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Can A Recently Deceased Person's Spirit Contact The Living

Discussion in 'spirituality' started by Rancheria, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Rancheria

    Rancheria Strafe Guru Narcissists !

    Do you believe that a person who has died suddenly, such as in an accident or as the result of foul play, may somehow reach out from the other side, and contact a living person ? Do you believe it is possible that this recently departed spirit could give someone information about their death and/or comfort their relatives and friends by reassuring them that they are alright as a spirit in another world ?

    I had an old friend who was murdered a couple of months ago in a home invasion robbery and then his house, with his body inside, was set on fire, and burned to the ground. Before it was determined whose remains were discovered in the house ruins, and before an autopsy and forensic investigations were completed, and before there was any info released by the authorities; a mutual old friend told me that the first night after she learned about our friend's house fire and the search to determine where he was (back from vacation or still in S.E. Asia and safe)---that he came to her in a very vivid dream and told her that he had been murdered.

    A week later it was released that the fire was being investigated as suspicious and that the case was being considered as a possible homicide. In that same article it was also released that the body found inside was that of the homeowner's. Then a couple more weeks passed and there was an article in the newspaper saying that it had been determined that it was definitely a homicide. There are two suspects in custody. It is rumoured that the police may be looking for a third suspect. There have been no further news stories about any charges being filed nor any court dates set. It appears that the authorities believe they have two correct culprits, but are waiting as they are building the first degree homicide case, for some good reasons. However, every week that passes without charges being filed against the two suspects in custody is making the friends and relatives feel uneasy and nervous.

    So, while we are waiting for the legal system's wheels of justice to slowly grind along, and after the funeral and memorial service have taken place, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any experience of a departed person coming to them in person, or in a vision, or in a dream, or by a phone call ?

    Any Communication at all from the Other Side from a recently deceased friend or family member ???
  2. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    no i believe they must wait 10 to 15 business days first.

    but rly though. what makes you think there's a waiting period?
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  3. clotty

    clotty pussy panther :)

    or are you implying. that you think ONLY recently deceased can do it?

    cause i'm pretty sure dead people can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want. all the time. forever.
  4. Rancheria

    Rancheria Strafe Guru Narcissists !

    I'm not implying that only the recently deceased can contact the living, nor that there is any sort of waiting period for anything. I have heard quite a few stories of long departed spirits contacting the living.

    But of the 4 stories I've heard from people, personally, first hand in their accounts of communication from departed friends and relatives, all were within the first few months of their death. And 3 were within the first 10 days. The story of my friend who had the dream in which she felt she was being contacted by our friend happened within the first week after he was murdered.

    Another friend told me a story of a friend and her daughter who died in a car crash about 4 days after visiting he and his girlfriend and his girlfriend's daughter. The two who were killed were the sister and neice of my friend's girlfriend. Supposedly the little girl who died called his home phone and his girlfriend's daughter, the cousin, answered the phone and had a conversation with her departed cousin about a week after she and her mom died. She told her cousin that she was fine and not to worry about her. She sounded exactly like she had in person, while alive.
  5. rosaline

    rosaline x_x

    This is exactly why i don't answer the phone :stress:
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  6. kesh

    kesh P.M.L.D.

    the dead lose interest in the world of the living after a short while, even patrick swayze
  7. zazazang

    zazazang jew

    i've become quite the ghost expert in the past 3 years. Yes yes and more yes. My friend who was only 19 deid drunk driving in sptember and everytime ive ever seen a ghost its all dark and my eys are closed trying to go to sleep and i open them in like a somones watching me sith sense way and there are right in my sight ghost standing above me or in my friend case he was standing in the middle of the room and the second time he was indian style sitting. he was all white and he always wore flannel shirts when he was aliv and even his ghost flanel was white cause ive got a white flanel. I even saw what looked like myself wearing a blue robe ghost, and a ghost that was all black an dlooked like it wanted to beat me up and he fucking stretched his neck from his standing position and mad it long and come down so his face was right into my face and i wa slaying on my back in my bed, and he was at the end of my bed I scramed like a girl and jumped up thrw it. and the green mosnter ghost did something to my brain with lights from his hand. Im so scared yet so blessed. ive only seen ghosts since ive been a dedicated born again christian man. I have been in the next dimention of the relm where the physical satan roams. i guess i died for a minute. cause i was defently out of my body, and let me tell ya, its no fun. everything looks the same as it does in real life but its dark.
    And my grandma started communicating with a psychic 3 motnhs after she passed. And so my family visitd this psychic whos never met them an dlivs in a differnt state she knew everything about my family and things only my mom knew like my mom usd to talk to dolls and they were real. And when i was staying at the house where the pshycic says my grandmas spirit lives, Im positive i seen her hands, just like ever other time i open my eyes as im laying in bed and thereds these two hands with nothing else attachd floating infront of my face going all circly.
  8. Rancheria

    Rancheria Strafe Guru Narcissists !

    Very Interesting. I had a very similar experience as you did with the ghost that stretched his neck to make his face come down into your face.

    It was in early Sep. 1984 and I was spending the night on the floor in the living room of my friends' A frame, high ceiling house. I couldn't fall asleep because of a painful neck injury. I heard my friends 3 yr. old daughter crying like she was afraid, in the neighboring room. She started crying fearfully and increasing her volume. I was wondering when one of her parents would hear her and come down from the upstairs split level to check on her. As she slowly stopped crying I saw a little light blue fuzxzy light sort of dancing around the high chalet type wood ceiling. Very soon I sat up in my sleeping bag to look out through the glass doors to see if a car was coming up the long driveway making this indirect reflection. I couldn't figure out where this light reflection was coming from. The more I stared at it, the more it increased in brightness and slowly stopped moving from its random weaving, floating back and forth. The light began staying in one place on the ceiling and became brighter and slowly focused in to a fairly bright image of what looked like a Mongolian warrior face. It was amzingly detailed with a fu manchu type of long stringy black mustache and I could see the shiny sun bronzed high cheekbones and the tightly closed eye slits. It looked very warrior like and very fierce, and about a weathered, taught 55 yr. old face, but also seemed like a still movie picture. I imagine I wanted to believe it was an illuminated picture and not a ghost or apparition. The face's features did not move at all. I was afraid that it's eyes would open up. It was very still and quite bright of an image, like a movie image of a face in full sunlight. It started gradually gettting larger, but seemed to remain on the upper wall. I remember thinking that it could have been an Inuit face from Alaska or another Native American face, as well as a Mongolian Genkhis Khan type face. Definitely it looked like a very serious warrior type face. I felt like I was becoming mesmerized by this image.

    Suddenly the illuminated face started slowly getting even larger and larger and seemed to be sinking down directly towards me, as though it were on a track right for my face. It kept it's same speed coming down to me on the floor, very slowly, while I was leaning up on my elbows. I felt paralyzed with astonishment and fear, like a prey animal. It seemed to be moving slightly faster, but still very slowly. I was afraid to move a muscle, anything at all. I felt like, that if I moved suddenly, it would approach me much quicker, like an Alaskan brown bear would.

    When it got about half way down to me from the 20' peak of the A frame ceiling I tensed up and instinctively got ready to defend myself or make a move. Immediately after I moved to sit up a little more, it quickly, in a flash, shot straight down the last eight or ten feet, straight for my head. I bolted straight upright from my leaning back position to an erect sitting position, and started to throw my arms out in front of my head and uttered a sharp loud yell when it was about three feet directly in front of me and flying at my face like the speed of a ball being thrown at my eyes. I ducked down and to the right side. I distinctly felt a strong rush of wind, and something solid but light brush my long hair and my left ear. It felt exactly like someone flinging my hair on the left side of my face back, and barely touching my ear with two fingers. The solid feeling apparition seemed to go right in to the large TV set right behind me. The screen crackled with static electricity and gave a little flashing darting light greenish glow as it crackled for four or five seconds. My heart was racing and I figured I had awakened everyone in the house with my loud scream. My scream seemed to come from somebody else, as it was purely reflexive and quite deep from the solar plexus. I looked through the sliding glass doors at my car parked outside. It was everything I could do not to jump up and grab my stuff and rush out to jump in the car and take off out of there. But I talked myself down and sat there for the longest time trying to figure out what had happened. My friends never wolk up and their little girl was guiet too.

    The next morning I told my friend what had happened. He asked me to please not mention it to his wife. He said that about two weeks previously his brother-in-law had had a very similar experience and had seen an image of a skinny Buddha type mean looking guy with a fu manchu coming down at him from above---straight toward him. The brother-in-law was camped out on the living room floor in the same spot as I. He said his brother-in-law yelled out and they both wolk up from his yell. Of course this put goose bumps all over me.

    His brother-in-law believed there must have been a figure of Buddha somewhere in the house that was responsible for what happened to him, and proceeded to start looking in the cabinets for one. He did find one that my friends Dad, a merchant marine, had brought back from China as a gift.

    My friend told me that his house was built in a very isolated rural neighborhood that was known to have quite a lot of Indian artifacts found right on his property and on the neighboring properties. He knew of two Native graves discovered on his 8 acres. This was in Northwestern Lassen County, California, about 3 miles north of the Pit River in Pit River Native land and within the Pit River Ahjumawi people's land. Because of a few stone metate mortars, of the Pit River people used to grind acorns, found on my friends' property as well as arrowhead points and the grave sites, I am more inclined to believe this illuminated spirit was likely a Native American of the Pit River people, if anything. However, I can understand why the brother-in-law felt it was a Buddha warrior ghost. This area is a very interesting one of recent (3 to 4 thousand yrs.) volcanic activitiy with much lave and abundant spring water in rivers and lakes. It is a rich area holding much wildlife and plant life in northeastern California in the Modoc bioregion close to where Shasta, Lassen, and Modoc counties come together.

    My friend told me that his wife was still feeling unsettled about her brother's experience and obsession with finding the Buddha in the house, to rid the home of the apparition. Taking the Buddha figure out of the house did not work, as I can attest.

    He also said that their little girl reported there was often a light in her room that would come through the window late at night, in to her room from the back woods. It would wake her up and scare her. Some of her first stories, talking at an early age, were about this ghost light. So, we couldn't talk about what I had experienced to his wife. My friend definitely believed I had seen something. I wondered if they both had become desensitized to their daughter crying frequently at night when seeing the light moving around in her room.

    About 14 yrs later I visited my friends again. At that time, about ten years ago, the girl was a 17 yr. old high school student. I had the opportunity to ask her about the strange light that used to come through her window. They lived in the same home then. She told me that it used to come in to her room all the time. In fact, she reported, that a couple of weeks previously she had a highschool girlfriend sleeping over in her room. She said both she and her friend witnessed the blue light coming in to the room through her window pane and dancing around on the upper wall and ceiling. She didn't see the face at that time but had seen it a few times when she was younger, about 7 or 8 yrs. of age. She said she was no longer afraid of the light because she had seen it so much and it never harmed her. Her girlfiend was frightened by it though, but didn't yell out like I did.

    I know exactly what you mean when you said you yelled "like a little girl" when the ghost stretched it's neck out to rush straight down to your face. My automatic yell frightened me almost as much as the ghost rushing my face. I never saw more than the illuminated face like you did, of a neck stretching. The neck stretching bit would have been very freaky to me too.

    That's the only ghost I've ever seen up close like that. It's the only ghost I ever want to tell the story of it 'attacking' me. I've seen some othe fleeting images in other places but nothing at all that vivid or dramatic. Since it brushed my face and my ear and hair with something solid, I guess I could say it was a close ghost encounter of "the third kind".
  9. zazazang

    zazazang jew

    scary, i need a nite lite
  10. Ophiel

    Ophiel stephen dorff is hot

    I guess dead people can contact the living until the living get bored of them... best explanation I can think of.
  11. Governmento

    Governmento New Member

    I am sure this has happened to me.. When my Mom died I was out of the State.. I tried calling her all day long. I thought she may be at my brothers house. As it was New Years day. So after not being able to reach her all day. I called my brother to ask if she was at his house during the day. He told me she wasn't there. Then I asked him to go to her house to check on her. He did and then he called back and left me a message, that she had passed away. In the message my brother used my full first name. That only my mother called me by.. I don't ever remember anyone of my bother or sisters calling by my real first name. As I don't use it.. I recieved calls from my sister the same thing. So I do believe my Mom was contacting me through my brothers and sister.

    Ok thats my spirit story.

  12. Rancheria

    Rancheria Strafe Guru Narcissists !

    Your Mom was very clever in giving you that specific kind of proof of her presence in contacting you that way.
  13. cheshirecat

    cheshirecat cunt eyes

    read the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.
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  14. alien she

    alien she Join us ~ VIPERROOM.org

    Well of course! The entire plot of Ghost Whisperer is based on that!

    But seriously...souls do stick around for a while if they're not ready, or need to sort something out. My mum was around for a few months after she died. My dad's doorbell would ring every night at the same time, and i would have these really realistic dreams that i was with her. I just assumed when all that stopped, she had finally crossed over.
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  15. Sophia_

    Sophia_ Lord of Katsup

    In 2003 I wrote a poetic chapter in my project at Janisian.com using the character "Kitty". In a three month period I wrote a series of acts in a sort of cyber-play that I did on that site. The final act was called "Hope" and I titled it "The Road to Santa Cruz"; three days after its completion Bob Hope died. Mr. Hope was known for movies with Bing Crosby with titles starting with "The Road to...". I had no knowledge of Mr Hope's illness or any other information about his age or condition.

    This freaked a few people; especially some fans from Japan. I documented the whole project.

    In October I came to Kittyradio by the suggestion of one of Janis' fans. Of course I became the notorious "KittyKitty" in respect of what I felt was a cosmic connection with "Kitty". I didn't know what energy that was, but wanted to find out. "KittyKitty" gave me the poem "Cosmic Love". When I came to KR I did not know who Courtney or Kurt where; sorry, I wasn't a fan at that time. I really knew nothing about them, so what came through in the poetry was purely from the "other side".
    carefulcarpenter poems and quotes - Cosmic Love

    Later that fall I had a dream in the night where I remembered a few details when I awakened in the morning, so I wrote them down. I remember a dark and dreary scene and a railway sign along a set of tracks. The sign said, "Burkheimer 85". I "googled it". Remembering a young blonde woman earlier in the night, but not in the railway scene, I saw this girl, or a pretty close match to her:


    Since both the sign and the girl were vivid in my dream I feel this is the best story with documentation of something paranormal that I can share with you.

    You might want to "google" "Burkheimer 85" and follow the links just as I did that morning.
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  16. rosaline

    rosaline x_x

    these threads rly fuck me up

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