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Discussion in 'computers & technology' started by kissingwench, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Sorry I didn't know what to title this thread. I need for someone knowledgable to help me figure out what the heck is happening with my cell phone- is there such a thing as spam to cell phone numbers?? Or how is this happening?

    Over the past few months this has happened 3 or 4 times. It's not frequent but it's weird and I am trying to figure out how to *figure out* what the number is and who or how it's doing it.

    When I get text messages from this cellular nummber in a Richmond, Virginia zip code on my cell phone it automatically forwards them to my home email address. I don't have my phone set up to email my ISP email address when I receive text messages, and I don;t use text messaging much. But if someone I know or I message myself it doesn't get forwarded to my home email address. But I get these weird text messages in my home email address (meaning, my ISP email address that I only check from my laptop or desktop and is not associated with my cell phone!) that APPEAR to come from my OWN cell phone's phone number. It goes something like this:

    Text Message FROM <my cell phone provider> <my cell phone number> , TO <my cell phone number's text message address, i.e.- phonenumber@cellprovider.com>
    Subject: Please Call <long distance phone number>
    And the body of the message is exactly like the subject line: "Please Call 804-***-****."

    I went back to look for the damn latest one I got and I must have deleted it but every time I get them it is from the same phone #, I have it written down somewhere, it is still on my cell phone inbox I am sure. I am not in Virginia and I do NOT know anyone from Virginia and what's weird is it seems to be an automated message. My husband hasn't had a chance to look at it but he didn't recognize the number either, but because it looks like it is coming from my phone TO my phone but is telling me to call another number, that probably whenever I get a missed call on my cell it is auto-emailing me? But again it only happens with this one number. I never get similar emails when anyone I actually know calls my cell and goes to voice mail or shows up as a missed call.

    What the hell?? I looked up the area code online.

    "Area code 804 includes cities and regions in eastern Central Virginia (Richmond, Petersburg, West Point, Chester), the Northern Neck, and the Middle Peninsula. "

    Not the least bit familiar to me. Last time it happened I called the number back on my cell and a man answered. I told him I receive text messages on my cell phone to call this number and would he mind telling me where he is and if he knows anything about it? He claimed not to have called anyone's cell or made any calls. I just hung up, not even knowing at that time *where* I was calling or who. These texts look like the calls come in in the middle of the night, too. I turn my cell off or I would be getting creeped out at 3am. But why won't this guy at least tell me where he is? Or tell me if he knows anyone with a similar number to mine so I at least can figure out if he's just misdialing a digit or something? I still have to figure out why only this particular caller triggers a text message, too. I have gone all over my settings. Very confused. But as a female, it's fishy to me. I don't want to keep calling and asking. But if I keep getting these what should I do?

    Does anyone else get automated text messages on your cell telling you to call an unknown out of state number?
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    When I was on AOL I use get spam that came from me!!:eek:
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    i'm not sure about your particular problem but yeah, mobile phone spamming/scamming is popular. do not give your number out to anyone except friends. someone could sign you up to 'pay by the second' services or the stupid download the latest ringtone now, bullshit.

    a friend had his phone number exploited this way and everytime he answered the phone from a particular number, they'd bill him $10 just for the priveledge of listening to an answering machine. check your bills - if you see any inconsistencies report them to your service provider immediately.
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    those services are illegal here
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    I work for the largest cell phone company by day.. and at night I ROCK...
    but anyway: I would recommend calling the service provider for your cell phone. That is illegal spamming.

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