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all i have to say is nine inch nails are so amazing live

Discussion in 'music & books' started by owMyeyeball?, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. owMyeyeball?

    owMyeyeball? shes in parties

    they put on a killer show.
    and i ended up in the front teir part, even though i had the shittest seats ever.

    i wasnt expecting such a good show.
    i love trent and jeordie and aaron north
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  2. waxmyanus

    waxmyanus salty milk and coins

    I don't understand what is so great about them. Trent Reznor is kind of lame and his songs have some of the gayest emo lines ever. ex: "I hurt myself today to see if I still feel." ummm :/

    oh and going to a NIN show is probably a shitty experience because faggoths suck and so does "moshing"
  3. clinquant

    clinquant New Member

    yeah, trent reznor really is a whiney motherfucker.

    i have to admit though, i really like nine inch nails.

    he may be a whiney motherfucker, but i think he makes some sweet fuckin music.
  4. Nyapi =^..^=

    Nyapi =^..^= I heart Page.

    All opinions aside, here's mine: They really are amazing live! I saw them in Houston on Sunday (the 4th) and they were just great. No encore though. What about you owmyeyeball, any encore?

    By the way, Hurt is a fucking good song.
  5. clinquant

    clinquant New Member

    i actually liked johnny's cover of it better than the original.
  6. jesterscourt

    jesterscourt New Member

    I am seeing them when they come to Pittsburgh at the end of the month. What is the general setlist nowadays?

    Re: Encores. I'd be kinda glad if a band didn't do an encore. An encore was originally something special, now it's almost expected, heck bands like Pearl Jam sometimes come out for a second or third encore, it's worked into the act... :(
  7. Nyapi =^..^=

    Nyapi =^..^= I heart Page.

    I agree, it's still a good song none the less.
  8. Nyapi =^..^=

    Nyapi =^..^= I heart Page.

    Yeah it is kinda expected, but they stiil had some great songs they could have played.
  9. 5 Finger Dismount

    5 Finger Dismount None of Dem.

    I don't know that Trent's stage act is as good as his studio wizardry, to be honest.

    Their live show is fairly dependent upon backing tracks and since Trent just sings into the mic as if he's a tooth being pulled off its last string of meat, it doesn't really appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, I love NIN's shit, but... um.

    Well I dunno. I'd rather sit home and listen to the CDs and get hammered than go to a show where they essentially just play the CDs through giant speakers and I fight through a shitload of bleeding people (half who are just self-inflicting wounds).
  10. aura

    aura lucky like luciano.

    uh, what?
  11. owMyeyeball?

    owMyeyeball? shes in parties

    well no encores,
    but they covered the usual, their singles and a a few other songs, i'll look for the setlist, and they open with somewhat damaged, which sounded awesome live.
    Somewhat Damaged
    Know What You Are
    Terrible Lie
    March of the Pigs
    The Frail/The Wretched
    Gave Up
    Help Me I'm In Hell
    Even Deeper
    La Mer
    Into The Void
    The Big Come Down
    Starfuckers, Inc.
    The Hand That Feeds
    Head Like a Hole

    oh and, there wes def. NO moshing, it was sorta weird.
    they were almost like trance dancing.
    allot of old people went.
    you're regualr goth tards and some college slut bags were there too :/
  12. Rotten Berry

    Rotten Berry Favorite Number: forklift

    I more or less tend to agree with this, but they are really amazing live. I had a blast when I saw them.

    When I saw the NIN tour, QOTSA blew.
  13. Epstein

    Epstein boilermaker

    aarons other band GAYRILLA BUSCUITS rule
  14. Rotten Berry

    Rotten Berry Favorite Number: forklift

    gayrilla biscuits is a great band.

    i think they should do a tour with limp wrist.
  15. spookycookie

    spookycookie nailed

    oooh im seeing them 6/14 and 6/16 - NEXT WEEK! im so excited!
    hoping for get down make love, theyve played it at a couple of shows this tour.
    any of you spiral members?
  16. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

    i think they are fantastic live, the new album pretty much bores me to tears.

    i am seeing them on the 24th, and can't wait. this tour looks wicked, the setlist, the stage, the reviews have all been stellar.
  17. Innit

    Innit Jenny

    i will be at the 6/16 show too!

    i am so excited.

    i saw them at madison square garden in november and they fucking blew me away, although jeordie was acting pretty retarded....i mean, i was fucking liquid dancing with his guitar and doing david lee roth kicks. ????
  18. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

  19. debaser

    debaser suicide pact - you first

  20. awful_cherry

    awful_cherry carefully careless mess

    Didn't you say you were at the 6/6/6 show in birmingham? My boyfriend was there and the atlanta one after it. He's determined to get me to a nine inch nails show, I've never been, but I doubt it'll happen because I'm not going to be anywhere near any of the shows. He seems to think it would be the greatest experience ever, I have my doubts. I'm not really a huge flashy lights loud music person.

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