promote. "the return of courtney love" and the covers of pop and, most recently, elle uk comes to mind. the latter even promised a release date in her own writing.

    she started promoting america's sweetheart way before its due date, too. remember all the NME hype circa 2001-2002?
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