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dollar general/drug testing

Discussion in 'home & finance' started by k ray, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. k ray

    k ray FISH ON

    so, i have an interview for a cashier position at dollar general on monday.. (i know, trashtastic, but it's the closest place within walking distance until i can get my car fixed)

    i was wondering, does anyone know if they drug test? (been a heavy marijuana user for the past few months..hehe)


    and does the whole drink a gallon of water before the test trick work?

    thanks, thanks
  2. |marionette

    |marionette HOIST THAT RAG

    is that like a dollar store?:confused:
    regardless, i doubt it.. it's just cashier.
  3. Painted Rose

    Painted Rose Well-Known Member

    i highly doubt it, ahaha. i love dollar general though. people talk shit on it, okay, why? the offbrand stuff is shit, sure, but that's with any store. they have name brand stuff for really fucking cheap. they have good namebrand beauty products and food and stuff, not so fond of the makeup except a few dollar general stores has some random cute stuff.

    but my favorite.. honestly, is that at every dollar general store I go to.. they have brand new uncut expensive anime dvds for like, 3$ per dvd. it's insane! im not even kidding. i'll be at this big shopping center, see like.. tenchi muyo uncut each dvd like, 20$ at sam goody.. then walk down to dollar general and get the same dvd for 3$. i promise. it's amazing.

    people who refuse to buy stuff from places like that are just total cunts. i know people will call me trashy for liking it, but wtf. they got good deals.

    and all the stuff you have to be 18+ over to buy in walmart and stuff, like pills and stuff.. not at dollar general, anyone can buy anything there.

    dunno.. I just like it, haha. in the town I LIVE IN it has certain stuff that i usually hav eto drive like, 20 minutes to get. for real cheap. so it's nice.

    ooh.. bye!!
  4. Darling Nikki

    Darling Nikki patron and broken homes

    I don't think they drug test, unless you get hurt and have to file workers comp. My mom had a stint as a manager there, didn't last long because my grandma got sick so she had to leave and they weren't going to let her, that was bullshit but not exactly the store. Some of the stuff i've seen at dollar general are cheaper at walmart which is weird.
  5. mrs.molko

    mrs.molko Guest

    I don't think they give them, my aunt was a manager at one for awhile & she's one of the biggest pot heads I know.

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