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does makeup make a huge difference?

Discussion in 'makeup, hair, & perfume' started by shashtasheen, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. shashtasheen

    shashtasheen New Member

    i have never worn makeup in my life (except for once. and i am 22). this probably sounds strange.

    so my question is: if i wanted to change up my look, should i start learning about this stuff? people keep telling me that i look like i am 16.

    i just hate spending time putting stuff on my face that might make my skin look like shit 30 years down the road. also, i am too lazy. and i hate the way people look when they put too much on --- it almost resembles a mask.

    i might stop by a store and ask one of those makeup counter ladies to help me out, if it is really worth it.

    what do you think?
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  2. mthrfckr.

    mthrfckr. New Member

    You kind of sound like sarakida...

    In which case I'm inclined to tell you to shut up.

    However, if you want to try it out start at a counter (avoid mac unless you can handle shock well.) Do keep in mind however to get a consultation you should buy at least 50 dollars in makeup, as good manners. So you are going to end up with 50 dollars of stuff anyway. But if you go to chanel you're only going to get a mascara for that anyway.
  3. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    maybe start basic and buy benetint which is a lip and cheek stain? you can also use it for eyeshadow.
    if you don't like the idea of makeup tyr mineral makeup. it will even out your skin and not make you look like a tranny.
  4. JFL

    JFL bombshell...

    Take care of your skin underneath and in between so that won't be a problem
  5. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    did you ever figure out what haircut to get? you should get the haircut and the makeup all at once for big impact makeover day and then shit yourself whenever you look in the mirror.
  6. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

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  7. rockandrollbarbie

    rockandrollbarbie New Member

    A good foundation will have an SPF in it plus moisturising ingredients like vitamin a, c and e, so actually wearing a bit of foundation can make you look radiant as well as protecting you from sun damage.
    Origins make some nice natural ones that would be suitable for teenage skin and will enhance your skin rather than caking it in product.
    I think everyone looks better with make up than without. It's just a fact of life!
    A nice peachy gloss, a good mascara, a bit of blush and a good foundation (my faves are origins or Laura Mercier) are the basics of a good make up bag to make you look a bit perkier.
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  8. pablita

    pablita is all astonishment

    i think it does make a big difference, to be honest. it wont make you look completely different, but there is something to be said about rounding out rough edges.

    this is funny because i didnt wear make up until last year. beyond lipgloss or whatever. my friend/roommate went with me to sephora and we talked to some people about what might work well for me and how much i was committed to do each morning/every time i went out. and yeah, i probably ended up spending...god, i dont know...it was a bit $60-80?

    i dont like to walk out of the house without make up these days, particularly around my eyes. ive got it down to about 5 mins in the morning. and maybe more like 15 if im doing more.

    i dont think its a bad thing to put more effort into the way that you look. it's actually kind of fun and rewarding. i look forward to looking nice now...all of the time.
  9. discolexy

    discolexy pull me out of the lake

    when i started wearing makeup i had my friend who is into make up take me to the mac store
    and we bought a bunch of stuff

    that was like 10 yrs ago though and it's been pretty easy to pick up
    most important ting i learned is BRUSHES pay money for good brushes, they make all the difference.

    it's not going to damage your skin if you make sure you take care of it properly

    like pablita, take a friend and go talk to people
  10. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    I would start with mascara. I think that is the one piece of makeup that will make the biggest difference other than coloured lipsticks/eyeshadows etc. I'm guessing you don't really need foundation because surely you would already wear it.
  11. shitty weave

    shitty weave Banned

    i dont wear face makeup. just eye makeup. if you have good enough skin to where you dont need foundation and powder than just stick with lips and eyes. then you wont have to worry about wrinkles and clogged pours.
  12. God*is*7

    God*is*7 New Member

    I'd say if you've been getting away without foundation so far, don't bother.

    It won't fuck your skin up too much if you actually take it off properly, but its probably not worth the hassle unless you have bad skin you want to cover up.

    I agree maybe start with a tint/a little mascara/shadow depending on how you look and what appeals to you, and then work your way up if you want to. Rather than going for full face, being shocked by your own appearance every time you see a mirror, and spending a shit load.

    After all no one HAS to wear make-up, especially if you're young and can get away with not wearing it.
  13. mthrfckr.

    mthrfckr. New Member

    what i do for brushes is go to Target because Sonja kenlkjadlrkjasdrfCHk has good ones for cheap.

    but if not, i buy the holiday collections from Mac because 50 bucks for 5 of them is a lot cheaper than 20 for one. if you get what i mean.

    however, i spent 3 years of my life without brushes and still got compliments. they're kind of irrelevent.
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  14. sunday green

    sunday green carpe noctem

    i'm intrigued by the time spent sans brushes, were you in JAIL?!
  15. discolexy

    discolexy pull me out of the lake

    i only have like 3 brushes

    only use them for foundation and blush and eyeshadow
  16. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    I have no brushes. Oh except one that came in a blush compact.
  17. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    this is amusing to me.
    i'm a cosmetologist, & for my own make up, i prefer using my fingers instead of sponges, brushes.

    even my eyeshadow is put on by my fingertips.

    i'd say it makes a lot of differance, to use make up! it makes me feel pretty.
    i need foundation to even my skin tone & hide flaws. & eyebrow pencil.
    i love colorful eye make up.i use wet 'n' wild a lot, you don't need to spend a lot of money. i use cover girl foundation.:good:
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  18. mthrfckr.

    mthrfckr. New Member

    from 18 (the time i started to use any makeup other than eyeliner & mascara) to 21, i didn't know any better.

    i also thought it was a ploy to get me to spend more money at their shops. i was rich then. i should have bought the shit out of those brushes :goff:

    but because i was a REBEL... life fail.
  19. OrangeSapphire

    OrangeSapphire rule britannia

    start with some and eyelash curler, mascara, and lip gloss. unless you're taking photos you probably don't need to do a full on face.

    I'd recommend Covergirl Lashblast for mascara. and there's a ton of good lipglosses out there. MAC lipglosses stay on for a longtime.
  20. cricket

    cricket Well-Known Member

    anyway yes it really makes a difference. if you're ugly you're still going to be ugly with makeup but you will look better (see kaikhaod). and if you're real good looking you'll still be real good looking without makeup but not AS good (see penelope cruz). and for those of us in the middle, it makes a HUGE difference.

    but more important than any of that, it's fun. ever trot around town with sparkly purple eyelids? that's a good time.

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