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Can Strong Antibiotics Make You SICKER??

Discussion in 'bath & beauty' started by tracyr, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    Here's the thing:

    I've been sick for about a month. I just thought it was that flu/cold thing that everybody got around the holidays. The problem was, it wasn't really going away and I was having these bad headaches and I just have no energy whatsoever. Like everything is a big deal to do.

    So I finally went to the doctor's office on Thursday. Turns out I have Bronchitis and a bad Sinus Infection. He gave me Zithromax and told me that if I wasn't well by the end of that cycle, (5 days), to come back in ASAP and get on something stronger. (never heard THAT one before..but whatever)

    So I started with the Zithro right away, taking two pills as directed. I woke up feeling so SHITTY. WORSE than ever! I could barely get up, and it got worse. I had to take day two and I didn't get any better! I'm feeling so awful now.

    Is this normal??
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  2. emily34695

    emily34695 Just watch me

    YES. I was on antibiotics over the Christmas break, they absolutely made me feel exhausted and run down as hell. The first day was the absolute worst, I couldn't get out of bed (I had a sinus infection).
  3. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    Well good. I thought I was nuts or something! I couldn't eat or anything...just sleep. OK then, just ride it out then? School starts weds., and I wanna be ready, not Sick!:sick:
  4. emily34695

    emily34695 Just watch me

    You should gradually feel better over the next few days, if you don't start feeling better by Monday I would see the doc again. It took me a few days to start feeling human again after the sinus siege last month...just yuck. Can you blow your nose yet? I remember the snot was so thick when I had it, it wouldn't move. Sorry to gross you out with that...:stress:
  5. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    It doesn't gross me out at all. Nope...nothin'. No blowing. Just coughing for about two hours straight and bad headaches all day. And being zombie-tired. This is my best hour right now. I'm hoping by tomorrow or Monday to be up and about. Were you on the Zithro??
  6. emily34695

    emily34695 Just watch me

    I forgot what the were called, like the Flo-pak or something like that? They made me super tired the first few days. Within a couple of days you will be blowing your nose a lot, it is a good thing and hopefully the headache will lessen, because all of the snot is coming out. I felt that I was stuffed with snot up to my ears, it was painful!
  7. Meg Dirty

    Meg Dirty was walking with a ghost

    Anti-biotics are SO SO bad for you.
  8. kesh

    kesh P.M.L.D.

    you may be experiencing a herxheimer reaction. the bacteria release toxins as they die, and as they're dying in great numbers because of the antibiotics you are suffering a lot of toxins
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  9. _xray

    _xray whip it

    Yeah i had a similar thing for a kidney infection over the weekend, i took 2 tablets and a hour later i felt like i'd been poisoned, just sick and bloody awful. I changed the anti biotics to a different type and didn't get many side effects.
  10. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

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  11. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    dammit geek! I was expecting more of an expert opinion out of you than LOLLERSKATES!:mad:
  12. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    its just so damned funny. antibiotics are SO SO BAD FOR YOU

    ok thing is, some people react to some antibiotics and others they do fine with. some antibiotics are hard on everyone, but ALL antibiotics are good for someone somewhere. its the ABUSE of antibx thats bad.

    zpac is perfectly reasonable. i assume he will give you augmentin if this round of zpac doesnt work.
  13. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    btw augmentin isnt stronger, it just works differently. one of the meds in augmentin works on the enzyme of the bacteria stopping it from developing a resistence, so its a neat drug. its also cheaper.

    youll go to quinolones if that doesnt work. which is intense stuff. and if that doesnt work, ever heard of scraping the sinuses? EWWW!
  14. Meg Dirty

    Meg Dirty was walking with a ghost

    sometimes strong anti-biotics can kill good bacteria which gives you a whole other set of problems.

    dont lollerskates me!

    I once took antibiotics and had the shits for a month!

  15. tracyr

    tracyr racist people pleaser

    No, I get what you guys mean. About resistance and all that. That's why I forgot whether they were supposed to make a person so sick, and if Zithromax could cause this. I REMEMBER good old Augmentin though!:sick:

    I'm gettin worried because on Wednesday I have class from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm and I'm not doing so hot yet. I have no spleen and some missing lymph nodes in that area as well (from the cancer days), so I'm kinda fucked if this turns into anything worse. I guess I'll wait it out...no docs until tomorrow because MLK had a dream.
  16. Raven99

    Raven99 New Member

    i was sick for a month & a half so i went on antibiotics for a week, a few days later i got shingles.
  17. petals


    i would way rather have shingles or the shits than die of a now easily treatable infection. some ppl are morons.
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  18. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    you said antibiotics are SO SO BAD FOR YOU

    well... lemme tell ya. getting the shits is better than dying.
  19. dirtyplotte

    dirtyplotte sassamafras

    oh hello. i shyoyuld have known you would think exactly what i was thinking.
  20. petals


    hello! <333

    to the not so smart among us: novel concept - take some probiotics if antibiotics give you the shits. TA DA.

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