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cleaning the cat's bum: ADVICE NEEDED

Discussion in 'pets' started by PrincessTrae, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    Alright. So I have a short-haired, overweight domestic tabby who has bowel issues. He gets very constipated or vomits a lot for periods of days. My dad recommended this homeopathic remedy called "Colloidal Silver" that humans take in their water. It's odourless, colourless and doesn't taste like anything so we put it in the kitties' water bowl. After a couple days usage, Marcus, my cat, starts to have 'leakage' issues (if you get what I mean) due to the stuff inside of him loosening up. I am always relieved when he's able to poo but there are currently dried bits crusted onto the hairs around his arsehole and it's REALLY smelly (the whole house is starting to stink) and my mom is worried that because he keeps licking the area to clean himself he will get sick. The hairs are too short for me to cut off, I've tried scrubbing at it (which is tricky cus I have to hold him down and he's a big kitty) but it doesn't all come off cus it's properly fucking STUCK on there.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? The last time he was given a bath was maybe 10 years ago or so and it was a HORROR SHOW. There was quite literally blood everywhere.

    I'd really appreciate any support or help on this issue! My mom is suggesting that we get him put down because all of his problems seem to be getting worse but I said "Mum, we're not having him put down because he's DIRTY!" He really seems to be much better whenever we give him the "Colloidal Silver" stuff, but now we can't have him sitting on any of the furniture and he's stinking the place up and it's really unhygienic for all the cats and my mother and brother and myself. I have to wash all the floors today because he's sat down in every room and gotten germs everywhere.
  2. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    wash his bum with warm water, a gentle soap and soft cloth. after a few tries it'll all come off.

    go slow, be gentle and you may have to do this several times. the cat will most likely becoem very irritated, that's why i'd clean a bit, let him go and then clean some more later on.

    my cat is a long haired beast and i have to keep him clean and keep the fur trimmed and neat. also, keep the litter box very clean too.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  3. Amity

    Amity forever delayed

    Baby wipes! (and old towels on the furniture that you can hot wash afterwards)
  4. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    I tried baby wipes but it was too hard to work. Maybe since he's been licking at the area it's softened up and I can try again?

    I'll put old towels and such on the couches though.

    Thank you both for the comments! I'm really stressing out right now.
  5. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    The baby wipes are still not taking any thing off but I just cleaned the litter and there were Marcus-sized poos in there (he produces bigger ones than my other much smaller cats) so I'm glad that stuff's moving around inside. I may have to get him really stoned on cat nip and then try to clean him with a cloth...
  6. phoenix rose

    phoenix rose irreplaceable

    maybe try bringing him to a groomer every once in a bit or at least call them or a vet for some advice?

    there are other treatments maybe that will cause less leakage?
    there is some sort of oily stuff in a tube that is for hairballs that my mom used to give her cat, i beleive it helps them poop and it has kind of a vaseline like consistancy - maybe that will not cause the stinky dirty bum problem the silver collodial stuff is causing?
  7. CrackneyLove

    CrackneyLove CRACKBABBLE

    Put some peanut butter on it's ass and then get a dog to lick it off :good:
  8. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    ewwwww ^ haha

    my mom and I are going to (when she gets home from work in the next hour) pin him inside a towel (that can be her job) and then dip his bottom in a big bowl of warm water and I will try to soap it then and, with a rubber glove on, use my fingers to peel off the flaky shit....oh god this is gonna be awful.

    from now on we're gonna check him regularly for any signs of leaking (though my mom says that the leakage happened right BEFORE we re-stocked on the Colloidal silver and not as a result of it) and use baby wipes on him as soon as anything comes up so it doesn't have the chance to harden.

    wish me luck!

    I'll report back with my success story or a sob story depending on how it goes.
  9. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    reporting back:

    My cat is a bit traumatized but he's CLEAN. I'm very proud of myself. I just have to win him over to liking me now...
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  10. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust is maintaing the high

    did they shave the fur back there? my tabby needed that done, the groomer calls it a sanitary shave.

    i wrap my cat in a towel when i have to clean her, even then, she breaks away.
  11. PrincessTrae

    PrincessTrae pussy liquor

    nah, we didn't need to shave the fur.
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