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dearest england, [are these places actually good?]

Discussion in 'travel' started by .parisian, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    surely some of you have been to these places? on school trips perhaps? are these places worth visiting? i am trip planning and i am going to be more organised this trip and have a scheduale.

    keats house looks little. but i adore him. and fanny brawne so hard so it is a must.
    what are other things to do on hampstead heath area? not cruising for gay cock obvi.

    is it worth a day trip from london? is it worth paying extra to do a touch the stones trip? or does a normal tour behind the fence satisfy ones expectations of it?

    is bath just full of people in regency dress? because i think i would like that. or do normal people do things there? what does one do at bath anyway?

    are buckingham palace tours good? i did not even find it last time? i only really went to harrods and margiela and topshop. can you actually do tours here? google is failing me it just keeps going to the first link of some old people with very british teeth.

    is your zoo good? or are the enclosures all cages and not really like habitats and sort of sad looking?

    i am constantly disappointed in myself for missing the dr who experience. i need less cool friends to do things with.
    is anyone going to the harry potter thing? also pissed i forever seem to miss seeing damien fucking hirst things.

    where are good places to visit? please do not say the tate modern though because it sucked so much dick. but the bookshop is amazing.
  2. Seventeen

    Seventeen Well-Known Member

    ew gross why are you going there?
  3. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    i like the weather
  4. Seventeen

    Seventeen Well-Known Member

    and the food and the people?
  5. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    i like some of the people. the food. hmm. solly scarlet recommended some good m&s sandwiches. and blackberries are good!
    did yo not enjoy your trip there?
  6. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    THERE IS LOTS OF GOOD FOOD ADN some GOOD PEOPLE TOO. you guys went to the wrong food places.
  7. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    I thought you would go to Stonehenge anyway as a Tess of the D'Ubervilles fan.

    I think Buckingham Palace is open only in the Summer, I might be wrong though. When are you here? There is about a million exhibitions going on because of the jubilee and olympics.
    Did you go to the V&A? That is the best museum.
    You have been to M&S, now go blow your mind in Waitrose.
  8. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    I just saw that you will miss the Damien Hirst thing. Also the zoo is boring, they have late nights in the summer though where at least you get to drink Pimms at the same time. Massively overpriced Pimms.
  9. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    i will be there in november.
    i missed stonehenge last time as i was mad jetlagged and my friend was poor and showing me around and would not accept gifts of stonehenge.
    i probably will go this time but is it worth an extra 60 quid to touch the stones? i most likely will feel ripped off seeing it from a fenceline.
    ohh boo at the palace! i wanted to see some queen victoria places!
    i missed the v&a but i do want to go there!
    i only went into a mini m&s at the trainstation. i got the crayfish sandwich cos scarlet said it was too good. and a tesco metro was good. sooo many weirdo chip flavours. i loved both. supermarkets are hilarious/fun.
    gelf tell me good places to eat because i only had sandwiches for dinners and pub lunches the last time i was there. i sort of want to go to a heston place but maybe the one in town and not the fat duck proper.
  10. hell feels cold

    hell feels cold Active Member

    ohh boo at the palace! i wanted to see some queen victoria places!
    i missed the v&a but i do want to go there!

    Kensington Palace is where she was born and grew up.
    You can stand on the staircase on the exact spot she was when she first set eyes on Albert. I believe her wedding dress is there too along with lots of other victorian artefacts. its a lovely place.
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  11. Qesh

    Qesh one biscuit per day

    i went to keats house a few times, i used to live just up the road. it's okay, nothing special, but the local area is one of my favourite parts of london.
  12. hell feels cold

    hell feels cold Active Member

    Also StoneHenge looks more impressive from afar. Id drive past and go and visit Glastonbury Tor and the Abbey. The devil apparantly appeared at the bottom of the tor. They think Jesus walked here with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea and there is a rumor that the Holy Grail is buried there :) spooky old place.
  13. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    also how long are you staying for? cos you can touch the stones for free on winter solstice like you can with summer, I think. much more special.

    places to eat in London. YOU DO EAT MEAT RIGHT?

    central London.
    Yautcha. I think this is on berwick street or maybe brewer street in Soho. delicious amazing dim sum from the people who own haakasan as well. salt and pepper quail was my favourite last time.
    ping pong. a London chain but really good affordable dim sum. they have a branch by the London eye, one in spitalfields and one on marlborough street next to beyond retro.
    bar italiafrith street maybe? soho again. my friend who was a vegan used to go there and ask them to make her a pizza with avocado and black olives, it was incredible. best palce for eating after a club or gig as it it open til like 3am. I have a feeling that jarvis sings about it in a song actually? yep. Song Lyrics : Bar Italia (Music: Pulp; Lyrics: Jarvis Cocker)

    south London
    go to Brixton village and eat at Honest. one of the best burgers i have ever had in my life.
    also make sure you find a good west indian take away and get an ackee and saltfish roti or dumpling.

    west London
    Chiswick high road brasserie. owned by ant and dec. beautiful oysters.

    east London
    go to a vietnamese place on kingsland road. there are loads and they are almost all great.
    same with curry on bricklane. there is one especially good one that begins with a p that I will try to remember the name of. prithi and pria maybe?
    UPPER STREET is the best for restaurants. Le Mercury is a sweet little French one where everything is really cheap. good dishes like basil ice cream with rhubarb or pork belly and apple.
    TAY ABS. you might have to queue but its worth it. amazing indian food.

    north London
    hummingbird.finsbury park. good jerk chicken lunchtime deals with coleslaw, chips and a can of coke.
    the flask lovely gastropub in hampstead. baked camembert with baguette very good.
    the hollybush another lovely gastropub in hampstead.
    marine ices camden. loads of great ice creams and their pastas are really nice. especially the spaghetti vongole.

    sure I will think of some more.
  14. .parisian

    .parisian .tess d'urberville

    yes i eat meat. i find it too difficult to be moral/vegan anymore.
    these are all going on my word file list thingy.
    i think it will be another 3 week-1 month trip. less time in france though more in the uk.
    you should come on the lady holiday with scarlet and shelly and me?
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  15. gelflinggirl

    gelflinggirl BADMAN.

    oh my friend who has more money than me also recommends
    the hawsmoor
    st john
  16. Champers

    Champers delicately tapered digits

    Kenwood House in Hampstead is definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately, the interior is closed for refurbishment until autumn 2013. Regardless, the estate is worth a visit, there's an amazing cafe and if you're visiting during nice weather, the grounds would be ideal for you, Shelly and Scarlet to have a picnic in.

    Kenwood House | English Heritage
  17. Parma_violet

    Parma_violet Disco 2000

    St John is good. Have the Eccles cake for dessert. And Hawksmoor is on my list. Do those. Also the curry house that begins with P is the one I like too, I think. I also can't remember the name.
  18. Dentyne

    Dentyne Cunt betraying freckles

    Subscribing to this thread.
    I may go to London this fall. :love:
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  19. Wildwoman

    Wildwoman Woman Talking to Death

    For historical/royal tourism, I really liked the Tower. I didn't try other castles, but overall, that really had a hell of a lot.
  20. discolexy

    discolexy pull me out of the lake

    stonehenge is pretty amazing. the regular tour gets your pretty close up, its not fenced in, just lil ropes
    def do that

    i think i went to keats' house with user kesh, actually. not sure it was him tho. hampstead heath is good for a visit

    iloved seeing shakespeare at the globe and doing a thames river cruise a lot.

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